Finished reading: The Magician’s Nephew by C.S. Lewis πŸ“š

The Treasury Department issues beautiful checks. Excellent design work.

Apparently using Unsplash isn’t as bulletproof as I once thought.

I need to figure out the best macOS program to teach my kids how to type.

I had all three of my kids up, dressed, fed, and across town in time for an 8:00 am appointment this morning. I’m giving myself this award: πŸ…

Change of Plans?

A deadline looms near,

Should we just throw it all out?

Let’s decide this week.

Watching Dave for date night. 🍿

Let the editing commence.

Printout of the first chapter of a new book

Book Review: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer πŸ“š

This was our first book reading aloud with the children. They did great, but at the end, they were ready to be done. I received reports that my reading hurt their ears.

I used the Great Illustrated Classics abridged edition of the book, which was a great choice for them. It had a cohesive story with an illustration on every page to match the text.

We had some great conversations about the story and I look forward to our next book!

🚸 This was a book that I read aloud with my children.

ISBN: 978-1603400251

Episode 94: Art Museum

I travel to a local art museum and speak with the curator/artist about their collection.

I love the On This Day feature in Day One. This morning, I began writing an expanded second edition of my first book, The Transition. When I finished writing, I opened Day One and saw that on this day six years ago I started work on the first draft!

Screenshot of writing progress made in a project in

First Draft Done

Longest book to day,

First draft in five years. Big win!

Can’t wait to share it!

Civilization V > Civilization VI

Perfect morning weather for my celebratory walk.

Trees against a blue sky

I just finished the draft of my first new book in five years. 40,000 words, all written in Ulysses, almost completely written on my iPad. This is my longest book to date, and it feel so gratifying to reach this milestone.

First Read Aloud

Finished our first book.

I think it went well. Some sighs.

Will happen again.

It would be nice if the iPad FaceTime app only showed a history of FaceTime calls like the iPhone one does. I don’t need my full call history when I’m trying to make a FaceTime video call.

Finished reading: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain πŸ“š

Finishing up small tweaks and testing on dark mode support for my websites. Planning to roll those updates out next week.

I’ve updated my Books page to include a listing of books that I’m currently reading. I also made a notation of books that I’ve read aloud with my children. Can’t wait to see my list grow with those titles!

Busy weekend ahead, but ahead on my task list. That may be because my daughter was playing with my watch and checking off items in

Brilliant sunshine pours into the kitchen as the aroma of coffee fills the air.

Sunshine on brick floor

Marie Kondo was right. It’s nice to have pajamas that were bought for that purpose. So much more relaxing that simply being old shirts that are no longer acceptable to wear in public.

Web Dark Mode

Just some CSS,

Given by community.

Viola! Dark mode, on!

The Shawn Blanc writing playlist.

iOS open to the Monument Valley soundtrack.

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