Chet wordmark with orange bowtie Chet wordmark with orange bowtie

Benedict invited me to help build his newest LEGO set. He’s making great progress, I’m just a spectator.

Little boy builds LEGOs

Google Doesn’t Trip Up Fitbit—Much - WSJ

The jump in unit sales suggests that Fitbit buyers aren’t overly spooked at the prospect of having their vital signs piped to a company whose stated mission is to organize and make “universally accessible” the world’s information.


Force Multiplier

More hands make light work.

Kids helped get house in order.

They can do a lot.

Sometimes, when shopping on the Internet, it’s difficult grasp the scale of the item. This rosary arrived much bigger than expected.

Rugged rosary with a normal size rosary on a table.

Roger Stone Sentenced to Three Years and Four Months in Prison - WSJ

Stone’s conduct displayed flagrant disrespect for the institutions of government as established by the constitution, including Congress and this court

A judiciary that rises above the fray. Always inspiring.

Genius: Church Introvert Wears Mask So People Will Think He Has Coronavirus - The Babylon Bee

A church greeter then approached him to say hi, saw the mask, and dove behind the coffee bar instead.

Big Kid Walk

Hold hands and walking,

Oldest and youngest have fun.

A sight to behold.

My son absolutely loves space. Can you spot the constellation he created on his bedroom wall?

Glow in the dark stars

All this time and the Apple stock is the only one with a live icon.

China Expels Three Wall Street Journal Reporters - WSJ

All three have reported on the Chinese Communist Party’s mass surveillance and detention of Uighur Muslims in the country’s far western Xinjiang region.

Purely coincidental.

Kids Cart

Target is friendly,

Three kid carts galore, perfect!

Easy way to shop.

The swirl of cream and coffee in each cup create unique pieces of oppositional art.

Coffee swirl

Currently reading: Theology of the Body for Beginners: Rediscovering the Meaning of Life, Love, Sex, and Gender by Christopher West 📚

It’s been a few days now, and I’m loving the Benchmade Bugout. The design is absolutely delightful. So easy to carry.

Benchmade Bugout 535

Car Dealers Warn of Lack of Young Buyers for New Vehicles - WSJ

“But we can’t discount the role that higher monthly new car payments and insurance play on lower sales.”


Teens Are Deleting Instagrams Almost as Fast as They Post Them - WSJ

they are routinely culling their Instagram feeds and deleting posts just days or even hours after they go up

Posts gone forever, which is incredibly sad. We aren’t teaching the proper use of the Internet.


The whole house was cleaned,

Before we sat down to lunch.

Way to go, teamwork!

Beautiful day outside. Took the kids to the retreat center to explore the grounds.

Done with cleaning the house before lunch. Not bad!

In the event that you’ve questioned the ability of Yeti ice to deliver cool results. This is 24 hours in the Hopper Two.

Yeti ice encased in ice.

Cleaning Date

First date in a while,

Spent cleaning, organizing.

Office is now great!

Two weeks until our first camp out and I still need to decide on which rest pad I’m going to use.

REI rest pad

Spent the afternoon sprucing up my wife’s office. Very nice transformation.

Currently reading: Consecration to St. Joseph: The Wonders of Our Spiritual Father by Donald Calloway, MIC 📚

Morning of Reflection

Ten brothers gathered,

Sharing faith, life, and the Word.

A most welcome rest.