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2020-01-27: Girls Help Clean Cleaning at nap time, Thought was the only time. No! Girls love to help me!

2020-01-27: Currently reading: Rhinoceros Success: The Secret to Charging Full Speed Toward Every Opportunity by Scott Alexander 📚

2020-01-27: Oh, how one errant comma can wreck an entire block of CSS.

2020-01-27: I love the way that heavy cream swirls through a tall glass of cold brew coffee. ☕️

2020-01-27: Your Wife Claimed She Was ‘Fine’ And That ‘Nothing Is Wrong.’ Fact Check: FALSE - The Babylon Bee Our research indicated that you did something to upset her, but honestly, dude, we have no idea what that might be. You probably said something dumb.

2020-01-27: Book Review: Free to Focus 📚 I really wanted to enjoy this book. Michael Hyatt regularly writes and speaks on topics that interest me, but for some reason they just don’t click with me. Perhaps it’s because he’s pivoted to focusing on “high performers” and I’m just a stay-at-home dad, but it’s disappointing …

2020-01-27: As it turns out, my girls love to help me clean!

2020-01-27: Another day of sick kids.

2020-01-27: Finished reading: Free to Focus: A Total Productivity System to Achieve More by Doing Less by Michael Hyatt 📚

2020-01-26: Small UAS A short refresher. Unmanned aerial system, Licensed and ready.

2020-01-26: Episode 133: Alonecast Benedict & I snuck away on a sleepy Sunday afternoon to discuss a few of his favorite things.

2020-01-26: Sometimes I start writing a blog post with just a simple idea and finish with something profound.

2020-01-26: In Major Deal, The Babylon Bee Purchases Competing Satire Site CNN - The Babylon Bee The Babylon Bee has been the world’s best satire site for thousands of years, spawning dozens of secular knock-offs that just aren’t quite as good.

2020-01-25: Saturday Recovered Lazy Saturdays, Too many in a row. No, Not today! Lots done.

2020-01-25: I’m working my way through aviation safety training with the WINGS program. I forgot how fun all of this stuff is.

2020-01-25: A treat at the end of a good Saturday.

2020-01-25: Finally got our Christmas decorations put away.

2020-01-24: Errands While Sick I took a big risk, Ran errands with two sick kids. Pulled it off; donuts!

2020-01-24: Getting into Unmanned Aerial Systems is not cheap.

2020-01-24: Episode 132: Sick January We’ve been traveling and sick. Hello again, folks!

2020-01-24: I put in an order at Sporty’s for some flying gear. I’m excited for my upcoming trip!

2020-01-24: Waiting for a Moderate Democrat on Abortion - WSJ Opinion Those who march come together to stand against abortion, the most significant human-rights abuse of the modern era. Truth is a powerful thing.

2020-01-24: Saudi Crown Prince Calls Jeff Bezos To Casually Ask Him About His First Pet, Mother’s Maiden Name, And The Street He Lived On As A Child - The Babylon Bee “So, anyway, I know you’re busy, just wanted to chat for a few minutes. By the way, what was the name of your …

2020-01-24: New Figures Suggest Apple’s Location Privacy Controls in iOS 13 Are Working - MacRumors Since the launch of iOS 13 last fall, third-party access to users’ background location data has reportedly declined by 68 percent Great! More of this.

2020-01-24: Isn’t it terrible that so many business owners think a Facebook page is a suitable replacement for an actual website? Trying to figure out what a local LEGO shop offers, but can’t cobble together an idea based on their feed.

2020-01-24: I love the sound of the Keurig warming up in the morning.

2020-01-23: Bird Gets Wings Long been a penguin, Now back to a bird that flies. Taking to sky, soon!

2020-01-23: I’m thinking about buying a drone.

2020-01-23: Russia’s Parliament Passes Putin’s Constitutional Plans on First Reading - WSJ All 432 lawmakers were in favor of the bill and the vote was followed by a standing ovation. The only real way to demonstrate a healthy democracy.

2020-01-22: Super Sick Kids Started real early, Two of three out of play, ouch. Low key kind of day.

2020-01-22: Quitting Amazon has done wonderful things for my spending.

2020-01-21: Drive Thru Errands Four errands to run, Kids stayed in seats the whole time. This is the life, friends!

2020-01-21: Media Offers Thoughts And Prayers That Someone Would Start Some Violence At Gun Rights Rally - The Babylon Bee Reporters expressed their grief and condolences as the violence they hyped has so far failed to materialize.

2020-01-21: New, Deadlier AR-16 Introduced Which Is An AR-15 Wearing A MAGA Hat - The Babylon Bee knowing a gun is a supporter of Donald Trump makes it even more terrifying

2020-01-21: Closed my account with the Cash app by Square. I was one of the first people in the door, but in the end, it’s not a good service. No insurance over loss of funds if the company closes, subpar support, and little discernible effort to combat fraud.

2020-01-21: Apple Reportedly Dropped Plans for End-to-End Encrypted iCloud Backups After FBI Objected - MacRumors the company did not want to risk scrutiny from public officials for potentially protecting criminals, or promote new legislation against encryption What a cowardly mistake.

2020-01-20: Men at House A weird schedule, Three service men came to house. I felt productive!

2020-01-20: Safelite was here to repair my windshield. The tech also cleaned all of my glass and vacuumed my interior. An unexpected, and nice(!), touch.

2020-01-20: Flu-like symptoms have been at the gate of our home, but the flu shot seems to be doing its job keeping symptoms on the mild side.

2020-01-20: My son is watching Apollo 11. Liftoff was at 9:32am and I’m shocked at the number of men captured in the footage drinking beer that early in the morning.

2020-01-19: Sickness Rolls In Aches in the morning. Fever by the afternoon. The flu now cometh.

2020-01-19: Richard Gere is great.

2020-01-19: I don’t understand the fraud in the Cash App with random people sending me money, but it’s annoying.

2020-01-19: As it turns out, I’m getting sick.

2020-01-19: There’s a very fine line between tired and totally relaxed.

2020-01-18: Go Go Go Four hour meeting, Errands and then confession. Dinner, baths, and bed!

2020-01-18: Now that I have clothes that fit me and my style really well, I’m noticing that I’m more comfortable in public. It’s the little things.

2020-01-18: It’s nice to be a part of something bigger.

2020-01-17: New Strategy Long migraine attack, Back to basics, lifestyle. I cannot be beat.

2020-01-17: Just estimated our taxes for 2019. We’ll be getting a refund of less than 2% of our total tax bill. I’ve never gotten this close before!

2020-01-17: It’s my one year anniversary of leaving Google and getting my iPad Pro. No regrets on either account!

2020-01-16: New Dentist New dentist for girls, Good report cards for all! Yay! Keep up the good work.

2020-01-16: Panel Clears 737 MAX’s Safety-Approval Process at FAA - WSJ the plane wouldn’t have been safer if it had been scrutinized as an all-new aircraft, according to an independent panel It’s really encouraging when these types of panels can take the heat to render sound judgements.

2020-01-16: ‘I’m The Student Loan Fairy And I’m Here To Pay Off Your Debts!’ Cries Elizabeth Warren While Dangling On Wires Above College Kids - The Babylon Bee Todd Freeman, a Canadian Studies major, was eating a deconstructed avocado sandwich when he looked up to …

2020-01-16: iMessage Stickers, well that was a bust.

2020-01-16: My kids don’t always sleep in, but when they do, it’s on the rare day when I need them up early.

2020-01-16: Just a rainy day. 🌧

2020-01-16: Man Afraid He’ll Seem Vulnerable If He Reaches Out To Fire Department For Help I don’t know if I can humiliate myself by asking another grown adult to drive a fire truck over here.

2020-01-15: All Caught Up A week on the road, Finally back on the horse. A weight is lifted.

2020-01-15: Florida toll roads, with their multitude of agencies, policies, payment options, and penalties, are beyond stupid. How does a State so dependent on tourism allow such a convoluted system to be implemented?

2020-01-15: ‘Megxit’ Causes Global Uproar. Canada Shrugs. - WSJ Queen Elizabeth II is Queen of Canada Lamest title ever.

2020-01-15: During his reading lesson, my son asked if he could learn “the pirate way.” The premise is simple. When he reads a word, he uses it in a sentence that pirates would say. Word read: “When” Sentence: “When do we hit the treasure, mateys?”

2020-01-15: Target was abandoned this morning. I guess Christmas is over.

2020-01-15: The Case of Bill Barr vs. Apple - WSJ Opinion If American tech companies offer backdoors for U.S. law enforcement, criminals would surely switch to foreign providers. Oh, really good point.

2020-01-14: Slow Unpacking Unload and reset, Always a big job to do. I did not finish.

2020-01-14: Just learned that our health plan pays the administrator extra for better trained customer service reps. Oh you fancy, huh?

2020-01-14: There’s nothing quite like coming home from a trip and sleeping in your own bed.

2020-01-13: Delay Avoided Crash, highway shut down. Quick, take exit, surface streets! Serious time saved!

2020-01-13: Full size replica of the Lunar Module. Way bigger than I imagined.

2020-01-13: Stopped at a NASA Visitor’s Center on the return trip. My son is very excited.

2020-01-13: Taxes on hotel rooms are really crazy.

2020-01-12: Return Trip Days out on the road, Energy depleted, yawn. At least good weather.

2020-01-12: Geez, ads make the Internet ugly.

2020-01-11: Wedding Day Clear skies and a breeze. Happy people all around. The day is now here.

2020-01-11: Gorgeous January day.

2020-01-11: Beautiful weather in Miami. It feels refreshing, like the first warm-up of spring.

2020-01-10: Festivities Begin Rehearsal, then food. Miami dinner in tent. Friends, family, enjoy!

2020-01-10: Love the view from my hotel room… right at the end of a runway!

2020-01-10: Trump’s Approval Rating Among Terrorists Hits All-Time Low - The Babylon Bee just half said they would like to see the president dead. The others claimed they would be perfectly happy with a pallet full of cash

2020-01-10: Everyone On The Internet Awarded Honorary Degree In International Affairs - The Babylon Bee the institutions wanted to honor those people who are suddenly experts on the Middle East, terrorism, and the intricacies of Iranian government

2020-01-09: Hello, Family All arrived today. Hotel full of family! First time in a while.

2020-01-09: Feels like spring.

2020-01-08: Easy Travel Prep was not that great, But the travel was real smooth. Car travel is great!

2020-01-08: I called the property management company yesterday at noon about a major water leak in the yard. Still haven’t heard back.

2020-01-08: CNN Attacks Babylon Bee: ‘The Internet Is Only Big Enough For One Fake News Site’ - The Babylon Bee Reporters at the media outlet also pointed out that their news was “much faker” than The Babylon Bee’s.

2020-01-08: Iran Announces They Will Stop Pretending To Follow Nuclear Deal - The Babylon Bee Iranian officials then revealed that their National Center to Help Children and Orphans and their Department of Puppies and Candy were actually nuclear facilities in disguise this whole time.

2020-01-08: Warren Proposes Bankruptcy Overhaul in Return to Signature Issue - WSJ “Our research ended up showing that most of these families weren’t reckless or irresponsible—they were just getting squeezed by an economy that forced them to take on more debt and more risk to cling to their …

2020-01-07: So Far Behind Needed to get done, Just couldn’t pull it off. But, Wife came home and helped!

2020-01-07: The two dumbest automotive regulations in the United States: Mandatory front license plates Annual inspections

2020-01-06: Water Turned Off Repair down the street, Turn on faucet, no water! Angry call ensued.

2020-01-06: United Methodist Church To Split Over Whether Or Not To Be Christians - The Babylon Bee a tentative plan to split the church over differences on whether or not Methodists should be Christian or some sort of social group with a vague deist motif that makes up morality based on …

2020-01-06: So much to do today, I really should get started.

2020-01-06: Twenty Twenty Focus - Catholic Husband Distractions and thoughts percolate, but when I’m meditating, I have permission to not act. ➕

2020-01-05: Cars Needed Washed I didn’t want to, Been weeks, had to get it done. Now they look quite nice.

2020-01-05: Iran Lacks Allies in Confronting the U.S. - WSJ Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said in a phone call Friday with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo that the killing “grossly violates the norms of international law” and urged Washington to “solve all problems at the …

2020-01-05: Iraqi Parliament Votes in Favor of Expelling U.S. Troops - WSJ BREAKING: Iraqi Parliament votes to expel U.S. troops from the country, after airstrike that killed top Iranian military leader Incredible. Iranian-backed lawmakers pushed this through under the guise of protecting …

2020-01-04: Resisting Naps Not the easiest, Resisting the weekend nap. I failed, but I won.

2020-01-04: I sometimes don’t want to take the time to sit down and write a blog post, but usually walk away satisfied for having done the work.

2020-01-04: I could really go for a nap.

2020-01-04: Episode 131: Buzz In Space Benedict has some plans.

2020-01-04: Enjoying a slow start on a cold Saturday morning. A hot mug of one of my favorite blends of coffee, music on the HomePod, and a cinnamon coffee cake in the oven.

2020-01-04: Book Review: The First Commandment 📚 As the Scot Harvath series matures, I’ve found that many of the plot elements to be disturbing. Thor has a dark side, and he doesn’t mind trodding it out. Many of the attacks and interrogations in this book made me quite uncomfortable. That being said, the books continue to read …

2020-01-03: Major Restoration Hard to believe it’s done, Entire house is picked up. Now, weekend ready.

2020-01-03: Ludovico Einaudi: Apple Music Live from the Steve Jobs Theater. 🍿🎵 I’m glad that Apple spent the money to record this concert. Ludovico creates truly beautiful music.

2020-01-03: Jingle All the Way 🍿

2020-01-03: Reaction to U.S. Strike Killing Iranian Military Leader Falls Along Party Lines - WSJ In a statement, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) warned against “engaging in provocative and disproportionate actions” The United States takes out a key leader in a designated terrorist …

2020-01-02: Out of Service Head pain took me out, Nothing got done today. But, Girl liked to cuddle!

2020-01-02: One-Year-Old Girl Can Be Removed From Life Support, Texas Court Rules - WSJ “Tinslee Lewis is terminally ill and tragically there is no chance she will recover,” he said. “The pro-life position does not mean the law must require physicians to use medical interventions that are …

2020-01-02: I love delicious recipes that only require me to combine raw ingredients and cook for hours. Tonight’s stew is going to be excellent.

2020-01-02: Get Smart 🍿

2020-01-01: A Decade Dawns From a humble start, Resting all throughout the day. Here we go again.

2020-01-01: Finished reading: The First Commandment by Brad Thor 📚

2020-01-01: New Year, YNAB fresh start! 💵

2020-01-01: MAX Crashes Strengthen Resolve of Boeing to Automate Flight - WSJ Executives at Boeing and Airbus have said they are also designing flight-control systems tailored for younger pilots, who generally have less flying time in their logbooks—and a more innate familiarity with …

2020-01-01: FDA to Ban All E-Cigarette Pod Flavors Except Tobacco and Menthol - WSJ The action is seen as a compromise between Trump administration officials who want to address a rise in teen vaping and those concerned about the impact on small businesses and the possible political fallout …

2020-01-01: The Interconnectedness of Faith and Reason - Applied Bioethics To reject either faith or reason is to reject essential components of humanity. They are connected in their essence, building upon one another to the benefit of humanity. ⚕️

2020-01-01: Hello, 2020.

2019-12-31: 500th Haiku Two years of writing, End year, decade milestone. Now, five hundred more!

2019-12-31: According to Day One, I’m on a 1,462 day journaling streak.

2019-12-31: 2019 The last week of the year is one of my favorites. I always get a renewed sense of energy as the opportunity and hope of a new year arrives on the horizon. I spent the past week enjoying the joy of Christmas and wrapping up some long overdue projects. By every measure, 2019 was a …

2019-12-31: Episode 130: Year In Review I take a few minutes to talk to the kids about how their year went.

2019-12-31: Lots of end of year administrative tasks to get done today. Plus, getting ready for a YNAB Fresh Start tomorrow!

2019-12-31: Dawn breaks at the end of the decade.

2019-12-30: Zoo to Ourselves A chilly morning, Not too many folks at zoo. I like it that way.

2019-12-30: Bad experience with Shutterfly this year. Might be my last.

2019-12-30: 2 out of 3 of my children’s favorite attractions are closed on Mondays. That makes for an excellent cleaning day. 🧽

2019-12-30: Just received my final Amazon order. 📦

2019-12-30: A Remarkable Year - Catholic Husband In the past fifteen years of my life, none have been as categorically successful as 2019. ➕

2019-12-29: Tables Turned Monday cleaning day, But I finished on Sunday. Starting off ahead!

2019-12-29: I’m using the Focus planner in GoodNotes. I didn’t think I’d enjoy it as much as I am. The coolest feature is the ability to print out completed worksheets with my handwriting on it!

2019-12-29: Sunday morning, rain is falling. ⛈

2019-12-29: Small-Town America Fights for Its Life - Washington Examiner More couples meet because of Emerald Isle, and more people get married because of St. Patrick’s. Raising children still isn’t the economic boon it was for the farmers of 60 years ago, but it’s less daunting …

2019-12-28: Wrapping Up End of year is near, Spending time clearing the decks. Best week of the year.

2019-12-28: I told Alison that dinner would be at 6:30pm. It’s coming out of the oven at 6:27pm. Nailed it.

2019-12-28: A Unicorn Lost in the Valley, Evernote Blows Up the ‘Fail Fast’ Gospel - The New York Times Evernote has a different, more mature goal. It expects to reach positive cash flow this year, with annual revenue of nearly $100 million. I’m glad to see this story. I was really spooked …

2019-12-28: Cooking my favorite meat pie while the kids pick up their toys and Olafur Arnalds plays on the HomePod.

2019-12-28: Episode 129: Underwater Batman Benedict brings you this interview from an underwater reef.

2019-12-28: I love this week between Christmas and New Years. So much productive energy to check long overdue projects off my list.

2019-12-27: Lots of Errands Lots of time in car, Some stores hit twice. Kids were good. Lots of folks out there.

2019-12-27: I enjoy a nice scented candle.

2019-12-26: Christmas Recovery Lots of emotions, Wear out the little ones. Sigh, A day spent resting.

2019-12-26: Incredible album, all these years later.

2019-12-26: Pre-tied bow ties are so weak.

2019-12-26: Banks Own Thousands of Railcars but Don’t Know What to Do With Them - WSJ nearly 400,000 railcars are in storage Whoa.

2019-12-26: I found some presents this morning that Santa forgot to put under the tree. He must’ve been up very late this year.

2019-12-26: Excellent present!

