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Wahoo! is now a part of Font Awesome 5!

The die is cast.

Vatican Uses Donations for the Poor to Plug Its Budget Deficit - WSJ

Only 10% of donations to the Peter’s Pence collection go directly to charitable works

Guys, get it together!

I’m really tempted by Shawn Blanc/The Sweet Setup’s 2020 iPad planner.

It looks like using my Apple Pencil/iPad Pro would be awesome. My track record with planners, however, says I should pass.

Aviation geeks like to use the abbreviation IFE for “in-flight entertainment.” Pilots know that IFE always means “In-Flight Emergency.”

Great memories of the excitement of my solo cross-country IFE. America has a fantastic procedure for helping pilots in distress.

Wise Man Who Brought Myrrh Thought They All Agreed On A Spending Limit - The Babylon Bee

That’s why I distinctly remember us setting a denari limit on the gifts. What happened

Wife Delivers ‘State Of The Household’ Address As Soon As Husband Gets Home Each Day - The Babylon Bee

Andrea has a lifetime term in the position and has very high approval ratings in the polls when polling data excludes little Bobby, 3, when he is sitting in timeout

Long Meeting

Usually done quick,

Tonight’s went twice as long. Sigh.

Need better planning.

I think the greatest life skill that a parent can teach their child is the ability to work/play independently.

Finished folding my dresser clothes KonMari style. Where has this method been all of my life?

I just priced three items between Target and Walmart, and Target was cheaper each time. Impressive.

Special thanks to all of the delivery workers with FedEx, UPS, and the United States Postal Service who are out there making it happen!

Go, Go, Go

Started up at dawn,

Errands, chores, run, run, run!

Man, I’m straight worn out.

KonMari-ing my dresser.

Folded shirts

Episode 125: Oatmeal The Snowman

We’re back! After a trip, recovery, and a week of sickness, I catch back up with the kids to see what they’re up to.

Myanmar Leader’s Genocide Defense at U.N. Court Rallies Supporters at Home - WSJ

Ms. Suu Kyi’s office has accused the large numbers of international groups and journalists that have been gathering evidence of bias.

Maybe the Nobel Peace Prize should be awarded posthumously.

China Says Students at Xinjiang Detention Centers Have All ‘Graduated’ - WSJ

drawing broad skepticism from human-rights activists

Congratulations to the Class of 2019!

My thoughts are turning towards my New Year goals/lifestyle adjustments.

Swiss Fiber TV Service ‘Salt’ Launches Alternative Apple TV 4K Remote Control for Frustrated Customers - MacRumors

I don’t mind the Apple remote, but yeah, this one looks much better.

Back in Saddle

Hard work afternoon.

Checking things off, getting done.

Ready for the week.

Book Review: Takedown 📚

I took this book in my bag to the beach over Thanksgiving for some recreation reading. It served its purpose. I breezed through it in a few days, with lots of enjoyment. It would’ve been better if I knew New York City geography. Even without that knowledge, this was a solid thriller. I’m looking forward to the next one.

Would I recommend: YES

ISBN: 978-1451636154

So much to get done today. I’m going to see if the kids will be my helpers again. There’s a cash reward involved, so I feel good about my chances. 💵

The new version of Clear to do is getting long in the tooth.

Making Progress

Help from wife and kids,

Getting house back in order.

Another day, two.

I replaced a dead light switch in my dining room. After getting the switch out, I noticed that the electrician ran a ground line to the box, but no one every grounded the switch. Wow.

Ungrounded light switch.