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Venturing Out

Went to the bookstore,

Everyone in masks. Not great.

Hard to talk, breathe, see.

SiriusXM: Good luck cancelling!

Knights of Columbus founder Fr. Michael McGivney to be beatified - Catholic News Agency

the miracle recognized by Pope Francis involved an unborn child in the United States who was healed in utero of a life-threatening condition

Big day! πŸ‡»πŸ‡¦

Ugh, weather scrub for SpaceX.

Hopefully the weather will cooperate on Saturday!


U.S. Officially Declares That Hong Kong Is No Longer Autonomous - WSJ

It is now clear that China is modeling Hong Kong after itself.

We didn’t even get halfway through the agreement before the Chinese Communist Party reneged on its promises.

Good luck to the NASA/SpaceX teams today!


Currently reading: The Mindful Catholic: Finding God One Moment At A Time by Gregory Bottaro, Psy.D. πŸ“š

Episode 154: Hello, Podcast

All three kids were very excited to talk about summer and our trip to the zoo yesterday!

The gardeners at the zoo have been hard at work. The grounds were gorgeous!


Corona Zoo Trip

Finally open,

Restricted crowds, paths. Not fun.

Good to be back, tho.

First trip to the zoo in a while.

Zebras grazing.

Hertz Was Already in Terrible Shape. The Pandemic Finished It Off. - WSJ

I last rented from Hertz in the mid-2010s. The car was garbage and the customer service was pathetic.

Also glad to see Carl Icahn take a $1.5B loss.

Family Cleaning Day

Different cleaning day,

Mommy was home to help! Wow!

Let’s do it again!

The unified Walmart app is horrible. 4 hours of background activity in the past 24 hours. Background app refresh: disabled.

Lazy engineering!

China’s Plan to Make Permanent Health Tracking on Smartphones Stirs Concern - WSJ

was considering a new, permanent version of the tool that would assign each person a colored health badge based on a collation of their medical records

Who could’ve seen this coming?

I prefer angel hair.


House is clean. Now I don’t want to make dinner. 🍽

Governor Whitmer Orders Citizens To Barbecue Indoors - The Babylon Bee

Anyone who disobeys the order will be put on time-out and sent to bed without any dessert. Those who continually disobey will be grounded and have their Nintendo privileges taken away.

Some Gave All - Catholic Husband

These fallen heroes deserve our admiration, and their families deserve our support.


Watermelon Treat

Summer is here.

Watermelon on the back porch.

Three happy campers!

First gust. β›ˆ

Long Weekend Mommy

A rare occasion.

Mommy home for three whole days.

Excitement abounds!

Beware of Moralistic Narratives of the Lockdown Debate - WSJ

It’s not a simple moral story of Science versus Ignorance, of Right versus Wrong. But that wouldn’t really fit the narrative, would it?

Gerry on point!

Big Kids in Back

Went to run errands.

Van fun of big kids. What? How?

They grow up so fast!

No Nap Possible

A bad night of sleep.

Can’t nap, will ruin tonight.

Rock and a hard place!