2019-12-26: I think Apple should get with Goldman Sachs and issue a physical debit card tied to Apple Cash. It’d be nice for them to go head-to-head with the other fintechs doing the same.

2019-12-26: I’m still delighting in the new glyphs in iOS 13.

2019-12-25: Glory to God With Us Weeks spent preparing, The birth of the Savior comes! A season of Joy.

2019-12-25: Miss Congeniality 🍿

2019-12-25: Christmas was born, your kingdom come, glory to God with us! Angels adore, bow down before, glory to God! Born on that Day by Matt Maher

2019-12-24: Cleaning for Santa Whole crew enlisted, Preparing home for Santa! This is a great day.

2019-12-24: Are we sure that DHL isn’t secretly run by the French? Or perhaps the Italians?

2019-12-24: The economics of eating at home are absolutely crazy.

2019-12-24: Watching a squirrel meticulously bury a nut in my backyard is satisfying. 🐿

2019-12-24: 10 years ago today. It was cold, but beautiful to see all of that snow-covered landscape from the air.

2019-12-23: Rocket Scientists Kids got out the kit, Built their own rockets. So proud! Good together play.

2019-12-23: I’m considering removing my feed from the social side of If you want to keep following along, including my daily haiku(!), my RSS feed link features prominently on my site.

2019-12-23: The Joy of the Season - Catholic Husband What better way to crown the year than with the joy of Christmas. ➕

2019-12-22: A Day of Rest Nice day, went for walk. Got all of my Things done. Ah. View into future.

2019-12-22: O Come, o come, Emmanuel!

2019-12-22: ‘Amazon’s Choice’ Isn’t the Endorsement It Appears - WSJ The Journal identified dozens of products that fail to meet safety standards, banned items, and listings falsely claiming official safety certification. Hard to say who’s had more scandals this year: Amazon or Facebook.

2019-12-22: Pilots, Not the Plane, Keep the Boeing MAX Grounded - WSJ Afoot in global regulatory circles already was a tendency, now accelerated, to reduce expectations about what pilots must know and do from memory. Bingo.

2019-12-22: Looks like Apple Maps made their deadline.

2019-12-21: Christmas Cookies The dough was prepared, Baked to perfection. Now there’s Plates full of cookies!

2019-12-21: Episode 128: The Polar Express I talk to a few passengers from last night’s ride on The Polar Express.

2019-12-21: Just realized I can right click on a blog in MarsEdit and grab the URL. What a great feature!

2019-12-20: Polar Express A new tradition, Night train ride to the North Pole. Always a good time.

2019-12-20: At the North Pole.

2019-12-20: All aboard The Polar Express!

2019-12-20: The Polar Express pulling into the station.

2019-12-20: Currently reading: Free to Focus: A Total Productivity System to Achieve More by Doing Less by Michael Hyatt 📚

2019-12-20: Watching the birds struggle to find lift on a cold winter day reminds me of the joy of soaring.

2019-12-20: The best thing I can do when I have a migraine: eat a good meal. The thing I least want to do when I have a migraine: prepare a good meal.

2019-12-19: Almost Missed Trash Busy week for trash, Almost forgot to put out. Made it just in time.

2019-12-19: So much cardboard! 📦

2019-12-19: I don’t mean to brag, but I have a ticket on the Polar Express tomorrow evening. I’m traveling to the North Pole and expect to see Santa there. 🎅

2019-12-18: Plans Change A whole big schedule, Changed in an instant, sick kid. Instead we hung out.

2019-12-18: Trump Administration Weighs Plans to Reduce Student Debt - WSJ White House and Education Department advisers think a program to cancel a large portion of student debt would be unfair to taxpayers Ya think? Also, why has no one proposed ending this debt trap program?

2019-12-18: I mailed a package USPS today for $29. The shipping included $50 in insurance. I told the postal clerk if they lost the package, I’d double my money!

2019-12-18: I’m constantly reminded of the importance of knowing the specifics of my insurance benefits. The doctor’s office can help, but it’s not their responsibility. Mistakes are made all of the time and I’ve saved thousands in out-of-pocket expenses catching …

2019-12-18: Apple, Amazon, Google, and Zigbee Alliance to Develop Open Standard for Smart Home Devices - MacRumors For consumers, this should ultimately lead to more smart home accessories that support multiple platforms like HomeKit and Alexa This is a great idea for 2014!

2019-12-18: I updated my page of Haiku to make navigation a bit easier. As of today, I’ve written 485 poems summarizing each day since August 20, 2018. I love how long-term habits come together to form a beautiful body of work.

2019-12-18: Apple’s Steve Jobs Takes Gamble on New iPad - WSJ For Mr. Jobs, it is an attempt to convince consumers they need yet another gadget—one between their mobile phones and laptop computers. I read this on my iPad. Thanks, Steve!

2019-12-17: Big Brother Helps Time to run errands, Brother helps girl put on shoes. Daily growth adds up!

2019-12-17: Secretive Surveillance Court Rebukes FBI Over Handling of Surveillance of Trump Aide - WSJ The court ordered the government to explain to the court by early next year what steps it was taking to prevent such lapses in the future. Embarrassing, but democracy is working!

2019-12-17: I have a full list of my daily haiku going back to August 2018. I currently have them sorted by month. I’m wondering if it’s time to take another look at organizing all of that poetry.

2019-12-17: A few more changes KonMari-ing my dresser, and this is the final result: my base layer drawer. This picture is so satisfying.

2019-12-17: Congress just authorized the creation of the US Space Force in the 2020 NDAA. All of this was done without articulating why this massive new expenditure is necessary or entertaining any substantive public debate. Was there even discussion about a better name?

2019-12-17: Looks like this morning’s blog post about why I’m quitting Amazon came out just a little bit too early. Another damaging investigation into Amazon’s business: You Might Be Buying Trash on Amazon—Literally - WSJ.

2019-12-17: I wonder if Apple is going to reach their 12/31 deadline to roll out Apple Maps to all of the United States.

2019-12-17: Goodbye, Amazon On November 10, 1999, I placed my first order on I had a copy of From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler shipped to my house overseas for some pleasure reading. In the past twenty years, has grown from an online bookseller into the World’s …

2019-12-16: Full Cleaning Day First time in a while, Laundry, cleaning, all one day. Little hand sure helped!

2019-12-16: US Justice Department to review Google’s deal for Fitbit, sources say have urged antitrust enforcers to block the deal on the grounds that it will give Google even more data about American consumers Weak argument. People know this and still use Google services.

2019-12-16: Amazon Blocks Sellers From Using FedEx Ground for Prime Shipments - WSJ sellers now account for more than half of the merchandise sold on Amazon’s website, including many items listed as eligible for Prime Amazon’s dirty secret.

2019-12-16: A consolidated laundry/cleaning day once a week is clearly the best way to go. 🧺

2019-12-16: Episode 127: Cleaning Day Kisses This episode was supposed to be about LEGOs, but we ran out of time cleaning.

2019-12-16: It’s Not You. Clothing Sizes Are Broken. - WSJ There are no standard clothing sizes This needs to be a 2020 plank. Standard Sizing for All!

2019-12-16: Hoping to get our Christmas card photo back today so I can get those ordered. I love that Christmas is a season, not just a day. Too much joy to be stuffed into only 24 hours. 🎄

2019-12-16: Not from Scratch - Catholic Husband Perfection is mythology; don’t need to reinvent the wheel just to do something nice for your family. ➕

2019-12-15: Rest on Sunday Supposed to each week, Haven’t been resting Sunday. A goal for next year.

2019-12-15: I shall respect Rex I shall never misuse Rex Kwon Do I shall be a champion of freedom and justice Rex Kwon Do Honor Code

2019-12-15: Napoleon Dynamite 🍿

2019-12-15: I bought a shirt at my favorite coffee shop while visiting Cape May. They stored the shirts on open shelves right behind the coffee machines. Even after bringing it home and washing it, the shirt is still infused with the smell of coffee. Delightful!

2019-12-14: Evening Off Everything got done. Watched Jack Ryan this evening. And that was that.

2019-12-14: When I take a hard look at my list in Things, only about 5% of my tasks really need to be done today. I’ve started deferring the 95% over a longer period of time. They need to get done, but not all of them right now. This strategy leaves more time for rest and play.

2019-12-14: My 2019 Year in Books from Goodreads. Another great one!

2019-12-14: A little treat for the family when they climb out of their warm beds on a cold December morning.

2019-12-14: Study Finds Correlation Between Judging Parents With Misbehaving Kids And Never Having Been A Parent - The Babylon Bee The groundbreaking research also showed that the vast majority of careful plans and strategies people have for raising their future children are immediately …

2019-12-14: Surprise blueberry muffins come out of oven. 6 year old suddenly appears in the dark, “Daddy, what’s that smell?”

2019-12-13: Loose Ends Tied Long term web project, Tying off in a nice bow. Great way to end year.

2019-12-13: Episode 126: Lucy’s Feast Day We’re celebrating today and Lucy feels quite chatty. Enjoy!

2019-12-13: Moved my Hofler&Co. cloud typography link from the footer to head.html and now the fonts render on initial page load. I feel like I should’ve figured that out sooner.

2019-12-13: is brilliant in the way that it scales. Looking for a simple, fast way to get your thoughts onto your blog? 👍🏻 Want to dive in deep and customize the look and feel of your site? 👍🏻 Need a sandbox to play? 👍🏻 Remarkable progress in just two short years.

2019-12-12: Footer Refresh, Deux Back to start from scratch. Simplify, standardize, done. Good use of hour.

2019-12-12: Top Lawmakers Say Bipartisan Spending Deal Reached - WSJ There’s a meeting of the minds Spoiler alert: everyone joined hands and decided to spend truckloads of money! 💸

2019-12-12: I updated my footer with the new Font Awesome icon. Will be rolling out updates to all of my sites in the coming weeks.

2019-12-12: In 2019, I finally achieved many goals that I had worked on for years. I guess that means I’ll need to spend serious time planning my brand new 2020 goals.

2019-12-12: All of those Target moms with their one kid in the cart are so cute. They can’t hang with me and my crew.

2019-12-11: Day of Change Always once the same, Ready to make a change. Wow. This will take some time.

2019-12-11: Wahoo! is now a part of Font Awesome 5!

2019-12-11: The die is cast.

2019-12-11: Vatican Uses Donations for the Poor to Plug Its Budget Deficit - WSJ Only 10% of donations to the Peter’s Pence collection go directly to charitable works Guys, get it together!

2019-12-11: I’m really tempted by Shawn Blanc/The Sweet Setup’s 2020 iPad planner. It looks like using my Apple Pencil/iPad Pro would be awesome. My track record with planners, however, says I should pass.

2019-12-11: Aviation geeks like to use the abbreviation IFE for “in-flight entertainment.” Pilots know that IFE always means “In-Flight Emergency.” Great memories of the excitement of my solo cross-country IFE. America has a fantastic procedure for helping pilots in distress.

2019-12-11: Wise Man Who Brought Myrrh Thought They All Agreed On A Spending Limit - The Babylon Bee That’s why I distinctly remember us setting a denari limit on the gifts. What happened

2019-12-11: Wife Delivers ‘State Of The Household’ Address As Soon As Husband Gets Home Each Day - The Babylon Bee Andrea has a lifetime term in the position and has very high approval ratings in the polls when polling data excludes little Bobby, 3, when he is sitting in timeout …

2019-12-10: Long Meeting Usually done quick, Tonight’s went twice as long. Sigh. Need better planning.

2019-12-10: I think the greatest life skill that a parent can teach their child is the ability to work/play independently.

2019-12-10: Finished folding my dresser clothes KonMari style. Where has this method been all of my life?

2019-12-10: I just priced three items between Target and Walmart, and Target was cheaper each time. Impressive.

2019-12-10: Special thanks to all of the delivery workers with FedEx, UPS, and the United States Postal Service who are out there making it happen!

2019-12-09: Go, Go, Go Started up at dawn, Errands, chores, run, run, run! Man, I’m straight worn out.

2019-12-09: Episode 125: Oatmeal The Snowman We’re back! After a trip, recovery, and a week of sickness, I catch back up with the kids to see what they’re up to.

2019-12-09: Myanmar Leader’s Genocide Defense at U.N. Court Rallies Supporters at Home - WSJ Ms. Suu Kyi’s office has accused the large numbers of international groups and journalists that have been gathering evidence of bias. Maybe the Nobel Peace Prize should be awarded posthumously.

2019-12-09: China Says Students at Xinjiang Detention Centers Have All ‘Graduated’ - WSJ drawing broad skepticism from human-rights activists Congratulations to the Class of 2019! Go out there and don’t make trouble for your benevolent governerment!

2019-12-09: My thoughts are turning towards my New Year goals/lifestyle adjustments.

2019-12-09: Everybody Helps - Catholic Husband We can’t all do the same thing, but we can all do something. ➕

2019-12-09: Swiss Fiber TV Service ‘Salt’ Launches Alternative Apple TV 4K Remote Control for Frustrated Customers - MacRumors I don’t mind the Apple remote, but yeah, this one looks much better.

2019-12-08: Back in Saddle Hard work afternoon. Checking things off, getting done. Ready for the week.

2019-12-08: Book Review: Takedown 📚 I took this book in my bag to the beach over Thanksgiving for some recreation reading. It served its purpose. I breezed through it in a few days, with lots of enjoyment. It would’ve been better if I knew New York City geography. Even without that knowledge, this was a solid …

2019-12-08: So much to get done today. I’m going to see if the kids will be my helpers again. There’s a cash reward involved, so I feel good about my chances. 💵

2019-12-08: The new version of Clear to do is getting long in the tooth.

2019-12-07: Making Progress Help from wife and kids, Getting house back in order. Another day, two.

2019-12-07: I replaced a dead light switch in my dining room. After getting the switch out, I noticed that the electrician ran a ground line to the box, but no one every grounded the switch. Wow.

2019-12-07: Nice paint job, bro.

2019-12-07: House Passes Bill To Limit Robocalls - The Onion American Voices Just make it punishable by death. How hard is that? Agreed.

2019-12-07: I’m not a guy who likes chapstick, but Burt’s Bees Vanilla Bean is on point.

2019-12-06: Overwhelmed Long trip, messy house. Need to clean up, energy. One day at a time.

2019-12-06: Trump Administration Weighs Putting Amazon Foreign Sites on ‘Notorious Markets’ List - WSJ The Notorious Markets list names and shames companies and countries that allegedly don’t take steps to stop counterfeiters. Amazon is getting absolutely hammered this year.

2019-12-06: Currently reading: The First Commandment by Brad Thor 📚

2019-12-05: In-Person Web Design Client came to town, Months of backlog done in night. Easier when here.

2019-12-05: Google Management Shuffle Points to Retreat From Alphabet Experiment - WSJ I will continue to be very focused on Google and the deep work we’re doing to push the boundaries of computing and build a more helpful Google for everyone Please don’t.

2019-12-05: Anker makes a great product.

2019-12-05: Once a Tool of the Elite, Metal Credit Cards Now Turn Up Everywhere - WSJ It really did make me feel important instantly. … Corey Beverly of Greensboro, N.C., polishes his Apple card every six weeks Okay, now we’ve really lost it.

2019-12-05: Document signing in Apple Preview is the best.

2019-12-05: I really should’ve started taking Flonase a few days before mulching leaves.

2019-12-05: I’m really enjoying my new iPhone wallpaper.

2019-12-05: Experience the power of a bookbook™ - YouTube The best!

2019-12-05: Who Does What at Home? Try Using Business Titles to Divide Chores - WSJ David Gartner, San Francisco I’m chief creative officer, and my wife, Liore, is chief operations officer. We’re both co-CEO and director of growth. Or just, you know, work together and get it done.

2019-12-04: Handyman Mess It comes no surprise, Handyman left mess in wake. Most of day cleaning.

2019-12-04: Bombshell Testimony Reveals Some People Do Not Like President Trump - The Babylon Bee they all confirmed the startling revelation: some of the country does not care much for Trump and wants him to be impeached

2019-12-04: My father-in-law is coming for a visit and my kids are really excited. So excited, in fact, that they kept asking for jobs to help me get the house ready. Very nice!

2019-12-04: How hard would it be for iOS to display potential new wallpapers with your current app layout on top of it? Showing you the preview, with no apps, is great for the lock screen, not so great for the home screen.

2019-12-04: The best way to wipe a child’s nose is to sneak up behind them like a ninja.

2019-12-04: I got my class ring resized. Feels great to have clothes (and rings!) that fit.

2019-12-04: I love using my Feedbin newsletter email address to get free resources from blogs. Great way to get the bonus and then burn when the content doesn’t pan out.

2019-12-04: Hospital Groups Sue to Block Price-Transparency Rule - WSJ Administration officials have said they are on solid legal ground and that the rule will drive down prices by making consumers wiser shoppers. Certainly for self-pay, maybe not such a slam dunk for commercially insured.

2019-12-03: Digital Recovery I let some things slide. Hours of digital work. Still behind the curve.

2019-12-03: I recognize only one of the Apps of the Year. How much things have changed.

2019-12-03: Got everything put away from the trip, but still really behind on digital tasks. Errands and restocking the house on the docket this morning.

2019-12-03: A nice memory from Cape May.

2019-12-02: Leaves Have Fallen Returned from my trip, Massive leaf piles in yard. Two hours to mulch.

2019-12-02: Ordering shoes online is the worst.

2019-12-02: Unpacking after a trip is almost as overwhelming as packing.

2019-12-02: Some people get excited for Christmas music. I get excited for Christmas dishes. 🎄

2019-12-02: I took two weeks off of my strict diet and food logging over my vacation. I gained 1.8lbs, well within my normal fluctuation. I feel really great about my progress this year!

2019-12-01: Home At Last The last leg of trip, Always the hardest. Traffic, Tears. Let me get home!!

2019-12-01: Is this trip over yet?

2019-11-30: Thanksgiving Road Traffic Felt smart, early start. Great beginning, but wait, worse! So many people!

2019-11-30: ‘Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’ Cast Members Clock Into Amazon Warehouse For Mandatory Black Friday Overtime Shift John Krasinski had been written up for failing to scan 300 warehouse items per hour, causing Amazon to fire him from his starring role in Jack Ryan.

2019-11-30: Drivers of the American Northeast: learn some manners.

2019-11-29: End of Trip Friday night packing, The fun has come to an end. It was a nice trip!

2019-11-29: Atlantic dawn.

2019-11-28: Thanksgiving Beach House Little kids running, Tables full of food, people. Thankful at the beach.

2019-11-28: Another stunning sunset.

2019-11-27: Coffee Shop Fun Local coffee shops, Fun to check them all out, drink, All the local brews.

2019-11-27: Just finished my 40th book of 2019. 📚

2019-11-27: Beach & Brew.

2019-11-27: Finished reading: Takedown by Brad Thor 📚

2019-11-27: Humble Service: Leading Your Family as a Stay-at-Home Dad is now available.

2019-11-26: Family Photo Session Eight kids in photo, Hard to get all smiling. One should turn out, tho.

2019-11-26: Afternoon at the beach.

2019-11-26: Out for a walk in town.

2019-11-26: Black Friday on the App Store used to be insane. Those were the days.

2019-11-26: Bloomberg No News - WSJ per a memo Sunday from John Micklethwait, Bloomberg’s editor in chief. “We will write about virtually all aspects of this presidential contest,” he said, adding that a Bloomberg reporter has already been assigned to Mr. Bloomberg’s campaign. But “we will …

2019-11-25: Walk in Town A nice night out there, Went for a walk in town. Dark, Quiet streets. Lovely!

2019-11-25: I enjoy walking the sleepy streets of beach towns.

2019-11-25: Dreamsicle sunset.

2019-11-25: The day is nearly done.

2019-11-25: Big day tomorrow. A few last tasks to check off my list.

2019-11-25: Y’all got any peacock food?

2019-11-25: Pope Offers Nuclear-Power Caution After Meeting With Victims of 2011 Japan Disaster - WSJ Never has humanity had such power over itself, yet nothing ensures that it will be used wisely, particularly when we consider how it is currently being used

2019-11-24: Always Messy Kitchen House full of people, The kitchen is never clean. Easier at home!

2019-11-24: By the Numbers 0%: the amount of influence that Twitter, Facebook, and their advertisers have on me. 0%: the odds of foreign governments influencing me via social media. No accounts, no problems!

2019-11-24: How a Facebook Employee Helped Trump Win—But Switched Sides for 2020 - WSJ Mr. Barnes said he remains supportive of Facebook’s mission but is uneasy about the company’s influence on political discourse. TL;DR: The platform is a weapon pointed at you. Delete your account.

2019-11-24: Beach town sunset.

2019-11-24: I’m glad that I discovered the SSL issues on my book’s website two days before launch. Now I have time to fix them!

2019-11-24: Amazon is ticking me off.

2019-11-24: Episode 124: Spooky Story Felicity tells a spooky story and talks about her adventures at the beach yesterday.

2019-11-23: Saturday at Walmart Do you need some things? Best to not try Saturday. That was my mistake.

2019-11-23: Currently reading: Takedown by Brad Thor 📚

2019-11-23: Made it to the sea.

2019-11-22: Traffic Design Far from perfect plan, Too much traffic, too few routes. Someone please fix this.

2019-11-22: I love when clouds do this.

2019-11-21: Tough Travel Day It’s never easy, Traveling with little kids. Today was just that.

2019-11-21: Nice day.

2019-11-20: Ready to Roll The van is all packed, The house is neat and tidy. Let’s go to the beach!

2019-11-20: I made it through 15 minutes of the first episode of The Morning Show. Apple TV+, like News+ and Arcade, are just not for me.

2019-11-20: I’m glad that Congress passed a bill in support of Hong Kong today. The international community really needs to step up to the plate and back the pro-democracy movement. 🇭🇰

2019-11-20: The NASA computer from today’s podcast.

2019-11-20: Episode 123: Space Computer I talk to three very happy children about what they’re playing with this morning.

2019-11-20: I’ve just learned about the existence of the organization National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance.

2019-11-20: I can’t get apps from the Mac App Store to update on macOS Catalina. The download circle shows up, and hangs at 0% progress.

2019-11-20: Former U.K. Consulate Employee Says Chinese Secret Police Tortured Him - WSJ He was told to say “master” any time he wanted to speak and was slapped in the face if he forgot, he said. The real China. How many people are daily subjected to arbitrary detention & torture?

2019-11-19: Garage Work More work on the car, Kids helped, played for three hours. That was really fun.

2019-11-19: How does iExit not have a CarPlay app?!

2019-11-19: What’s the best way to post to @Blot on iOS/iPadOS?

2019-11-19: Now that Castro will sync podcasts to my Apple Watch, I’m ready to get a cellular model.

2019-11-19: Chick-fil-a’s Philanthropy The Chick-fil-a Foundation announced a change in giving strategy for next year, which has sparked considerable discussion around the beloved restaurant. According to their Form 990, the CFA Foundation gave about $15.7M in gifts in 2018. That total is separate from any local …

2019-11-19: Hundreds of Protesters Released From Besieged Hong Kong University: ‘I Feel Lucky to Get Out’ - WSJ “If we don’t do anything the world will forget us.” We must confront brutal regimes wherever they are. When citizens are brave enough to face them down, we must help. 🇭🇰

2019-11-19: Jesus Never Said ANYTHING About Felony Home Invasion - The Babylon Bee These words imply that, if anything, Jesus was in favor of felony home invasion.

2019-11-18: Fonts I love CSS. A bit of work, uniform. Go consistency!

2019-11-18: Poverty - Catholic Husband Donating to a food pantry, or making a financial contribution to a charity working with migrants and the displaced, makes a difference. We have the power to ease the suffering of our neighbors. ➕

2019-11-18: Moon shot.

2019-11-18: Fonts are fun.

2019-11-18: Nurse at my appointment, like she’s doing me a favor: “I’m going to see if I can get the doctor to see you a little bit faster.” Me in my mind: My appointment was supposed to start 32 minutes ago.

2019-11-18: Now that I’ve standardized footers across my websites, I’m turning my attention to my web fonts. I’d appreciate any feedback you might have on my demo site. Once I’m happy with the fonts there, I’ll roll them out everywhere.

2019-11-17: Ahead of Schedule Only the first time, Two days ahead of schedule. Very impressive.

2019-11-17: More EU Nations Seek to Expand Aviation Taxes - the European Commission specifically refers to passengers as “polluters” implying that this tax is mainly to be a punitive measure Disgusting.

2019-11-17: U.S. Struggles to Crack Down on Chinese Efforts to Recruit Scientists - WSJ While association with a (Chinese) Talent Program is not illegal, it can create incentives to steal, violate export controls, or (at a minimum) conflicts of interest Agreed.

2019-11-17: It’s interesting to see all of the backlash to the current smoking public health emergency. I’m not sure what’s upsetting folks. My read: people are getting seriously hurt, the medical community isn’t sure why, so let’s pump the brakes.

2019-11-16: New Babysitter Old one went to school, First time with the new. Kids love, Will hire again.

2019-11-16: What’s the rule on hot fixes in production? Oh, right, never try it on your secondary computer when you have to leave for an appointment in less than 30 minutes. I managed to completely wreck a site and then fix it just in time.

2019-11-16: After over two years of no analytics on my websites, I’ve decided to go with Fathom. I like that they respect user privacy and I’m confident that the code is light enough to not cause performance issues. As an added bonus, by using Fathom, I’m not feeding the Google machine.

2019-11-16: Walmart Grocery is starting to make me take most of my stuff back to the store when there’s an issue. The whole point of pickup/delivery is for me to not have to go into the store. The process is a thorn in my side.

2019-11-16: Taking a look at web fonts again. Nice to see that Hoefler & Co. have made some value-added changes to their service since I last used it.

2019-11-15: Busy Weekend Ahead So much to get done. Will need to enlist my kids. Should be a good time.

2019-11-15: Walking in the Cold My early morning walks are always tested by the heat of summer and the cold of winter. I think that winter presents a bigger challenge to me because I have to get out of the comfort of my warm bed. Either temperature extreme can be difficult to deal with, especially when I think …

2019-11-15: I used to be a double Windsor man, but have apparently transitioned to a single. It must have something to do with the width of my ties. 👔

2019-11-15: Browns Star Myles Garrett Attacks Steelers Quarterback With Helmet - WSJ “I made a mistake,” Garrett said after the game. “I lost my cool, I regret it.” Quite the mistake, ripping a man’s helmet off and bludgeoning him with it.

2019-11-15: Lawmakers Ask Watchdog to Probe Case of FBI Source Found Dead Overseas - WSJ “We continue to have serious questions about Billy’s disappearance and death,” Ms. Stabenow said. Great development. The FBI clearly needs help.

2019-11-15: Episode 122: Sharks It’s Friday morning, and if you were looking to increase your knowledge about sharks, you’ve found the right podcast!

2019-11-15: U.S. Presses South Korea to Pay More for Military Alliance - WSJ North Korea said… Washington “had better behave itself” I’m with the DPRK on this one.

2019-11-15: Elizabeth Warren’s Tax Plan Would Bring Rates Over 100% for Some - WSJ investors would also pay a deferral charge to compensate for the financial benefit of not having to pay tax over the entire holding period. The real beneficiaries? Tax attorneys and professionals.

2019-11-14: Home Improvement A two year issue, Will take two weeks to fix up. I miss my bathroom!

2019-11-14: Amazon Returns at Kohl’s Accepting Amazon returns in store is a brilliant business move by Kohl’s. Their CEO, on a recent earnings call, reported that in-store traffic and sales are on the rise as a result. I made my first in-store return yesterday, and I hated every minute of it. At my local Kohl’s …

2019-11-14: Whistleblower Alerts Adam And Eve That God Withholding Knowledge Of Good And Evil From Them - The Babylon Bee Critics claim the whistleblower has an ulterior motive in reporting this possibly faulty information since he was reportedly thrown out of heaven after an unsuccessful …

2019-11-14: Few smells in the kitchen are as good as butter and onions sautéing. 🧄🧈

2019-11-14: I guess the team at Logi reads my blog. Getting HomeKit Secure Video enabled now.

2019-11-14: Google Analytics Alternative - Fathom Analytics Giving you access to this service means that they (Google) have access to your visitors’ browsing data. It’s funny to think about, but website owners who use Google Analytics are actually part of the problem.

2019-11-14: The Banality of Impeachment - WSJ they are turning impeachment into a routine political weapon, and future Presidents of both parties will regret it. I already regret it.

2019-11-14: Chick-Fil-A Employee Throws Down Staff Which Turns Into Snake Eating Popeyes’ False Serpents - The Babylon Bee “Well at least I’m open on Sundays,” said the dejected Popeyes employee, gathering his trick-staffs from the ground. Reciprocating with a smug, “So is Hell,” …

2019-11-13: Errands Close Together Four stops of errands, Most across street from other. Annoying car seats!

2019-11-13: The 1905 Collection at Jos. A. Bank is excellent.

2019-11-13: My barber spent more time talking to me about my weight loss at my haircut than my doctor did at my physical.

2019-11-13: Amazon returns at Kohl’s makes me mad at Amazon AND Kohl’s.

2019-11-13: My son’s pumpkin had an Easter egg on the back this year: an angry robot that he designed.

2019-11-13: Wipr FAQ Recent versions of Safari have Intelligent Tracking Prevention, which is a cool but relatively conservative way to limit tracking. Wipr is ruthless. This dev knows how to FAQ.

2019-11-13: Next in Google’s Quest for Consumer Dominance—Banking - WSJ The company will have to convince a public that is increasingly wary of how tech companies are using personal data that it can be trusted with people’s finances. Spoiler alert: they can’t.

2019-11-13: Book Review: No-Drama Discipline 📚 I really enjoyed reading The Whole Brain Child last year by these authors. In many ways, I treat parenting books as a la carte. I take the bits that I think are useful, and leave the rest. The same is true for this book. Honestly, I got some really good insights. But overall, I …

2019-11-13: The Ordinary People Who Brought Down the Berlin Wall - WSJ He gathered his men and said, in effect, that either they were going to start shooting or they were going to open up. In a moment that changed history, Jäger decided to open up

2019-11-12: Blood Draw Son had some blood drawn. Quiet, pale, flush, then sick. Yikes! He got over it.

2019-11-12: Finished reading: No-Drama Discipline: The Whole-Brain Way to Calm the Chaos and Nurture Your Child’s Developing Mind by Daniel J. Siegel, MD and Tina Payne Bryson, PhD 📚

2019-11-12: Biggest U.S. Milk Company Dean Foods Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy - WSJ consumers’ decadeslong move away from traditional cow’s milk, as beverage sales shift toward bottled water, fruit juices and milk alternatives made from soy and oats. Not me!

2019-11-12: Nice to be in the library. 📚

2019-11-12: It’s the middle of November and I’m still waiting on HomeKit Secure Video and HomeKit routers.

2019-11-12: Bug in Facebook App Accesses the Camera in the Background - MacRumors Facebook vice president of integrity Guy Rosen this morning said that it “sounds like a bug” and that Facebook is looking into it, but Facebook has not officially commented on the issue. Bug or …

2019-11-12: It took FedEx SmartPost six days to move a package 200 miles. It passed within five miles of my house on its first night in transit. What a joke.

2019-11-12: I spent quite a bit of time on my retreat this weekend thinking about the best way to use my devices. I’m currently going through and reorganizing my iPhone and iPad.

2019-11-12: Lazy Journalism I can’t stand lazy journalism, especially when it fails to provide consumers even the least bit of context. As a pilot, I notice this laziness frequently in aviation reporting. CBS News ran a segment about “dozens” of 737NGs being pulled from service “worldwide” due to cracks in …

2019-11-12: How to Have a Recovery Day With the Apple Watch – Shawn Blanc Play, Mind & Body, Flexibility, Climbing, Indoor Cycle, Core Training, and Strength Training Wow! I need to investigate these “other” workouts.

2019-11-12: Indoor climate control is a wonderful thing.

2019-11-11: Veterans Day Scourge of global war, A day to thank those who fought, For a noble peace.

2019-11-11: Google’s Secret ‘Project Nightingale’ Gathers Personal Health Data on Millions of Americans - WSJ Neither patients nor doctors have been notified. At least 150 Google employees already have access to much of the data on tens of millions of patients I can’t believe this news.

2019-11-11: Service It’s troubling that many merchants and employers no longer follow the Federal Government in closing on Veterans Day. It’s true that many Americans fail to observe the day in any meaningful way, but the significance of the memorial cannot be understated. Our global community has …

2019-11-11: Apple Arcade is not for me.

2019-11-10: Return to Home A nice, restful break. Recharged, now ready to serve. Hello, family!

2019-11-10: Retreat Experience This past weekend, I went on a retreat at a local retreat center. It was my first private retreat in twelve years. I left all of my devices at home. I didn’t read a book, I just existed. I dove into my thoughts, walked the retreat center’s grounds, and relaxed. It was a deeply …

2019-11-09: A Time Apart No screens to distract, No responsibilities. The peace of retreat.

2019-11-09: 2019: A Banner Year By almost every measure, this has been a fantastic year for me and my family. It seems that so many of my multi-year goals/projects all came to completion this year. It’s a new feeling to me, but one that’s deeply satisfying. I hit my weight goal (Eight years of work) My dad got …

2019-11-08: Start of Journey Set off into dark, A quiet time for myself. The retreat begins.

2019-11-08: On Retreat It’s been eight years since I made my last silent retreat. At a retreat house on the banks of the Potomac River, I took a few days to do nothing but focus on myself. Last Christas, Alison gave me the gift of a private retreat, which I’ll be making this weekend. 46 hours of a …

2019-11-08: YouTube video title by Business Insider: Why Coca-Cola Invented Fanta in Nazi Germany. Desperate.

2019-11-08: Blackouts, Fires, High Gas Prices: Who Wants to Live in California Today? - WSJ Long known as the home of easy living, with its beaches and year-round sunshine, California is increasingly seen as a perilous and unlivable place where the government and corporate institutions …

2019-11-08: Parents: If you’re in need of a digital thermometer that actually works and is consistent, I can vouch for this one. I don’t understand why it’s so hard to make a thermometer, but apparently it is. I’m glad my wife found it.

2019-11-08: HVAC installers will be here to put in a new furnace. They were supposed to be doing an installation on new construction today, but rescheduled since we have no heat and cold weather in the forecast. I really appreciate when companies are run by humans.

2019-11-07: Space Birthday Cake A popular treat, Chocolate cake, made like space. Makes a nice breakfast!

2019-11-07: I need to get groceries tomorrow, but HVAC installers will be here early putting in a new furnace. This is the kind of situation that grocery delivery was made for!

2019-11-07: Store intentionally puts light-up toys and candy by the cash register, only for the manager to complain that kids don’t move out of his way because they’re too distracted to hear him. That’s on you, bro.

2019-11-07: Road Rage I love that I can go out and run errands while everyone is at work and school. No one likes traffic, and the fact that I can be out and about when traffic volume is light is wonderful. I move quickly and efficiently. Yesterday, I had to go across town on one of the busier streets …

2019-11-06: Car Windows Down Beautiful fall day, Drove around with windows down. Nice experience!

2019-11-06: UPS delivered the final paperback proof of Humble Service this afternoon. Everything looks great! The cover design is the trickiest element, but it came out as I planned. I’m so happy with the way that this idea progressed into its final, beautiful form.

2019-11-06: I’ve been having issues with iCloud Drive for the past day or so. It’s great when it works, and annoying when it doesn’t!

2019-11-06: Episode 121: Last Day We go outside to blow bubbles and discuss why today is a special day.

2019-11-06: I don’t think that Starbucks coffee is all that unique. When consumed without sweetener, it’s a bit generic and has little personality. I think that explains all of the flavor options.

2019-11-06: Annual Wellness Visit I went in today for my annual wellness physical. I don’t think it’s common for men of my age to participate in routine healthcare, but the visit is included in my health insurance plan. I have nothing to lose. Since I go in every year about this time, I was very excited I …

2019-11-06: Why did they make Snoopy in Space into 12 small episodes? Each episode is only eight minutes long. Frustrating!

2019-11-05: Crazy Day I like early starts. Plans came together, then broke. Never boring, though.

2019-11-05: Now that I’m done with my book, I can move on to some other projects. I started with my site footers and now I’m going to loop back and make some improvements to a client’s site.

2019-11-05: ‘The Onion’ Announces New Nationwide Literacy Program Encouraging Kids To Read ‘The Onion’ For An Hour A Day just one hour a day of reading The Onion is directly correlated with higher lifetime earnings, admission in Ivy League colleges, higher testosterone levels

2019-11-05: Visa Introduces New Preloaded Debt Card - The Onion The debt card offers something for all our customers, whether it’s young people who haven’t had a chance to go into the red yet, or families who could use a little help toward losing their home.

2019-11-05: 4 Times Mark Cuban Begrudgingly Offered A Contestant A Deal On ‘Shark Tank’ Because The Contestant’s Sob Story Was About The Time He Hit Them With His Car I’ve been feeling really awful since Mark Cuban drove his car into me while I was walking into the studio this morning.

2019-11-05: Medicare-For-All Worries Seniors Who Want To Keep Medicare’s Quality And Efficiency All To Themselves - The Babylon Bee With Medicare, I get high-quality, cost-efficient, problem-free healthcare whenever I want, with no restrictions or rationing at all.

2019-11-05: iCloud/Apple is so bad at contact photos. I spend so much time aligning and arranging the photos, only for iCloud to screw it all up.

2019-11-05: Daughter just crashed with a fever at 102. Poor little girl. Kids are so cute when they’re sick.

2019-11-05: I bought a FontAwesome 5 license during their Kickstarter back in 2017. I finally got to use that license on my footer project yesterday. I love these icons. FontAwesome marked the icon as “in progress” four days ago. Perfect timing. 👍🏻

2019-11-05: What a crazy morning. I feel really behind/overwhelmed. Busy afternoon, too!

2019-11-05: One Bucket I love to budget, or at least I love managing my budget. For years, before YNAB, I’d budget by using accounts. I had many accounts spread across several banks. It was a lot to manage, but it kept everything very clear to me. With YNAB, I keep everything in a single checking …

2019-11-04: Footer Delight A goal now achieved, Unified footers on all! I am now at peace.

2019-11-04: I am the king of my footer.

2019-11-04: Dealing with 3rd Party sellers in the Amazon Marketplace is just the worst.

2019-11-04: California Incredible news coming from the Pacific Coast. The massive, extended rolling blackouts, wildfires, over a decade to fix utility infrastructure, yikes! It’s hard to believe that a single utility company bears so much responsibility for these woes. The Editorial Board of The Wall …

2019-11-04: Photos in iOS13 is great. I love how it surfaces old memories, like the time I took Alison flying in a glider.

2019-11-04: Middle daughter woke up sick. There goes today’s schedule! I write about this kind of thing extensively in Humble Service.

2019-11-04: This picture of newly-built 737 MAX aircraft on the ramp by Lindsey Wasson for Reuters is really cool. I love seeing all of the liveries together. It’s also cool to see the old and new United liveries next to each other.

2019-11-04: AirPrint is one of the best utilities ever.

2019-11-04: Eight years of tracking, over just like that.

2019-11-04: Roger Stone Trial Likely to Be a Spectacle - WSJ Contacted for comment, Bruce Rogow, Mr. Stone’s attorney, said: “I enjoy reading the WSJ and will look forward to your article. It will be an interesting trial.” A much better reply than, “No comment.” Well done!

2019-11-03: Afternoon Shopping Eight stops today, Getting supplies for our trip. Fun time together.

2019-11-03: Cool clouds as we ran errands this afternoon.

2019-11-03: Just witnessed OfficeMax charge a really old man to scan and email two sheets of paper. No class!

2019-11-03: Book interiors of Humble Service have been delivered to Apple and Amazon. I ordered one more paperback proof to verify layout with the final page count. Digital versions will release at midnight on November 26th. I expect the paperback edition to be available in the afternoon.

2019-11-03: I love when Apple breaks their own software with OS releases and then doesn’t fix it. iTunes Producer 3.1.1 doesn’t work in Catalina. I installed it on my MacBook Air running Mojave and got a certificate expired warning. Classic!

2019-11-03: Standing Behind Your Product We bought a new set of flatware in late August. We really like the set, especially the weight and the design. Frustratingly, rust spots have started to develop on the handles of the knives. The flatware is made of the same material, with the same finish, but the spots only appear …

2019-11-02: Ready to Publish Book finally done! Ready to be released, soon! Feels just like it should.

2019-11-02: Just complied the files of the First Edition of Humble Service. Six months of work, five rounds of edits, and 40,000 words. What an incredible feeling. Can’t wait to release this book on November 26th with my family at our annual Thanksgiving vacation. 🎉

2019-11-02: Fitbit will give you all of your data in CSV format, but only in 31-day increments. What a bunch of tools.

2019-11-02: I hit my weight goal. Now what? It’s been nearly nine years since that cold, winter morning when I stepped on the scale and saw a number that scared me. I was six months out of college, living on my own, and in the worst physical condition of my life. That weigh-in set me on a journey. Today, all these months, …

2019-11-02: Mixing cream is delightful to watch. ☕️

2019-11-02: I have a two week vacation coming up at the end of the month. Once I finish up Humble Service and get it uploaded this weekend, I might take a break and start my Apple Arcade trial. 🕹

2019-11-02: Alternate heating source.

2019-11-01: No Heat for Days Bad news for us, folks. Heater broken til Thursday. Time to bundle up!

2019-11-01: Just a bit further now.

2019-11-01: For three books, I’ve been doing my editing all wrong. Now I know for #4!

2019-11-01: Recipe Behind Coca-Cola’s Milk Success: Less Sugar, More Protein - WSJ While regular milk has 8 grams of protein and 12 grams of sugar per 8-ounce serving, ultrafiltered Fairlife and Organic Valley Ultra each have 13 grams of protein and 6 grams of sugar. Fairlife rocks.

2019-11-01: I went into BestBuy to get new AirPods. They rang me up at full price, so I had to price match them with… They don’t have the same prices in-store and online. Unreal.

2019-11-01: Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party Fires Election Warning at Boris Johnson - WSJ described British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s divorce deal with the European Union as a “sellout” I don’t know about UK politics, but this makes Farage look like he’s secretly trying to prevent Brexit.

2019-11-01: Goodbye, Fitbit After rumors swirled last week, Google announced today that it will be acquiring Fitbit in the coming months. My relationship with Fitbit goes back to January 2011, when I purchased my first tracker. The company had a compelling offer to consumers over the next few years. Decent …

2019-11-01: Apple Watch Competition to Grow as Google Plans Its Own Wearables Following Fitbit Acquisition - MacRumors Fitbit health data will not be used for Google ads Okay, sure, I believe you.

2019-10-31: Super Busy Day Heater, internet, Both out. Deliveries, food, Workmen stopping by.

2019-10-31: Grilled to perfection. 🔥🥩🔥

2019-10-31: Looking good. 🥩

2019-10-31: Cooking up a little red wine butter for tonight’s ribeyes. 🍷🧈🥩

2019-10-31: Boy Scouts to boost annual youth fees by more than 80% - CNBC As of Jan. 1, the annual membership fee for 2.2 million youth members will rise from $33 to $60 RIP

2019-10-31: Book Review: Humble Service 📚 This is my latest book, I’m currently wrapping up my final round of edits. It’s a guidebook for stay-at-home dads and for men who are preparing to transition into this life. I’ve been writing since 2013, and my six years of practice really comes through in this book. I’m …

2019-10-31: Walmart Grocery Delivery is not ready for prime time.

2019-10-31: Halloween trick-or-treating at Mommy’s office was a great success.

2019-10-31: Still on hold. 50 minutes later, ISP is only now reporting an outage.

2019-10-31: The ISP hold music pauses every few minutes to remind me that I’m a valued customer. After 37 minutes of holding, I’m glad to have this distinction! I’d hate to find out how long non-valued customers have to wait on hold.

2019-10-31: When is my ISP ever NOT experiencing unusually high call volume? 25 minutes on hold and counting…

2019-10-31: Tim Cook says AirPods Pro are complementary to AirPods, not replacements I would guess that one, particularly in the early going, will be people that have AirPods today and want to also have a pair for the times they need noise cancellation. It’s nice to have dreams.

2019-10-31: Downstairs heater is broken. Got down to 65 degrees last night. 🧊

2019-10-30: Final Read Five rounds of edits, One last read through for typos. Can see light at end!

2019-10-30: Finished reading: Humble Service: Leading Your Family as a Stay-At-Home Dad by Chet Collins 📚

2019-10-30: Twitter to Ban Political Ads - WSJ Paying to increase the reach of political speech has significant ramifications that today’s democratic infrastructure may not be prepared to handle. It’s worth stepping back in order to address. This is dumb.

2019-10-29: Apple Watch Sleep Watch as sleep tracker, Have a plan, app to record. Need to get past bulk.

2019-10-29: I guess tonight’s the night I upgrade to Catalina.

2019-10-29: Very close to finishing my final round of edits. Down to the wire with release four weeks away. This is my least favorite part of writing a book, but honestly, the refinements I’m making are going to add significant polish to the final product. 📖

2019-10-29: I’m glad this Fitbit/Google rumor came up now. I got a Fitbit tracker just a few weeks ago after over a year without one, so I’m still in the return window. Since I don’t do business with Google, this rumor is enough for me to return the tracker.

2019-10-29: Texas Luring Jobs Away From California With Promises Of Electricity - The Babylon Bee Newsom was also dismissive of the Lone Star State’s other claims, such as affordable housing, plenty of water, cheap gas, plastic straws, and not constantly being on fire.

2019-10-29: Episode 120: BenedictCast Benedict takes over as host in today’s episode.

2019-10-29: There are very few solid road trip planning tools out there these days. 🗺

2019-10-29: It’s the most important meal of the day. ☕️

2019-10-29: Book Review: The Spy Who Came in from the Cold 📚 Wow. What an incredible book! Written in 1966, at the height of the Cold War, spymaster novelist John le Carré spins a web of intrigue and suspense. Following a former agent of the British intelligence services starting from a dismal end of his career, all the way to rock bottom. …

2019-10-28: Caught Back Up Diligent work day, Things app is empty. Success! Now to enjoy week.

2019-10-28: Music handoff to HomePod is awesome.

2019-10-28: Google is reportedly trying to buy Fitbit - The Verge Google and Fitbit declined to comment to Reuters on the report. I hope this doesn’t go through.

2019-10-28: Two Hours of Peace Since finishing Cal Newport’s Digital Minimalism this summer, I’ve been thinking a lot about my digital life. So much of what I consume digitally affects my mood and wellbeing. I want to be proactive in only consuming things that improve my mood. My morning routine very clearly …

2019-10-27: Exhausted Nine hours of work, Wore me out! Slept in, took nap. Yikes, now I’m behind!

2019-10-27: Spooky. 🎃

2019-10-27: Trump Moves Closer to Ending Another Post-Cold War Treaty - WSJ President Trump has signed a document signaling his intent to withdraw the U.S. from the 1992 Open Skies Treaty Very bad idea.

2019-10-27: Islamic State Leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi Is Dead, Trump Says - WSJ Baghdadi Killed Some of His Children in Suicide Vest Blast, Trump Says The end of another dark chapter in human history.

2019-10-27: Happy Sunday!

2019-10-26: Fall Car Detailing It comes twice a year, Full car clean and wax. Hard work, Stunning results. Wow!

2019-10-26: I mean, who’s going to give Kevin an award? Dunkin Donuts? Michael Scott 🍩

2019-10-26: Finished reading: The Spy Who Came in from the Cold by John le Carré 📚

2019-10-26: Bishops Ask Pope Francis to Allow Married Priests in the Amazon - WSJ the bishops asked the pope to establish criteria and procedures for the ordination as priests of “suitable and esteemed men of the community … having a legitimately constituted and stable family.” Disaster.

2019-10-26: That’s a mirror finish.

2019-10-26: Nine hours of work and both cars are back in service. I did full exterior and interior detailing while Alison watched the kids. It was nice to be able to move fluidly from task to task. The perfect fall day to get this done and I love having a garage! 🚐

2019-10-26: Three hours in and the van is compounded, polished, and waxed. Now to turn my attention to the interior.

2019-10-25: Head Hurts Need to clean the van, But head hurts. Shoot, will do soon. Long day tomorrow.

2019-10-25: Apple Pay at the gas pump is awesome. ⛽️

2019-10-25: Closed on Sunday, You my Chick-fil-a From Closed on Sunday by Kanye West

2019-10-24: School During Day Not finished, girls up! Had to do school with all up. Actually went well.

2019-10-24: I’m taking the van out of service this afternoon for it’s semi-annual deep cleaning & wax. A big job that’s always satisfying when complete. 🚐

2019-10-23: Afternoon Swim Afternoon lessons, Play while the other one learns. Baths, dinner, then bed!

2019-10-23: Ghost Town 🍿

2019-10-23: Twelve years since I published the first episode of my first podcast, ChetRadio. The podcast is long over, but it started me on this digital journey all of those years ago.

2019-10-22: Morning Adventure Not too hard to do, A few errands, morning gone. A nice change of pace.

2019-10-22: Diplomat Draws ‘Direct Line’ Between Ukraine-Aid Holdup, Trump’s Push for Probes - WSJ Except I can’t actually read what he testified. This modern trend of closed door testimony with biased political commentary is no way to run a government. Both parties are guilty of it.

2019-10-22: Apple and I have very different ideas of what “pine green” looks like.

2019-10-22: Episode 119: Splashbot Benedict has lots to say today, especially about the robot he just had delivered.

2019-10-22: It’s hard for Russian trolls to deceive you when you get your news from accredited news organizations and aren’t on any social media sites.

2019-10-21: Teeth Cleaning Semi-annual, Scraping teeth clean. Not much fun. Maybe I’ll floss now.

2019-10-21: Afternoon.

2019-10-21: Small Island Of Uncultured Savages Rejects America’s Gracious Attempt To Introduce Them To Good Food - The Babylon Bee Chick-fil-A aid workers said that though they were chased off, they are still praying for the conversion of the natives and say it is their pleasure to …

2019-10-21: Reaching A Goal - Catholic Husband I was six months out of college, living on my own, and suddenly in the worst physical condition of my life. How did it come to this? I was still learning how to live, but something needed to change. ➕

2019-10-20: Busy Weekend Adventures yester, To-dos today. In motion! Ready for Monday!

2019-10-20: Episode 118: Sunday Fort The kitchen has turned into a construction zone.

2019-10-20: Editing is my least favorite part of the process. I know I’ll treasure the work more if I go through this last round of refinements.

2019-10-19: Fake Pumpkin Patch It was pretty fake, Hay ride to pumpkins, in corn. Oh well, kids were glad.

2019-10-19: Hanging out in the pumpkin patch.

2019-10-19: Saturday morning breakfast is a special time. 🍳🥓☕️

2019-10-19: So many more edits to make on my new book. Way more work than I was expecting, but I need to get this right. Just over a month to release.

2019-10-19: Florida’s Reform Momentum - WSJ Opinion The first cohort of voucher recipients is 71% black and Hispanic, according to state data. Eighty-seven percent have household incomes at or below 185% of the poverty line This distribution of school vouchers is interesting.

2019-10-18: First Quarter Kindergarten In blink of an eye, First quarter is over. Wow, So much growth is seen!

2019-10-18: Goodnight, Sun.

2019-10-18: Super Size Me 🍿

2019-10-18: Another friendly robot by Benedict, along with the sun and moon. Also, those extra dots on the moon aren’t eyes, they’re craters.

2019-10-18: Episode 117: Let’s Catch Up It’s been a disruptive month. Let’s get you back up to speed.

2019-10-18: Done with Benedict’s first quarter of Kindergarten. Time to fill out his report card, which seems silly to me. ✏️

2019-10-17: Naps for All They deserved spankings. Instead, they were given naps. Peaceful afternoon.

2019-10-17: Happy International Credit Union Day! 💵

2019-10-17: Youth Suicide Rate Increased 56% in Decade, CDC Says - WSJ Some mental-health experts suggest that social-media use among teens might be fueling the increase in mental-health conditions and leading to greater suicide risk, and some early studies have linked smartphone use to …

2019-10-17: I had to send my wedding ring off to be resized. Feels weird after seven years oFelicity continuous wear.

2019-10-17: When all three kids end up in time out at the same time, you know an afternoon nap is in order.

2019-10-17: Currently reading: The Spy Who Came in from the Cold by John le Carré 📚

2019-10-17: LeBron James Says Rosa Parks’s Bus Protest ‘Could Have Waited A Week’ - The Babylon Bee When Rosa Parks started the bus boycott by refusing to give up her seat, I guess there were some sporting events scheduled that week in downtown Montgomery that lost a lot …

2019-10-17: Oppressed Chinese Citizens Apologize To NBA Players For Disrupting Their Difficult Week - The Babylon Bee Oppressed Chinese citizens admitted that their constant fear of being punished by their corrupt Communist government is nothing compared with the concerns of tweeting a …

2019-10-16: Phone’s Primary Use Back to drawing board. I think health, fitness, some comms. Let’s see how this goes.

2019-10-16: I need to seriously buckle down and do the final read through of Humble Service and get it off to the printers. November 26th will be here before I know it!

2019-10-15: Leaky Shower Plumber came, found leak. Extensive water damage. Not my problem, tho.

2019-10-15: Blank by Cotton Bureau is a great shirt. It’s too bad the business line didn’t work out for them.

2019-10-15: LeBron James Spoke Carefully—Until the NBA’s Crisis in China - WSJ said Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey was “misinformed” when he put out a since-deleted tweet in support for Hong Kong’s anti-government protesters I don’t buy suits from a tire shop.

2019-10-15: In all of e-commerce outside of Amazon, Jos. A. Bank stands apart in their ability to fulfill and deliver an order quickly. I’m impressed!

2019-10-14: Cold, Grey Day Area showers, Grey clouds hanging low in sky. I love October.

2019-10-14: I don’t find Slack to be particularly intuitive.

2019-10-14: The International 🍿

2019-10-14: Interest Rates Are Falling—but Your Credit-Card Rate Could Be Going Up - WSJ rates on private-label credit cards, which can be used only in certain stores, also are rising. The average APR on these cards reached 27.5% ‼️

2019-10-14: I love October.

2019-10-14: I forgot how wonderful it is to climb into a super-cooled bed on an autumn evening.

2019-10-14: The Importance of Self-Care - Catholic Husband Opening up that time has been critical to my success and stability as a stay-at-home dad. ➕

2019-10-13: Backlog Worked hard through the day. Every task, checked off, done. Ready for Monday!

2019-10-13: Book Review: Start with Why 📚 I found Simon Sinek’s TED talk back in the early 2010s engaging. I was slow to pick up this book, but I finally read it. I was deeply disappointed. I have first-hand knowledge of one of the examples that Simon uses as a showcase of leadership. My knowledge directly contradicts …

2019-10-13: Workout buddy.

2019-10-13: Finished reading: Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action by Simon Sinek 📚

2019-10-12: On the Road Gone from home all day, Events, errands. Now I’m tired. Long to-do list. Sigh.

2019-10-11: Shots Not quite kid approved. Flu shots for the lot of them. It’s better this way.

2019-10-11: The FBI Lost Our Son - WSJ Agent Waters asked the Reillys to persuade the Journal not to print anything about the FBI. Incredible, thorough, hard-hitting journalism. Every Agent’s name and conduct is documented. A master class in holding public institutions to account.

2019-10-11: Gripen - Always combat ready - YouTube I’ve always admired the way that European air forces can operate from tiny airfields, even temporary ones on roads. It’s a neat capability.

2019-10-11: World War II Drama ‘Masters of the Air’ Will Be Apple’s First In-House Apple TV+ Series - MacRumors The new show will follow the true story of the American bomber boys in World War II For this, I would subscribe.

2019-10-11: Kids playing, cold weather outside, heavy rain all morning, Olafur Arnalds playing on the HomePod, coffee and iPad at my kitchen desk. This is awesome. ☕️🍂🌧

2019-10-11: Made it through flu shots for all three kids. The relational damage done is yet to be determined.

2019-10-11: Nothing is more empowering for a reader than setting down a bad book, unfinished, never to return.

2019-10-10: Difficult Errands Clothes shopping with kids. Prefer to do with wife. But, I can do alone.

2019-10-10: Dealing with Amazon is necessary in order to get my books printed and in the market. But like any social network, I have to play by their rules, even if those rules makes things much more confusing for my customers.

2019-10-10: Book Review: The Millionaire Next Door 📚 As a Dave Ramsey listener of eight years, I’ve heard time and again the statistics that Dave uses when talking about the “typical” millionaire. It took me long enough, but I finally read the book that serves as the research basis for so much of Ramsey’s philosophy of money. …

2019-10-10: I reported a street light out yesterday online and got an email today saying that it was fixed. I’m impressed with the automation of that reporting system. 💡

2019-10-10: There are very few situations as a stay-at-home dad that get me frazzled. Taking three little kids into a public bathroom does it every time.

2019-10-10: Apple Pulls Hong Kong Protest App From App Store Following Chinese Criticism - MacRumors Apple approved HKmap Live last week after reviewing its decision to initially reject the app from the App Store  Apple’s courage is limited to headphone jack removal.

2019-10-09: Dual Karate Daughter wanted try, Giddy the whole time. Bro liked. Might make this a thing.

2019-10-09: There’s an option in Safari 13 on macOS to not print headers/footers on a website. I can’t believe I never noticed that option before. Perfect!

2019-10-09: Hello again, morning chill. 🍁

2019-10-08: Goodbye, Lizard Out of fireplace, Living on mantel. Nope. Trapped, Released into wild.

2019-10-08: PG&E to Cut Power for Nearly 800,000 Customers Due to Wildfire Risk - WSJ The shut-offs are set to start shortly after midnight Wednesday and could last for multiple days and cover parts of 34 of California’s 58 counties Unreal.

2019-10-08: Cleaning day is a busy one.

2019-10-08: I have a hard time accepting that Purdue Pharma is solely culpable for the opioid epidemic in the same way that I’d have trouble accepting that Anheuser-Busch is solely culpable for DUI highway deaths.

2019-10-07: Lizard Visitor Once in fireplace, Now lives on mantel. Kids watch, Report. A free pet.

2019-10-07: Crazy year for Apple releases.

2019-10-07: Read A Book - Catholic Husband Many of us haven’t read a single book since our formal schooling ended. That’s a huge mistake. ➕

2019-10-07: Fall may have started a few weeks ago, but it has only just arrived. 🍁

2019-10-06: Raccoon Visits Grill Grill grease trap, undone. A tempting target, raccoon. No damage, now clean!

2019-10-06: The Bourne Ultimatum 🍿

2019-10-05: Thirty-Five Books An ambitious goal, Accomplished today. Books read, Ideas and fun.

2019-10-05: The Bourne Supremacy 🍿

2019-10-05: Book Review: Saint Francis of Assisi 📚 I’ve read quite a few books about the life of St. Francis of Assisi in the past two years. These books happened to be in my reading backlog, which is quickly clearing out. This book was special because it’s about St. Francis and was written by renowned British journalist and …

2019-10-05: I completed my 2019 Goodreads Reading Challenge with 35 books read. A full list with links to my reviews is up on my website. I’ve read 65 books in the last 22 months, and my backlog of “to read” books on my bookshelf is almost finally empty!

2019-10-05: Episode 116: Swimming Lessons We’re back from Benedict’s swimming lesson, with Felicity scheduled to start next week. I talk to him about how things went.

2019-10-05: Currently reading: No-Drama Discipline: The Whole-Brain Way to Calm the Chaos and Nurture Your Child’s Developing Mind by Daniel J. Siegel, MD and Tina Payne Bryson, PhD 📚

2019-10-05: Incredible Devotion: This Tibetan Monk Remembers To Do His Meditation App Almost 5 Days A Week He recently offered a discount code he received through the app to several of the younger monks in his hermitage as part of his commitment to helping them grow in their faith

2019-10-05: Finished reading: The Millionaire Next Door: The Surprising Secrets of America’s Wealthy by Thomas J. Stanley and William D. Dank 📚

2019-10-04: Dishes Overflow Counters and sink, full. Running out of kids plates. Well, Need to run a load.

2019-10-04: Dreamsicle sky.

2019-10-04: I just found an Apple Music exclusive concert with Ludovico Einaudi. Video discovery in Apple Music is not easy, but I’m really looking forward to this one! 🎧

2019-10-04: Another day, another robot. Meet Typebot. 🤖

2019-10-04: I just blew my kids’ minds with a timber hitch knot. All these years later, I’ve still got it.

2019-10-04: Eight and a half years since setting the goal, I’m now 12 days away from hitting my target weight.

2019-10-03: Morning Coffee Time After breakfast time, Kids play. I drink coffee, work. Great routine to start.

2019-10-03: The Bourne Identity 🍿

2019-10-03: Finished reading: Saint Francis of Assisi by G.K. Chesterton 📚

2019-10-03: The Red Meat Rethink - WSJ | Opinion Harvard’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health warned that the conclusions could “erode public trust in scientific research.” I disagree. Our body of knowledge is always growing. Updating based on new evidence strengthens trust and credibility.

2019-10-03: Book Review: Mutiny on Board HMS Bounty 📚🚸 This was one of my favorite books growing up, so I was glad to share it with my kids. I read it aloud to them over meals and afternoons on the couch. When I finished the book, my five year old summarized it in this way, “That was a cool book.” Would I recommend: YES ISBN: …

2019-10-03: It’s import to thoroughly wash shrimp before eating.

2019-10-03: The Chaos of Weather Forecasts - WSJ If the weather forecast is wrong, we might be tempted to blame the meteorologists, but it could be the fault of the mathematics. A nice primer, but I could go for a deeper dive into the subject.

2019-10-03: The dense app grid on iPadOS is too much for me, but you can’t get Today View on the home screen without it. That doesn’t make sense to me.

2019-10-03: Episode 115: Evil Block Villain As I wrapped up breakfast, Benedict called me into the playroom to record this episode.

2019-10-03: Currently reading: The Millionaire Next Door: The Surprising Secrets of America’s Wealthy by Thomas J. Stanley & William D. Dank 📚

2019-10-02: Final Publishing Stage Final layouts, done. One more proof to check, ordered. Then, send to market!

2019-10-02: Book Review: The Art of War 📚 I’m not a military scientist or historian, but I do enjoy reading military history. The Art of War is a notable work and I finally sat down to read it. The book was short, straightforward, and shockingly modern. Tzu’s advice has stood the test of time because he focused on …

2019-10-02: Copy edits complete. Time to compile and get another proof. Just a few more things to do before I’m ready to send all of the files to the cloud.

2019-10-02: Naps are on the agenda for the afternoon.

2019-10-02: Is there a better team than & MarsEdit?

2019-10-02: Finished reading: The Mutiny on Board HMS Bounty by William Bligh 📚

2019-10-02: Winter will be here before we know it. ❄️

2019-10-02: Finished reading: The Art of War by Sun Tzu 📚

2019-10-02: The fog descends.

2019-10-02: My neighbors waste no time decorating for Halloween. 🎃

2019-10-01: Massive Clean Up So much left undone, Kids engaged. Clean up squad, go! Done before dinner!

2019-10-01: Slow cooker recipes are perfect for cleaning day. 🥘

2019-10-01: Lunch time and the first load of laundry is just now coming out of the dryer. Not great. 🧺

2019-10-01: Episode 114: Time to Get Cleaning We interrupt the cleaning day already in progress to bring you this podcast.

2019-10-01: Piling On: Lysol Is Following Microsoft’s Lead With A Series Of Ads Absolutely Dunking On MacBooks - Clickhole One ad depicts a smiling mom wiping down a sticky counter on one side of the screen, while on the other a disheveled, unhappy-looking mother drags a MacBook across a …

2019-10-01: I love how iOS 13 lets me save screenshots to, and by extension, my desktop. Having access to my desktop from mobile is perhaps the best feature of iCloud Drive. I used screenshot webpages that I need to fix and email them to myself. This is a much better workflow.

2019-10-01: I got my copy edits back in the mail yesterday. Just a little bit more work to get Humble Service across the finish line.

2019-09-30: Sick Day Dad is sick today, Not a good situation. Kids were quite sweet, though.

2019-09-30: Self-Awareness - Catholic Husband Curiosity is a wonderful gift, and a strong sense of self-awareness is a trustworthy guide. ➕

2019-09-29: Day One Journal Six months passed again, Time to print up my journal. Life preserved, in print.

2019-09-29: Jack Reacher 🍿

2019-09-29: Before 737 MAX, Boeing’s Flight-Control System Included Key Safeguards - WSJ Pilots of the (KC-46) tanker can override MCAS by simply pulling back on controls An odd feature to remove.

2019-09-29: Currently reading: The Art of War by Sun Tzu 📚

2019-09-29: The California and Meridian watch faces on Series 4 are really excellent.

2019-09-29: Book Review: Rebel Yell 📚 Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson was a significant leader in the Confederate Army in the opening years of the American Civil War. In many respects, his death as a result of friendly-fire was a turning point in the conflict. His brilliance as a tactician is astounding, even to this day. …

2019-09-29: This mug makes me happy.

2019-09-28: Driving in Silence Rare to drive alone, Classical music, quiet! A nice change of pace.

2019-09-28: I’ve been playing endlessly in my test-blog sandbox. There are so many great features that I can build into my website. Yet I am reminded of a core design principle: all that can be added should not be added. I want my site to be usable, but always simple and beautiful.

2019-09-28: I always think that I should do my physical jobs for the day first, followed by my office work. Invariably, I get to my desk too tired to work.

2019-09-28: A nice sunrise to start the weekend.

2019-09-27: Fading Daylight Used to wash cars, mow. Less light now after dinner. Winter is coming.

2019-09-27: There’s really not a good emoji for Haiku.

2019-09-27: My house smells like the Hershey’s Chocolate factory tour. 🍫

2019-09-27: Won’t be long now.

2019-09-27: I feel a chocolate torte coming on. 👨🏻‍🍳

2019-09-27: Currently reading: Saint Francis of Assisi by G.K. Chesterton 📚

2019-09-27: Transformation - Catholic Husband The same elements that contribute to an improvement in physical health are required for the improvement of spiritual health. ➕

2019-09-26: Size Small Ordered new jacket. Swam in a medium. Huh? Guess I’m a small man.

2019-09-26: On this day last year, I had finished reading my 22nd book of 2018. Today, I just finished my 31st. I give full credit to IndieBookClub and Goodreads for my success. I love tracking my progress and creating a permanent record on my blog.

2019-09-26: Finished reading: Rebel Yell: The Violence, Passion, and Redemption of Stonewall Jackson by S.C. Gwynne 📚

2019-09-26: Hitting your reading goal is attainable if you can budget an hour per day to it.

2019-09-26: I am thoroughly convinced that standard clothing sizes have gotten bigger over the past decade.

2019-09-25: Book Proof Have proof of new book, All work, bound and printed. Nice! Time to finish up.

2019-09-25: The paperback proof of my new book just arrived. I always love the experience of seeing my work in print for the first time.

2019-09-25: My autumn magnet game is strong.

2019-09-25: Okay, Audio Sharing is really cool.

2019-09-25: Bad week to be a CEO WeWork’s Adam Neumann Steps Down as CEO The company’s founder will remain nonexecutive chairman but cede majority control Juul CEO to Exit and Philip Morris, Altria End Talks as Vaping Scrutiny Intensifies The chief executive of e-cigarette startup Juul Labs Inc. …

2019-09-24: Backyard Rainbow Afternoon storm rains, Brought a low rainbow in yard. Kids! What a cool sight!

2019-09-24: Real estate photographers are misleading.

2019-09-24: We had the luck of a little rainbow appearing low over our backyard during a thunderstorm.

2019-09-24: Episode 113: School Day We just finished our school day, but this podcast was interrupted by an impromptu nap.

2019-09-24: Feedbin now offers read later capabilities called Pages. The official app also has a built in share extension in iOS. Absolutely killer.

2019-09-24: Big day.

2019-09-23: Trial and Breakthroughs CSS galore, Problems finally resolved. Total perfection!

2019-09-23: Whenever I finish a big customization with my design, I like to write up a blog post and share it with the community. That little act of sharing paid off today! I overwrote the customizations to my podcast feed, so I pulled up my written instructions and I’m back …

2019-09-23: Ummm, where did iCloud Tabs go in iOS 13/Safari 13?!

2019-09-23: Changing Your Site Logo in Dark Mode: A Better Way A few weeks ago, I wrote about a method that I used to swap out my site logo in dark mode. In that post, I wrote about you can use some custom CSS to display a different logo when a browser was in dark mode. It wasn’t a very elegant method, but it got the job done. There …

2019-09-23: Currently reading: Rebel Yell: The Violence, Passion, and Redemption of Stonewall Jackson by S.C. Gwynne 📚

2019-09-23: Sometimes, the best solution is the simplest. I had no idea that I could class specific links. That technique fixes all of my light mode/dark mode image link issues.

2019-09-23: I had an idea this morning while getting ready for the day. What if I used a custom div and the CSS display property to swap out images between light and dark mode? BOOM! It works!!!

2019-09-23: Almost a week of unsweetened coffee. I was missing a real treat! ☕️

2019-09-23: I have two HomeKit garage door openers. Siri in iOS 13 CarPlay always helpfully offers me the wrong one.

2019-09-22: Goodbye, Summer It went by so quick. Ready for my favorite! I prefer the cool. 🍂

2019-09-22: Book Review: How to Talk so Kids will Listen & Listen so Kids will Talk 📚 We bought this book last year, along with the Whole Brain Child series. The title is tantalizing, yet the content was severely lacking. The first edition was published in 1980, with a second edition published in 2012. Regrettably, the authors did not take the time to update their …

2019-09-22: Nice day for a walk in the park.

2019-09-22: One of my favorite weather phenomena.

2019-09-22: Finished reading: How to Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk by Adele Faber & Elaine Mazlish 📚

2019-09-22: I got a new bow tie with a logo in the print. Apparently they didn’t have anyone who knows how to tie them, because the logo is upside down when the knot is finished. I did solve it by tying the tie inside out. You can only tell if you look under my collar. Still funny.

2019-09-22: Matt Maher on the HomePod while we eat breakfast and get ready for Mass. This is a fantastic Sunday routine. 🎵

2019-09-22: Good morning.

2019-09-21: A Picture is Worth A year’s worth of work, Healthier than five years past. The pic says it all.

2019-09-21: Whenever a website asks me for my Twitter or Facebook URL, what’s to stop me from just putting my link?

2019-09-21: Might be the Best iOS 13 feature.

2019-09-21: Kiko Footer I spent some time this week tweaking my footer. I want to spread the word about, but in a way that suits my style. A few folks asked for the code that I used, so here it is! The first link is to the homepage, while the svg icon links directly to …

2019-09-21: There’s a ton of health information on the Internet, but much of it is spurious. It’d be great if a big research hospital funded a consumer-focused health information website.

2019-09-20: Blog Hacking So many changes, Refining a great look, feel. Fun to solve puzzle.

2019-09-20: I’m pleased with my updated footer.

2019-09-20: It’s been five days since I implemented my iCloud Mail spam rule. Not a single spam email has made it to my inbox, and there have been seven attempts in the last twelve hours. I’m feeling smug.

2019-09-20: The bottom toolbar for email in on iOS 13 makes zero sense.

2019-09-20: I was expecting a slew of news releases from companies about HomeKit routers & secure video yesterday. Very quiet.

2019-09-20: iOS 13, Apple’s Latest iPhone Update, Is Out—Just Be Cautious - WSJ This article was published four hours after the release. It should’ve come out a day earlier.

2019-09-20: At this point, I really should be more thorough in testing web design on multiple platforms. Fixed my blog’s logo size on mobile in dark mode.

2019-09-20: The Activity rings complication on watchOS 6 moving beyond completion is throwing me for a loop.

2019-09-19: Apple Update Day A brave explorer, Updating on day one. Fine, But no parity.

2019-09-19: Buying shoes online is stressful.

2019-09-19: FedEx Pilot Detained by Police in Southern China - WSJ The pilot, a former U.S. Air Force pilot named Todd A. Hohn, was detained a week ago while waiting for a commercial flight to his home in Hong Kong Talk about escalation.

2019-09-19: I’m still waiting for Messages in the Cloud for Apple Watch. Is that a thing yet?

2019-09-19: FAA chief says he won’t certify the 737 Max until he flies the plane himself I’m the final signoff authority in the U.S., and I’m not going to sign off on the aircraft until I would fly it myself Nice to have an Administrator who’s a licensed pilot.

2019-09-18: Private Planetarium Show Only ones at show, Private lesson, full control. My preferred method.

2019-09-18: Book Review: Church of Spies 📚 This is my second time reading this title. I love WWII/Cold War espionage, and Mark Riebling tells a riveting tale. There’s a common misconception that Pope Pius XII’s public silence during the Holocaust was somehow a tacit approval, or at the very least, a moral failure. With …

2019-09-18: After Hours-Long Search Through Old Tweets And Podcasts, Activist Successfully Offended - The Babylon Bee “Bigotry is getting harder and harder to find,” Bridges said, “but I will find it. That’s how much I care.”

2019-09-18: Currently reading: How to Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk by Adele Faber & Elaine Mazlish 📚

2019-09-18: After my positive experience with the Beats Solo 3, I decide to replace my dying first gen AirPods with a pair of Powerbeats Pro.

2019-09-18: The Postal Service changed their routes and I now have a letter carrier with a personality. And she comes four hours earlier than before. Awesome! 📬

2019-09-18: Paralyzed Man Lowered Through Hole In Roof Of Chick-Fil-A In Hopes Of Being Healed - The Babylon Bee he had his friends cut a hole in the roof of the restaurant and lower him down, allowing him to bypass the massive crowds and lengthy line so that he might be healed.

2019-09-18: Ready for the planetarium!

2019-09-17: Unsweetened Coffee New experience, Coffee, with no sweetener. Bitter, then quite smooth!

2019-09-17: 📦 FedEx SmartPost Delivery Times: Origin 2 hours from my house: 4 days Origin 3 hours from my house: 8 days

2019-09-17: Apple Arcade looks soooooo good! 🕹

2019-09-17: After three months of trials, I’ve determined that coffee has little to no impact on my migraines. So, cheers! ☕️

2019-09-17: It’s always disappointing when an app’s website doesn’t list pricing.

2019-09-17: It’s hard to buy shoe polish these days.

2019-09-17: I found a vulnerability in Apple’s iCloud spam filters. The technique uses a deprecated Python parser and the spam is sent directly to the inbox. I asked Apple Support if they wanted me to send it to the engineers for analysis. Their response, “Naw.” Nice work, …

2019-09-17: Grandpa Asks Server If They Can Break A Two - The Onion This is me. I love the $2 note.

2019-09-16: Cardboard Rocket Just a few days left, All three played inside all day. A nice toy for them.

2019-09-16: 120 Days of Keto Keto diets are all the rage this year. At least they were back in December when I was shopping for a new diet. I needed to lose weight and get healthier, but that’s not why I went with Keto. I was looking for a clearly defined diet that would guide my menu planning and snacking. …

2019-09-16: Finished reading: Church of Spies: The Pope’s Secret War Against Hitler by Mark Riebling 📚

2019-09-16: Can’t wait to see who ends up buying this house. That’s about a 9’ drop on a grade that’s going to be a nightmare to mow.

2019-09-16: For some reason, iCloud sending spam to my inbox that has a random string attached to my correct email address. So, it looks like this: svra43? Not sure why iCloud would deliver that in the first place. Also, hard to write a Rule against it.

2019-09-16: ‘Sign In With Apple’ Is Way Better Than Passwords—If You Can Find It - WSJ I’m taking Joanna’s advice and creating an alias to use on the web. Not much use for current services, but will be when I sign up for new ones using the Apple relay.

2019-09-16: Episode 112: Cactus Puzzle The laundry is running and the folding is done, for now. I took a break from my Cleaning Day chores to see what the kids are playing with.

2019-09-16: The Apple Support chat is great, but if you don’t respond in five minutes, it ends. Not very customer friendly to make me wait on Support to take their sweet time responding but if I don’t reply right away, I’ve got to start all over.

2019-09-15: Winter Clothes Wardrobe Pulled out winter clothes, To my delight, they all fit! Ready for Winter!

2019-09-15: The designers over at Zero do an excellent job.

2019-09-14: 50 Things Done A crazy backlog, Things groaned this morning. Worked hard, Now Today is clear!

2019-09-14: Episode 111: Botley Benedict shows off his robot. The girls are grumpy.

2019-09-14: How bad is iCloud spam filtering? An email from with only an image in the body landed in my inbox. This happens at least five times a day

2019-09-14: I saw the International Space Station on my walk. That was pretty cool. 🛰

2019-09-14: It’s so hard to capture the beauty of the moon.

2019-09-13: Healthy Weight Four years since last done, Back to my healthy weight. Yes! A bit more to do.

2019-09-13: For the first time in five years, I’m not overweight. 🎉

2019-09-13: Moderator Jorge Ramos Asks Candidates How They Would Help Struggling Media Companies With $7.5 Billion Of Debt No one—not one of you—has told the American people how you would save hardworking broadcast networks who sold themselves out to private equity firms

2019-09-13: I had a nightmare last night that my phone auto-updated to iOS 13.

2019-09-12: Dizzy As A Top Standing still, but wait, Rushing sensation. Hold on! But there is no fix.

2019-09-12: A Most Wanted Man 🍿

2019-09-12: Given my recent weight loss, I’ve ordered a new wardrobe. The first items are arriving today and I’m very excited.

2019-09-12: I love how Canada can start an election campaign just over a month before the Election Day. The 18-24 month campaign in the United States is way too much.

2019-09-11: Naps Are Wasted I like to take naps. But then, I can’t fall asleep. Naps wasted on young.

2019-09-11: Apple is right to delay headline features that aren’t done. The problem is that it seems that the entire iOS 13/iPadOS release should be pushed, but they won’t do it. This piecemeal approach runs the risk of blowing up and leaving customers stranded.

2019-09-11: HomePod Gaining New ‘Ambient Sounds’ Siri Feature This Fall, Radio Station Support Launching September 30 - MacRumors Additional HomePod features, including multi-user support and music handoff, will not launch until “later this fall.” Another day, …

2019-09-10: Lame Apple Event Nothing to see here, Spec bump, better pics, that’s all. Just a waste of time.

2019-09-10: The super disjointed OS rollout schedule has me spooked. I’ll be taking a very cautious approach to updating devices this Fall.

2019-09-10: Take a moment to send a thought to Apple employees everywhere who haven’t slept or seen their families in weeks, all for that show. What a waste!

2019-09-10: Dang, I watched the wrong event! I was looking for, “By Innovation Only.”

2019-09-10: Huh, just got a low heart rate alert on my Apple Watch.

2019-09-10: Nice change to the iPhone preorder time. Hard to manage a global rollout that’s convenient for everyone.

2019-09-10: Just a little bit of sacrilege for your Apple event viewing pleasure. One of the characters in the Pascal’s Wager game demo was using a monstrance as a weapon. So weird.

2019-09-10: Tim just announced a year of free AppleTV+ with any hardware purchase. I’ve never seen a group of people so excited to get a $60 value.

2019-09-10: Is anyone else having problems with their Cotton Bureau shirts? I ordered a few of their “on demand” ones and the ink isn’t holding up like the more traditional short run ones.

2019-09-10: I wonder what the best iPhone Apple has ever made will be like.

2019-09-10: I’ve had beautiful clear skies during my morning walks. If you look closely, you’ll see Orion standing guard.

2019-09-10: The smell of fresh cut sweet strawberries in late summer, with the music of Ludovico Einaudi in the background, and the kids playing happily together while I make breakfast. This is how I’d like to start every morning. 🍓🍳

2019-09-09: Apple Event Eve Not likely to watch, Kids have other plans. But still, Excited to see.

2019-09-09: Take a moment to send a thought to Apple employees everywhere who haven’t slept or seen their families in weeks and are down to the wire before tomorrow’s big show.

2019-09-09: You are most welcome here, afternoon rain! 🌧

2019-09-09: Almost time for app update-apocalypse.

2019-09-08: Old Navy Clearance Still real hot outside, Old Navy selling winter. Wow, what a mismatch!

2019-09-08: PSA: The LATCH system only works for kids who weigh less than 40 lbs.

2019-09-08: I’m always struck by the beauty of the night sky.

2019-09-07: Book Finalization So many small tasks, The final touches before, The official launch.

2019-09-07: Spectre 🍿 Relaxing on a quiet movie night.

2019-09-07: Now that revisions are complete, I’m excited to announce my new book: Humble Service: Leading Your Family as a Stay-at-Home Dad The book will be released on November 26th, with pre-orders starting today.

2019-09-07: Beats Solo 3 - One Month Later 🎧 Back in July, I got a pair of Beats Solo 3 headphones with our new iPad Air. I wrote a quick 24 hour review and I didn’t have nice things to say about the comfort factor. I stuck with it, and a month later, they’re my primary headphones in the house. In fact, I’m wearing them …

2019-09-07: Saturday morning means swimming lessons. 🏊🏻‍♂️

2019-09-07: The team over at Lose It! do a great job iterating. Frequent updates with noticeable tweeks.

2019-09-06: Adoration An hour, quiet. Meditate, rest, and relax. Perfect end of week.

2019-09-06: The Distraction-Free Phone – The Sweet Setup It’s about only having things on your smartphone that are in alignment with your vision and values about how you want to use your device. My weekend project.

2019-09-06: Episode 110: Another Fort Benedict and Felicity worked all morning to build a fort for themselves in the office. I sat down to ask them about it.

2019-09-06: Apple Music on the web is so cool.

2019-09-06: I reactivated my iCloud email address (that I’ve had since the .Mac days). I switched my primary over to Fastmail in November. I came back so I could be ready for Sign in with Apple. There were 840 new emails, 347 of which were spam. Thus why I abandoned it in the first …

2019-09-05: More Dark Mode Two weeks left to go, Plenty of CSS fun. Site is looking nice!

2019-09-05: a:text-decoration vs. a:bottom-border. Duh.

2019-09-05: As a reward for picking up all of their toys, my children were each given some bubble wrap to play with.

2019-09-05: Changing Your Site Logo in Dark Mode Update: I’ve found an easier implementation that preserves the link function for the dark mode version of your logo. With iOS 13 just weeks away, I’ve been busy making sure that all of my websites are dark mode compatible. I should’ve been working on this over the past …

2019-09-05: CSS is incredible.

2019-09-04: Vellum App Just heard of Vellum, Mac app that formats your books. So much time is saved!

2019-09-04: Beautiful evening for a walk.

2019-09-04: Two news stories I’m tired of hearing about: Brexit 737 MAX

2019-09-04: Dishes, like laundry, can only be neglected for so long.

2019-09-04: Episode 109: Lucy Speaks The kids are playing in the playroom and Lucy really wants to join in on the podcasting.

2019-09-03: So Drowsy Cannot stay awake, A nap should be in order. Kids can’t be trusted.

2019-09-03: Apple Watch sleep tracking revealed: sleep quality, battery, more - 9to5Mac When wearing the Watch during bedtime, if the user wakes up and starts their day before their alarm goes off, it will automatically turn off the alarm. The alarm will also play only on Apple Watch, using …

2019-09-03: The state of gaming on macOS is really sad. Almost every game that I bought on the MAS in the last four years is no longer available, even for redownloading. Not sure if Apple Arcade can rise to the challenge, but I’ll keep an open mind.

2019-09-03: White Supremacy and Abortion Bill McGurn, writing for his Main Street column in The Wall Street Journal. the clarity of the pro-life proposition—the insistence that each of these lives is no less precious than any other human life I’ve been spending a lot of time lately thinking and writing about the …

2019-09-02: Goodbye, Summer Labor Day is here, Summer break draws to a close. I prefer Autumn.

2019-09-02: Holding a physical book while reading is deeply satisfying.

2019-09-02: The Fitbit data export is completely useless. What a lousy company.

2019-09-02: Currently reading: Church of Spies: The Pope’s Secret War Against Hitler by Mark Riebling 📚

2019-09-02: I wish I knew how to get my to swap out my logo when a user is in dark mode. I have most of the pieces, I just don’t know how to make them fit.

2019-09-02: Quiet afternoon on the prairie.

2019-09-02: Book Review: Blowback 📚 When I finished editing my newest book, I bought myself the next book in the Scot Harvath series. This one focused heavily on bioterrorism and the military history surrounding Hannibal. When compared to the other books in the series, I didn’t find this one to be very engaging. …

2019-09-02: A delightful sunrise to start my day.

2019-09-01: Seven Seven year marriage, Just the opening chapter. Eighty more to go!

2019-09-01: I have a package coming via FedEx SmartPost. It’s origin was 90 minutes from my house. It was picked up on Thursday at 5:24am. It’s scheduled for delivery by 8:00pm on Tuesday. Nothing is more damaging to the FedEx brand than SmartPost.

2019-09-01: Finished reading: Blowback by Brad Thor 📚

2019-09-01: My 5 year old just came in and asked if he could watch Apollo 11.

2019-09-01: Episode 108: Patterns The girls are napping, so I caught up with Benedict at the activity table to see what he was up to.

2019-09-01: I still have the bow tie.

2019-09-01: Celebrating seven years with Alison.

2019-08-31: All Jobs Done Lawn, cars, bath, kitchen, All cleaned in one morning. Thanks, Alison! Great help!

2019-08-31: Watering the flowers by Benedict

2019-08-31: Moana 🍿 Family Movie Night.

2019-08-31: I’m teaching my son how to take pictures. We’ve been learning about framing and the rule of thirds. I took him around out neighborhood to practice his new skills.

2019-08-31: I clean my washing machine once a month using Oxiclean. I love the smell that it releases.

2019-08-31: I really like my signature.

2019-08-30: Websites Ready Testing is complete, Ready to hit publish. But, I’ll do it later.

2019-08-30: My son drew this delightful picture. The friendly little robot sparks joy.

2019-08-30: Iranian Tanker Prepares to Offload Oil to Syria-Bound Ships - WSJ the tanker was released Aug. 18 after Iran pledged that the tanker’s 2 million barrels of oil wouldn’t be delivered to Syria gasp

2019-08-30: Exclusive: Apple’s Tile Competitor Will Include ‘Items’ Tab in iOS 13’s Find My App and Much More - MacRumors The internal build of iOS 13 includes an asset for a 3D red balloon that could help a user pinpoint a lost item after scanning a room with their …

2019-08-30: Preparing major updates to my websites this weekend.

2019-08-30: Episode 107: Long Weekend The Labor Day weekend is getting ready to kick off. I talk to the kids about their plans for the weekend.

2019-08-29: Carpet Cleaning Necessary job, Wet carpets and kids don’t mix. Let’s run some errands!

2019-08-29: Report: Judas Iscariot Was Seen At Popeyes Shortly Before Betraying Christ - The Babylon Bee Satan may have entered Judas Iscariot as he bit into the Popeyes chicken.

2019-08-28: Pre-Sale Begins 90 days to launch, Finishing the edits, site. This is the best part!

2019-08-28: Improving Siri’s privacy protections - Apple We hope that many people will choose to help Siri get better, knowing that Apple respects their data and has strong privacy controls in place. Except for that time way back in July when we got caught not respecting your data and …

2019-08-28: I didn’t realize that Hallmark owns Crayola.

2019-08-28: I’m adding Structured Data to my websites. Under “Social,” I’m just putting my URL. It can be a little awkward not being on any of the major social networks, but this is the right values alignment for me. Plus, this blog is the best place to …

2019-08-28: Episode 106: Castle Storms are on their way to our house. Don’t worry though! We’ve just finished construction on our castle.

2019-08-28: Deliveries scheduled today from all three major carriers: UPS, FedEx, and the United States Postal Service. I enjoy days like today! 📫

2019-08-28: Big storms to the South lighting up the sky on my walk this morning. Clear skies over me. I could see Orion standing guard while the storms built in the distance.

2019-08-28: Never cancel on a forecast.

2019-08-27: Keto 100 A strong keto streak, Low carbs, almost no sugar. Now I’m in the groove.

2019-08-27: There’s no such thing as too much goat cheese.

2019-08-27: Firefox is a dream when messing with CSS.

2019-08-27: Few things are more delightful than working on some mundane task only to look up to see an 18 month old walk by with confidence and purpose in their step.

2019-08-27: We had an October sky today. It reminded me that cooler times are on their way! 🍂

2019-08-27: Bit of a traffic jam out there.

2019-08-27: It’s a quiet morning before the storms roll in. ⛈

2019-08-26: Afternoon Play Two tired kiddos, Struggled this morning. But then, They played together!

2019-08-26: Book Review: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe 📚🚸 This was our second read aloud book that we did in the car. I think I was assigned this book to read in 8th grade, but for some reason I feel like I didn’t actually do the work. Even if I had, so much of the beauty of the work would’ve been lost on my adolescent mind. This is the …

2019-08-26: Episode 105: Batman Day It’s Monday morning. I catch up with all of the kids in the playroom to see what they did this weekend.

2019-08-26: I woke up my son, and there was a LEGO brick on his face. I have a few questions.

2019-08-26: Construction crew was out at 5:15am pouring a driveway. Seems a little too early for that.

2019-08-25: Author Site Six years without one. Finally started to build. Can’t wait to publish!

2019-08-25: Besides its users, having no edit button is probably the worst thing about Twitter.

2019-08-25: Productive afternoon. Finally taking the time to build out my author website. All of the effort that I’ve put into previous web design is really coming through.

2019-08-25: It would be nice if Apple had author pages like Amazon.

2019-08-25: If it could go wrong, it has gone wrong.

2019-08-25: A little CSS to start my Sunday morning.

2019-08-24: Errands All Morning Strap in your seats, kids!
Errands all over town. Whew! It wasn’t that bad.

2019-08-24: Currently reading: Blowback by Brad Thor 📚

2019-08-24: It should not be allowed to rain the day after you wash your car.

2019-08-24: It’s great that my phone labels some callers as Spam Risk or Telemarketer, but why would iOS still let it ring? Who sees those labels and answers?

2019-08-24: Finished reading: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis 📚

2019-08-24: I love two clean cars sitting in a freshly swept garage.

2019-08-24: Book Review: Things Fall Apart 📚 I first read this book as a summer reading assignment in high school before starting my sophomore year. It was again assigned as I began my senior year. The enduring message of the book has always stuck with me. In Part One, the reader is introduced to a proud man in a …

2019-08-23: Up Too Early Body clock mistake, Woke up half hour too soon. Well, I guess I’m up.

2019-08-23: Like their customer support, Tapbots’ release notes leaves so much to be desired.

2019-08-23: Finished reading: Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe 📚

2019-08-23: I needed to pick up a new garden flag to mark this Back to School season.

2019-08-23: Episode 104: Field Trip Benedict talks about his first field trip of the school year.

2019-08-22: Futile Resistance Why did I avoid?
This book is very good work. How long til release?

2019-08-22: Horrified Trump Learns What Happened To Last Guy Who Called Himself King Of The Jews - The Babylon Bee “Complete and total disaster,” he muttered to himself as he read about Jesus’s crucifixion for claiming to be God and the rightful ruler of the Jews.

2019-08-22: News Corp Readies News App to Address Publishers’ Concerns About Google and Facebook - WSJ The service, currently called Great idea, atrocious name. I will never go to a website called Knewz. The service will aim to promote original news reports rather than those …

2019-08-22: Oh, wow. Taylor Swift is still around?

2019-08-22: My ISP is offering new customers 2x my internet speed for $25 less per month, permanently. This is everything that’s wrong with most Americans only having one ISP option.

2019-08-21: Editing on iPad Text selection: hard. Multi-sentence selection: Hard. Stick to the Mac.

2019-08-21: Writing on the iPad is a much easier task than editing on the iPad. iPad OS may change this reality, but I’m dubious.

2019-08-21: How to clean your Apple Card - Apple Support Place your card in a slot in your wallet or billfold without touching another credit card. Doesn’t play well with others. I guess we now need a range of 3rd party cases for Apple Card.

2019-08-21: I’m deleting YouVersion from my phone. I hate how every devotional for dads or men takes on the same tired caricature of the modern man.

2019-08-21: Ludovico Einaudi creates the most beautiful and inspiring music. Another great find thanks to Apple Music. 🎧

2019-08-21: Episode 103: Benedict Learns I catch up with Benedict during his third day of Kindergarten. He shares so of the things he’s learning and we play a reading game.

2019-08-20: Year of Haiku From a humble start, A year of life though haiku. Pause, begin again.

2019-08-20: It’s my Haiku-iversary! On this day last year, I composed two haiku about cleaning my house and I haven’t stopped yet! 🎉

2019-08-20: It’s such a relief when a technical hurdle that slowed me down for days is resolved. Finished up a big project that clears the way for me to get back to editing.

2019-08-20: $5/month for Apple Arcade is a decent price point. Much better than I was expecting.

2019-08-20: NetNewsWire 5 for Mac Help: What is RSS? What are feeds? The good part is the part in the middle — that’s the part with the news. The best article description of what RSS is. Will be sharing this article widely when talking to people.

2019-08-19: First Day of School Today was the day, Son has fantastic teacher! The guy’s a real gem.

2019-08-19: New Evidence Suggests the Real Reason St. Peter Denied Jesus Was Because Christ Healed His Mother-in-Law - Eye of the Tiber That’s nice–I am getting out of here. Always good for a laugh.

2019-08-19: The boy is up, let the adventure begin! ✏️

2019-08-18: End of Summer Freedom is fading, School starts in the morning. Well, Those five years went fast.

2019-08-18: Hong Kong is giving the World a master class in how to stand up totalitarianism. 🇭🇰

2019-08-18: Apple Music has a playlist called Classical A.M.. Yes, please! 🎧

2019-08-18: Episode 102: Twas the Night Before School Tomorrow is the big day! I sat down with Benedict to capture his thoughts before he begins his education in the morning.

2019-08-17: Lawn Crew Sun Mowed the lawn a church. August is not a fun month, But we got it done.

2019-08-17: I like to support small software developers. It is, however, painful when you need technical support to keep working on a project, and wait you must!

2019-08-16: Editing Hell Do not like edits, Finished the race, now go run! Publishing is nice.

2019-08-16: Woohoo! First chapter of the book is ready to be copy edited. Nice to hit this milestone. Five more chapters to go… 📖

2019-08-16: Trump Administration Prepares Sale of F-16s to Taiwan - WSJ sends a strong message about the U.S. commitment to security and democracy in the Indo-Pacific. Good move, great timing, and an awesome jet!

2019-08-16: I’m working at our dining room table on a laptop. I just pulled my daughter into my lap, and she’s now pretending to type on the table with her tiny fingers.

2019-08-16: Baby toad. Spotted outside of my garage.

2019-08-16: Episode 101: Breakfast Songs It’s a slow start to our day. I pulled out the microphone at the breakfast table and the kids decided they wanted to sing for you.

2019-08-16: Journalists of America, please continue your in-depth reporting on back bench freshmen Members of Congress and their travel plans. Daily, if not hourly, updates are urgently needed by your readers.

2019-08-16: Cathay Pacific CEO Resigns After China Backlash Over Hong Kong Protests - WSJ there would be disciplinary consequences for employees who support or participate in illegal protests. These consequences may include termination of employment. Hogg resigned, but for the wrong …

2019-08-16: School starts Monday. ✏️

2019-08-15: No Dinner Options Chicken is spoiled, Grill is out of gas. Well, shoot. Need to go shopping.

2019-08-15: ECB Takes Hacked Website Offline - WSJ contact information of 481 subscribers of the site’s newsletter may have been obtained What an embarrassing admission.

2019-08-15: Israel Blocks Visit by Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib - WSJ President Trump, who said allowing them entry “would show great weakness.” This is a mistake. A missed opportunity for opening new lines of dialogue.

2019-08-15: For the current disaster that is the Rap/Country mash-ups, I assign full blame and responsibility to Florida Georgia Line. If you want to hear a good combination of Rap and Country, listen to Cowboy Troy. Get you some of that! 🤠🎧

2019-08-15: I’ve been informed by the staff at our local planetarium that we no longer need to display our membership cards for admittance. We’ve been so frequently that they just recognize us. 🌔

2019-08-15: The Onion continues to cover the Hong Kong protests with great journalism.

2019-08-14: Web Design Wednesday Web projects due soon, Need to finish before school. Lots of work, and fun!

2019-08-14: Higher Love by Kygo & Whitney Houston 🎧

2019-08-14: What’s up PHP 7.2?

2019-08-14: Implementing rich SEO meta data is incredibly time consuming.

2019-08-14: What a welcome sight in mid-August.

2019-08-14: Hello, rainy morning! 🌧

2019-08-13: Overwhelm Tons of projects now, Need to sort and organize. Space and time needed.

2019-08-13: Facebook Paid Contractors to Transcribe Messenger Voice Chats - MacRumors Facebook says that while it had indeed been transcribing audio, it no longer plans to do so. “We paused human review of audio more than a week ago” Wow! That long ago?!

2019-08-13: Spending time implementing Dark Mode support on my websites feels like a very good use of time.

2019-08-12: Botox Again Botox injections, Drain me for the rest of day. Will clean tomorrow.

2019-08-12: I used to think that background noise was helpful while meditating. As a dad of three kids, I now realize my preferred background noise while meditating is silence.

2019-08-12: The Apple W1 chip makes a huge difference for multi-device headphone usage.

2019-08-12: Way to go, Hong Kong! 🇭🇰

2019-08-11: Afternoon Nap I needed a nap. 
I slept well, day wasted though. It is what it is.

2019-08-11: A robot my son and I made this morning.

2019-08-11: It’s a delight to wake a little kid up in the morning. ☀️

2019-08-10: Errands Errands run today, Inefficient pattern. Oops. Need better planning.

2019-08-10: I wish my iPhone could adequately take a picture of the moon during the day.

2019-08-09: Beats On Correctly Too tight to have on, Frustrated. Wait a minute! Turned around. Perfect!

2019-08-09: I So Hate Consequences (Live at Capital Studios). 🎵 An absolute treasure to have this song recorded acoustically.

2019-08-09: Band of Brothers 🍿

2019-08-09: Revamped Apple Maps Now Available in Texas, Louisiana, and Southern Mississippi - MacRumors Thanks, Trevor K. and Chet C.! You’re welcome!

2019-08-09: 10-day email unsubscribe wait periods are garbage.

2019-08-08: Clean Up Day All day spent cleaning, A fair amount of play, too. Back in control, now.

2019-08-08: Book Review: Keep Going 📚 Austin Kleon is an artist who has a real talent for writing. His books are small, short, quick reads. But every single paragraph sparks something in me and leads me to three or four new ideas. Half of the book is text while the other half is full of his art. I’m as inspired …

2019-08-08: There’s never a space under paintings in a gallery where someone writes their opinion. -Natalie Dee

2019-08-08: Episode 100: Confetti I talk to three very tired children about the ChetCast journey thus far. 🎉

2019-08-08: Currently reading: The Mutiny On Board HMS Bounty by William Bligh 📚

2019-08-08: I didn’t know that you can mute feeds in Feedbin. What a nice feature.

2019-08-07: Never Give Up Even in the dark, Hope springs eternal. Darkness is consumed by Light.

2019-08-07: Finished reading: Keep Going: 10 Ways to Stay Creative in Good Times and Bad by Austin Kleon 📚

2019-08-07: Thanks, Austin Kleon.

2019-08-07: I tried to build a meditation habit, but it didn’t really click until I connected meditation to my spiritual life. I think Hallow App is doing a great job.

2019-08-07: I need a day at home, with no errands to run, to get our life back in order.

2019-08-06: Rush Hour Error Had to make some stops, I’m never out then. The cars! Will not soon repeat.

2019-08-06: Building.

2019-08-06: Everyone’s excited about the rollout of Apple Card and I’m like, who signs up to borrow money at 13%?

2019-08-06: There are a couple of really great patient assistance programs from major pharmaceuticals out there. If you take speciality medications, it’s worth your time to see if there’s one out there for you.

2019-08-06: Just now coming to “hand me down” clothes territory. This is very nice.

2019-08-05: So Much Undone Lost all of my steam. Laundry, dishes await me. Tomorrow is jammed.

2019-08-05: John Hickenlooper Drops Out Of 2020 Presidential Race One Assumes An informed populace is crucial to democracy, so feel free to investigate yourself, but do not attempt to contact this newspaper or its employees, as we do not care.

2019-08-05: The Evil Emperor Zurg has arrived. I guess I always figured he would have his own transportation and not have to hitch a ride in a box with UPS.

2019-08-05: I always feel a sense of sadness when I have to put a case on my Apple device.

2019-08-05: Episode 99: Zurg Benedict has a new action figure arriving today and I talk to him about his new jobs. Felicity is an elephant and I have no idea what she has to say.

2019-08-05: I reassigned household jobs for the kids. My oldest was assigned to empty the bathroom trash cans. He was very pleased with his new job because he felt like a garbage truck.

2019-08-05: Olafur Arnalds on my HomePod is one of the most effective treatments for my migraines.

2019-08-04: Sprinklers Need Adjusted Partial lawn mowing. Some areas lush, some dry. Sprinkler adjustments.

2019-08-04: I love the way the afternoon sun hit this cloud.

2019-08-04: If a blog doesn’t have an RSS feed, is it really a blog?

2019-08-03: Sleeping In Problem I like to sleep in, Then I feel behind all day. Best to keep to plan.

2019-08-03: Notifications on macOS are such a mess.

2019-08-03: Currently reading: Keep Going: 10 Ways to Stay Creative in Good Times and Bad by Austin Kleon 📚

2019-08-03: First day of swimming lessons. The boy is excited. 🏊🏻‍♂️

2019-08-03: Facebook Shows Who’s Boss by Adding Its Name to Instagram, WhatsApp - WSJ A recurring conclusion of Facebook’s marketing research was that Instagram and WhatsApp were harmed by their association with Facebook’s brand I wonder why? lol

2019-08-02: Jack Ryan Did not like at first, The show, that is. It’s not bad. All thanks to Brad Thor.

2019-08-02: Book Review: State of the Union 📚 I was feeling weighed down by the content in my bioethics book, so I decided to hit pause and get back into the habit of reading. I picked up Book #3 in Brad Thor’s Scot Harvath series. I’m torn about this book. I felt it was very good, well written, but there seemed to be more …

2019-08-02: Apple Suspends Program That Lets Employees Listen to Siri Recordings for Quality Control, Opt Out Option Coming - MacRumors I’ll be opting out on day one. I’d rather have an imperfect assistant than one who passes my recordings along to strangers without my knowledge.

2019-08-01: Hobby Lobby Review A successful store. Really bad tech, few cashiers. Returns are the worst.

2019-08-01: My 24 hour review of my new Beats Solo 3: QA only tested these on people with small heads or they totally missed the boat on comfort. Great sound, viselike grip.

2019-08-01: FTC Says ‘Overwhelming’ Number of Equifax Claims Means Consumers Likely Won’t Get $125 - WSJ you will be disappointed with the amount you receive and you won’t get the free credit monitoring Garbage. I don’t want monitoring from the bozos who let a hack go on for months.

2019-08-01: Finished reading: State of the Union by Brad Thor 📚

2019-08-01: Stacks 4 for RapidWeaver is out. Indispensable tool for what is already great software.

2019-08-01: It’s nice to have a laser printer.

2019-08-01: Episode 100 of ChetCast & the completion of a year of haiku. This is a big month for my account!

2019-08-01: Episode 98: Elephant Parade I was just cleaning the kitchen when I noticed something strange.

2019-08-01: The lamp of the body is the eye. If your eye is sound, your whole body will be filled with light; but if your eye is bad, your whole body will be in darkness. And if the light in you is darkness, how great will the darkness be. Matthew 6:22-23

2019-07-31: Balanced Tires Subtle vibration, Need to balance the tires. Now it’s smooth as glass.

2019-07-31: Fitbit Shares Tumble After Company Lowers 2019 Revenue Outlook - WSJ Smartwatch revenue declined 27% in the second quarter as the average selling price of devices dropped 19%. I stopped using mine because of no Apple Health integration. I wonder how many others are like me.

2019-07-31: My 5 year old and 3 year old are currently in my bedroom, pretending that it’s our local planetarium. All their idea. 🌔

2019-07-31: I wouldn’t go out and buy a pair of Beats headphones. But these were free of charge, so sure, I’ll try them.

2019-07-31: Delivery services always come later in the day when they’re delivering a package I really want to receive.

2019-07-30: New Schedule Coming Time to hash this out, New routine for the school year. Goodbye, carefree days!

2019-07-30: It takes FedEx Smart Post 8 days to move a package along a route that takes 12 hours to drive. And that’s about all that you need to know about FedEx Smart Post. 🐢

2019-07-30: Cuban burgers for dinner. Yum.

2019-07-30: I need to take a few hours, sit down, and figure out my priorities. Too many projects with too little clarity.

2019-07-30: Episode 97: Special Adventures We forgot to podcast with Gramma and Grampi! I catch up with the kids about all of the fun adventures they had with their grandparents last week.

2019-07-30: On Safari My parents were in town this past weekend, and we decided to load up and go to the drive-thru safari. It’s a huge preserve with driving trails snaking through the pastures. The animals travel in groups and are largely permitted to wander at will. It was a hot day, so many were …

2019-07-29: Sad Kids The guests have now left, And the children are sad. No, Nothing can soothe them.

2019-07-29: App organization is a delicate art.

2019-07-29: Remixes Propel Lil Nas X’s ‘Old Town Road’ to Billboard Chart Record - WSJ Country-rap hit “Old Town Road” became the longest-running No. 1 song in Billboard chart history on Monday. The end is near.

2019-07-29: Siri on HomePod can’t give basic flight information. What’s up with that? 🛫

2019-07-29: Equifax Says Cultural Changes Since Breach Make It a Security Leader - WSJ Equifax Inc. wants to teach other companies how to secure data. Step #1: Don’t let massive breaches go unnoticed for months, lol.

2019-07-29: I heard on the WSJ Instant Message podcast that the iPhone is the most personal computer ever created. As a result, it’s a reflection of its owner. I’m going to make some more changes so it reflects the person that I want to be. 📱

2019-07-28: Drive-Thru Safari Let’s load up the van, Drive thru safari. Hello! Fun time had by all.

2019-07-28: Bank deposit rates are embarrassing bordering on offensive. 🏦

2019-07-28: What a lovely bow tie display.

2019-07-28: It’s nice that all of the Avery templates can be downloaded in Apple Pages format.

2019-07-27: Back to School Shopping The cart is laden, All the supplies that we’ll need. That was really fun!

2019-07-27: When product websites feature the logos of publications that have talked about them, I always click the logo hoping it’ll link to the review article. It seldom does.

2019-07-27: The ecobee is far more complicated than the Nest. I don’t like the forced use of a schedule and the crazy way you program the sensors. More work is required than should be necessary, especially for a mature product.

2019-07-27: I’m deploying some changes to my network via OpenDNS to block many of the Big Tech tracking domains/IP Addresses. Thanks to Lockdown for pulling the list together.

2019-07-27: Time for some Back to School shopping. ✏️

2019-07-27: Six months of shopping left until Christmas. Don’t worry! Hobby Lobby has you covered for all of your Christmas in July needs.

2019-07-26: McDonald’s Breakfast McDonald’s breakfast, A special treat with Grampi. Kids sure eat a ton!

2019-07-26: At a department store. It’s midday on a weekday, but employees are outnumbering shoppers at least 3:1.

2019-07-26: Salmon omelet with harvarti cheese on the menu for breakfast.

2019-07-26: The US Postal Service doesn’t have the most granular tracking, but they’re getting very efficient. Recent packages have been arriving a day early.

2019-07-25: Currently reading: State of the Union by Brad Thor 📚

2019-07-25: Play at the Park Just an open field, A great park to throw a ball. The shade was a treat!

2019-07-25: Many of my neighbors have lawn irrigation systems that water the street and not their lawns. Incredibly wasteful and such a solveable problem.

2019-07-24: Ready for Guests Three days full of work, House is in complete order. I love this feeling.

2019-07-24: My parents are on their way right now for a visit and my son is so excited. I’ve never seen him more focused and engaged at karate. 🥋

2019-07-24: It’s hard without a before shot, but there’s room for both cars, full access to all cabinets, and nothing to trip over.

2019-07-24: I love the Summer sun. ☀️

2019-07-24: I need a self-cleaning microwave.

2019-07-24: How satisfying is this?

2019-07-23: Garage Order Restored Everything off floor, Mounted and hung on wall racks. A nice difference.

2019-07-23: I’m feeling pretty smug.

2019-07-23: I really should get into the habit of taking before & after pictures for major projects.

2019-07-23: Episode 96: Moon Day and Football I catch up with Benedict about our Moon Day festivities and chat with the kids about our playtime outside yesterday.

2019-07-23: Pixelmator Pro is a fantastic app. I’m a bit perplexed that they don’t have type on a curve yet.

2019-07-23: Poll: 97% Of Americans Support Taking People Who Violate Express Lane Limits And Launching Them Into The Sun - The Babylon Bee people who try to sneak into the fast lane should meet the sun at a high rate of speed.

2019-07-23: 3M is an incredible company.

2019-07-22: Garage Organization Bike rack, tool rack, Bring some order to garage. Two hours, big change.

2019-07-22: Working in the garage into the late evening is a lot of fun.

2019-07-22: Customizing Your Hosted Podcast Title and Artwork offers a podcasting plan to add on to your blog subscription. This is a great feature that I’ve been using for over a year. I record a weekly podcast featuring my three children called ChetCast. I love how my short posts, pictures, long posts, and podcasts all flow …

2019-07-22: Just getting a letter from the IRS causes my heart rate to spike. Even if it’s good news, I still don’t like the experience.

2019-07-22: Glad to see that they’re still making these.

2019-07-21: School Prep One month to go, yikes! Afternoon getting ready, Productive Sunday.

2019-07-21: I guess I’m building shelves this afternoon.

2019-07-21: Email aliases on your own domain are amazing.

2019-07-21: Just a month until my son starts school. So much to get done! 🎓

2019-07-20: Moon Landing Capture my son’s mind, He really likes Neil. A friend. Growing scientist?

2019-07-20: “Daddy, Neil Armstrong has never been to the moon before. Do you think he’s afraid?” - My 5 year old after watching the Apollo 11 launch scene.

2019-07-20: Apollo 11 🍿

2019-07-20: Happy Moon Day! 🌖 🇺🇸

2019-07-19: Push Mower Mowed the lawn at church. Had to use a push mower. What a punishment!

2019-07-19: Just placed my first Field Notes order.

2019-07-19: My kids are loving the fruits of summer. 🍓🍉🍑

2019-07-19: When It Comes to Taxes, Sometimes It Pays to Say ‘I Don’t’ - WSJ But they aren’t married and say one reason is taxes. Dumb.

2019-07-18: Overdue Car Wash Three weeks with no wash, Plenty of dust, dirt, and bugs. Repeat every week.

2019-07-18: Mussels at home is about $2.50 per plate. Economical eating right there.

2019-07-18: Book Review: The Magician’s Nephew 📚🚸 I believe that I read The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe in 8th grade, but I’ve never read the full Chronicles of Narnia. I thought it would be a good series to go through with them, and this book was a delight. Well crafted, easy to follow, and distinctly beautiful. Imagining …

2019-07-17: Outside Toys New toys to play with, Running all over the yard. Need new storage things.

2019-07-17: Currently reading: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis 📚

2019-07-17: I’ve settled on using OpenDNS for network content filtering with iOS parental controls for redundancy. Hard work to keep the Internet safe for the kids.

2019-07-17: My new default activity when I’m waiting (car mechanic, kids activities, etc) is reading. Much more enjoyable than mindlessly surfing on my phone.

2019-07-17: El Chapo Sentenced to Life in U.S. Prison - WSJ Mr. Guzmán spoke at length to the judge for the first time since his extradition in 2017. He expressed no remorse for his crimes and instead spent most of his statement comparing his conditions of confinement to torture… …

2019-07-17: Episode 95: Play Ball! The kids and I go outside to play with some new toys.

2019-07-17: 5 Ways to Get Around Parental Controls on the Internet - wikiHow Though your first choice should always be to talk to your parents about having the controls lifted, there are a few ways to bypass parental controls Wow.

2019-07-16: Prime Day It’s Prime Day. Oh yeah? Not really, though. It’s two days. I don’t really care.

2019-07-16: Finished reading: The Magician’s Nephew by C.S. Lewis 📚

2019-07-16: The Treasury Department issues beautiful checks. Excellent design work.

2019-07-16: Apparently using Unsplash isn’t as bulletproof as I once thought.

2019-07-15: Covered Playground Went to a new park, Had a sun shade all over. Install everywhere!

2019-07-15: I need to figure out the best macOS program to teach my kids how to type.

2019-07-15: I had all three of my kids up, dressed, fed, and across town in time for an 8:00 am appointment this morning. I’m giving myself this award: 🏅

2019-07-14: Change of Plans? A deadline looms near, Should we just throw it all out? Let’s decide this week.

2019-07-14: Dave 🍿 Date night.

2019-07-14: Let the editing commence.

2019-07-14: Book Review: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer 📚 This was our first book reading aloud with the children. They did great, but at the end, they were ready to be done. I received reports that my reading hurt their ears. I used the Great Illustrated Classics abridged edition of the book, which was a great choice for them. It had a …

2019-07-14: Episode 94: Art Museum I travel to a local art museum and speak with the curator/artist about their collection.

2019-07-14: I love the On This Day feature in Day One. This morning, I began writing an expanded second edition of my first book, The Transition. When I finished writing, I opened Day One and saw that on this day six years ago I started work on the first draft!

2019-07-13: First Draft Done Longest book to day, First draft in five years. Big win! Can’t wait to share it!

2019-07-13: Civilization V > Civilization VI

2019-07-13: Perfect morning weather for my celebratory walk.

2019-07-13: I just finished the draft of my first new book in five years. 40,000 words, all written in Ulysses, almost completely written on my iPad. This is my longest book to date, and it feel so gratifying to reach this milestone.

2019-07-12: First Read Aloud Finished our first book. I think it went well. Some sighs. Will happen again.

2019-07-12: It would be nice if the iPad FaceTime app only showed a history of FaceTime calls like the iPhone one does. I don’t need my full call history when I’m trying to make a FaceTime video call.

2019-07-12: Finished reading: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain 📚

2019-07-12: Finishing up small tweaks and testing on dark mode support for my websites. Planning to roll those updates out next week.

2019-07-12: I’ve updated my Books page to include a listing of books that I’m currently reading. I also made a notation of books that I’ve read aloud with my children. Can’t wait to see my list grow with those titles!

2019-07-12: Busy weekend ahead, but ahead on my task list. That may be because my daughter was playing with my watch and checking off items in

2019-07-12: Brilliant sunshine pours into the kitchen as the aroma of coffee fills the air.

2019-07-12: Marie Kondo was right. It’s nice to have pajamas that were bought for that purpose. So much more relaxing that simply being old shirts that are no longer acceptable to wear in public.

2019-07-11: Web Dark Mode Just some CSS, Given by community. Viola! Dark mode, on!

2019-07-11: The Shawn Blanc writing playlist.

2019-07-11: So close to done, and so ready for it to be over.

2019-07-11: Mailchimp’s free tier is significantly less valuable after their recent feature reorganization.

2019-07-11: Episode 93: Benedict’s Feast Day Everyone’s in a good mood, in spite of some troubling events happening at home. Plus, we celebrate a special day for Benedict!

2019-07-11: Now I’m hooked! Setting all of my sites up in Dark Mode!

2019-07-11: Dark Mode in Kiko Theme Special thanks to Andy over at The Dent! After about 20 minutes of work, my site is ready for Dark Mode using the Kiko Theme on @media (prefers-color-scheme: dark) { body { color: #fafafa; background-color: #1a1a1a; } .masthead-title a { color: #ffffff; } …

2019-07-10: The Van Returns Home, out of the shop. A bit more work, done next week. All will be well, soon!

2019-07-10: Cotton Bureau makes nice things.

2019-07-10: Controlling My Presence The IndieWeb Summit was held at the end of June in Portland. I didn’t attend, but through my involvement with, I’m familiar with the ideas and tools of the IndieWeb. The Internet has a tremendous capacity for open communication, and it’s available to anyone who wants …

2019-07-09: Jury Duty Serendipity Jury Duty ends, After 30 minutes. Hello, Wife! Come on home, please!

2019-07-09: It makes ZERO sense to give the second factor to the device trying to access the account. No way this is expected behavior.

2019-07-08: Car Repair Fumble 7AM slot, Wasn’t touched until 5. Oops. Poor experience.

2019-07-08: Currently reading: Catholic Bioethics for a New Millennium by Anthony Fisher, OP 📚

2019-07-08: A quick afternoon redesign on two of my pages. Nice to knock out a quick project with a big visual payoff.

2019-07-08: Book Review: Last Days of the Concorde 📚 It was good to pick up this book in light of the recent 737 MAX incidents. Through the lens of the tragic loss of Air France 4590, readers are treated to an inside look at the world of aviation accident investigations. Starting on that fateful summer day in 2000, and tracing the …

2019-07-08: For its 130th anniversary, The Wall Street Journal published a digital edition of their paper that features some of the biggest stories that they’ve covered. Really cool journalism and digital media.

2019-07-08: Seeing the 737 MAX with its wings clipped is sad. I do, however, love the group shots with all of the different liveries. There’s some real art flying in the sky.

2019-07-08: Finished reading: Last Days of the Concorde: The Crash of Flight 4590 and the End of Supersonic Passenger Travel by Samme Chittum 📚

2019-07-08: I don’t think that all of this criticism of Cook should get under his skin. He has strengths. Those strengths help him manage a global corporation. Product & design are not among them. That’s okay. Build the team to deliver and let them run.

2019-07-08: Episode 92: Woody and Misty My children have been transported to the Wild West.

2019-07-08: Reaching page 100 in a book is always a satisfying milestone.

2019-07-08: Good morning, World.

2019-07-07: Flight Simulator Final flight of day, Preparing to land with son. Joystick disconnects.

2019-07-07: It’s okay to cancel a few items in Things.

2019-07-07: Music Albums Over the last decade, Apple has packaged music services in different ways. From listening to their explaining in the marketing to watching the Keynote presentations, I’ve never really understood them. iTunes Match, Music in the Cloud, even Apple Music: these are all complicated …

2019-07-06: Sixteen Bags A day in the sun. Sixteen bags of mulch put down. Good curbside appeal.

2019-07-06: Murder Mystery 🍿 Netflix date night.

2019-07-06: Fire this designer.

2019-07-06: Big outdoor yard work day. All kids loved the hours in the sun!

2019-07-06: It would be nice if there was an AppShopper for Apple Books.

2019-07-05: Many Ideas, Little Time Project list grows long. Check one off, three more show up. That’s the way things go.

2019-07-05: The more that I read, the more that I wish to write.

2019-07-04: Errands, All Day Not the plan to start, In the car all over town. Lots of time with kids!

2019-07-04: Episode 91: Happy Birthday, America Benedict sits down to fill you in on his adventure last night watching fireworks.

2019-07-04: Happy Birthday, America! 🇺🇸

2019-07-03: Fireworks Can’t say I’m a fan, Wife and son went together. Had fun. Excellent!

2019-07-03: Currently reading: Last Days of the Concorde: The Crash of Flight 4590 and the End of Supersonic Passenger Travel by Samme Chittum 📚

2019-07-03: It bothers me that parents take pictures and record video during activities and events. I don’t think that they consider the larger issues and I’m not sure of the right way to handle this. I’m always intentional to not capture another kid’s face.

2019-07-03: Terminology by Agile Tortise is one of the most useful apps I’ve ever downloaded

2019-07-03: Currently reading: The Magician’s Nephew by C.S. Lewis 📚

2019-07-03: Book Review: Hero 📚 This is the third book that I’ve read by Meg Meeker this year. I guess my parenting game is getting pretty strong. While her book on raising boys let me down, Hero delivered. Meeker shares her best advice and insights with fathers who are looking for their place in their …

2019-07-03: I detest fake windows.

2019-07-02: iCloud Drive Problems New features to use, Sync services seem to break. Local storage, then.

2019-07-02: Finished reading: Hero: Being the Strong Father Your Children Need by Meg Meeker, MD 📚

2019-07-02: Episode 90: The Chief We’ve had a busy day disrupting the plot of escaping HQ agents. I caught up with the kids before dinner to go over the day’s events.

2019-07-02: I’m so glad that RapidWeaver continues to maintain support for RSS feeds.

2019-07-02: Currently reading: Hero: Being the Strong Father Your Children Need by Meg Meeker, MD 📚

2019-07-02: Deleting SMS messages on Apple Watch is a pain.

2019-07-02: My iMac is four years old, but you’d never know it. A great machine. Bit of a disappointment that sidecar won’t run on it, but glad to have that technology for use with our MacBook Air.

2019-07-02: Book Review: The Read-Aloud Family 📚 One of the many benefits that comes with adding a brief review of each book that I finish is that, while I read, I start to formulate my conclusions. I consider how the book impacts me and engage more with the content. I picked up The Read-Aloud Family on Apple Books during one …

2019-07-01: Working Together Everybody helps, A rule for our home this year. Today, they did! Thanks!

2019-07-01: Nike Nixes ‘Betsy Ross Flag’ Sneaker After Colin Kaepernick Intervenes - WSJ Nike Inc. is yanking a U.S.A.-themed sneaker featuring an early American flag after NFL star-turned-activist Colin Kaepernick told the company it shouldn’t sell a shoe with a symbol that he and others …

2019-07-01: Finished reading: The Read-Aloud Family: Making Meaningful and Lasting Connections with Your Kids by Sarah Mackenzie 📚

2019-07-01: Apple CEO Tim Cook Calls Recent WSJ Report About Jony Ive ‘Absurd’ - MacRumors The story is absurd. Now I believe the reporting even more.

2019-07-01: Vatican Hits Back at Attempts to Break Confession Secrecy - WSJ saying the seal of confidentiality is inviolable and quashing suggestions there might be scope for compromise or exemptions. 100% yes. Rocca does a great job unpacking the issue.

2019-07-01: Episode 89: Stitch Comes to Town Cleaning day is in full swing, and a Disney character stops by to play.

2019-07-01: Jony Ive Is Leaving Apple, but His Departure Started Long Ago - WSJ But people in the design studio rarely saw Mr. Cook, who they say showed little interest in the product development process—a fact that dispirited Mr. Ive. Great reporting by Tripp. Things make more sense now.

2019-06-30: IndieWeb Summit Didn’t go, but hacked! Updated six years of blogs. Good use of weekend!

2019-06-30: It took hours, but I’ve completed my hack weekend. I’m really excited to roll out this project later this week that I’ve been working on since August.

2019-06-29: Outside Bliss Went on an errand, Met family at the park. We played: smiles, fun!

2019-06-29: Making good progress on my weekend hack. Still several more hours to go before I’m ready to roll out the updates. 335/726 blog posts will be sporting their new featured images in the coming days.

2019-06-29: Episode 88: Zachbot Army A nice Saturday morning takes a turn for the worse.

2019-06-29: I’m not attending the Indie Web Summit this weekend, but I am participating remotely! I have on my Indie Web Camp shirt and will be hacking away on my oldest blog, updating all of my posts form 2013-14 with new photos.

2019-06-28: Day Disrupted Morning: son wakes up. Oh, my. Time to call doctor. Whew! Not a big deal.

2019-06-28: It’s annoying that seeing full reviews in Apple Maps requires you to have the Yelp app. I refuse to give in.

2019-06-28: Pharmacists love staples.

2019-06-28: The point of having primary care is so that they can help you avoid unnecessary Urgent Care/ER visits. Not very useful when you need to be seen, and instead of talking to a scheduler, you’re asked to leave a… voicemail. I’m sure I’ll be hearing from them very soon.

2019-06-28: A key to a healthy reading habit is to be curious enough to read a variety of subjects and genres, but discerning enough to put down books that aren’t enjoyable.

2019-06-28: Book Review: Path of the Assassin 📚 My enjoyment of Brad Thor’s Scot Harvath series continues. I picked up this book and finished it a day later. To call the books in this series “thrillers” is an understatement. I particularly enjoy how Thor rips current events from the headlines and weaves his story into them. …

2019-06-27: Just A Slab Day started with slab, Now there’s a framed house next door. Impressive craftsmen!

2019-06-27: Architects of the world: a residential structure requires more than one window per side of the house. 🏡

2019-06-27: Mission Impossible: Fallout 🍿 No matter how many times I watch it, it’s still a great experience.

2019-06-27: I love that my daughter’s default facial expression is to smile.

2019-06-26: Afternoon with Mom Mom came home early, Off to park, errands, the Chick. Daddy took a nap.

2019-06-26: Currently reading: The Read-Aloud Family: Making Meaningful and Lasting Connections with Your Kids by Sarah Mackenzie 📚

2019-06-26: Book Review: Lions of Lucerne 📚 After finishing Spymaster, I had a plan to go back to my nonfiction backlog. But I couldn’t stop reading. So I went back to the first book in the series, The Lions of Lucerne. The book was fine, if not a bit overdone. Thor’s novice status in this, his first book, was evident. He …

2019-06-26: Finished reading: Path of the Assassin by Brad Thor 📚

2019-06-25: Reading Too Fast Finished my new book, In one day. Engaging, fun! Now, time to slow down.

2019-06-25: Book Review: Spymaster 📚 Most of the books that I read are nonfiction. I like to spend my reading time exploring new thoughts and interacting with new ideas. That being said, many nonfiction books can be quite boring. Reading them one after another can take a toll. I remember in middle school how my mom …

2019-06-25: Episode 87: Three Special Guests Benedict welcomes three of his friends to the podcast. Things take a dark turn.

2019-06-25: Currently reading: Path of the Assassin by Brad Thor 📚

2019-06-24: So Tired Middle of the day, Hard to keep eyes open. Great, Hours until bed.

2019-06-24: Finished reading: The Lions of Lucerne by Brad Thor 📚

2019-06-24: Andrew McMahon is a remarkable storyteller. 🎵

2019-06-23: Website Security Policy SSL is great, When it works. When broken, ugh. Much time lost today.

2019-06-23: Currently reading: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain 📚

2019-06-23: When mailing a letter, I always choose a stamp based on the recipient.

2019-06-23: Book Review: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up 📚 I was first introduced to Marie Kondo on The RapidWeaver Show. Ben, one of the Realmac bros, brought up the book on the topic of minimalism. I’ve come around to Ben’s way of seeing things and finally got into this book. It lived up to the hype and gave me a different perspective. …

2019-06-22: Book Shopping Went to a bookstore, It was full of people. Great! Best way to book shop.

2019-06-22: Currently reading: The Lions of Lucerne by Brad Thor 📚

2019-06-22: Episode 86: Pigeon Puppet Benedict built a puppet while Felicity & I ran an errand. The kids tell you all about it.

2019-06-22: I spent part of my Saturday morning at a local bookstore with my daughter. We walked through the stacks, I picked a book off of the shelf, and bought it with cash. The ultimate reading experience. 📚

2019-06-22: Finished reading: Spymaster by Brad Thor 📚

2019-06-22: This magnet board sparks joy.

2019-06-21: Friday Night Chores Summer Friday nights, Mow lawn, wash cars. Then, relax. Done for the weekend!

2019-06-21: Finished reading: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo 📚

2019-06-21: Welcome back, Summer. ☀️

2019-06-20: Morning Errands Loaded the kids up, Drove all over town. Four stops, Home in time for lunch.

2019-06-20: In the last 30 days, I’ve consumed a total of 190 grams of sugar. A 20oz glass of Coke has 65 grams of sugar in it. Pretty incredible.

2019-06-20: Episode 85: New Car Seat Felicity’s new car seat arrived today, so I caught up with her to get her thoughts on this milestone.

2019-06-20: Book Review: Boys Should Be Boys 📚 A few months ago I read Meg Meeker’s Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters. I found that book incredibly helpful in understanding my daughters better, and how to apply that knowledge to my parenting. I picked up Boys Should Be Boys with the same intention, only for my son. This book …

2019-06-19: A Short Story My son wrote a book, He is creative and proud! Bonus: a good plot.

2019-06-19: Currently reading: Spymaster by Brad Thor 📚

2019-06-19: It took me too long, but I finally registered Much easier to say and, one year in, I think this show is going to be around for a while.

2019-06-19: Google is Gone Seven months ago, I wrote about my intention to delete all of my Google services. Without a doubt, Google creates some incredible and easy-to-use products. However, their corporate positions on human rights, national defense, and privacy outraged me. I pledged to delete all of my …

2019-06-19: Deregulated energy is confusing for newcomers. But once you get the hang of it, it’s awesome. Switching providers this upcoming year saved me 22% on my bill.

2019-06-19: Sometimes life with your credit frozen is a little weird. Changing utilities and couldn’t figure out why they kept asking for maximum deposits. