This is what I’m up to right now.

Hard to believe that Thanksgiving is a week away. The end of year holidays will speed up my days and the New Year will be upon us soon!

I spent a considerable amount of time in the last month addressing our home computers and storage. Evaluating file space, bringing user account parity between our iMac and MacBook, and ensuring that all backups were running smoothly took me nearly a week to complete. It’s good to have that job finished. Along with file management, I also spent some time hardening our security and passwords, which is another good task accomplished.

The weather was hot, turned brutally cold, and is now coming back to temperate. I’m feeling better these days, save for my allergies, which means we’re going to be spending more time outside.

I’ve resolved to not let the New Year be such a hard reset on my activities. Instead, I started in September improving one area of my life at a time.. I have my oral hygiene back in check and next is ingraining my migraine management routine into my daily life. Not a maybe or good idea, but an actual routine. I’ve been largely noncompliant, which has given me a lot of trouble. Making good progress there.

The other major happening in my life is that I’ve declared war on Google. I left Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram earlier this year over privacy and security concerns. Now I’m getting creeped out by Google’s omnipresence in my life. I’m already an Apple customer, which gives me a way out, but upon reflection, I’m giving Google way too much of my data. I also realized our lack of value alignment when their employees pledged to not work on technologies that would help our military, while at the same time charging hard into the Chinese market and making all sorts of concessions to the Chinese government. Given the current mass internment of the Uighur minority, and the likelihood that Google technologies is aiding the government in that campaign, I decided to wind down my business with Google.

It’s going to take me about twelve months to tie up all of these loose ends. I’m starting with the easy ones: search engine, maps, navigation, and YouTube. It’ll take me longer to transfer all of my domains to a new registrar and replace the physical Google hardware in my home, but it’s something I’m going to see through to the end. I even have a project in Things called, “Goodbye, Google,” which lays out my battle plan.

To quote Manton, talking about another technology company that I quit,

Some may call for Facebook to be broken up because it has too much power. But we can’t count on antitrust law to do it. Users must do it. We must do it by moving our attention away from companies we don’t believe in.

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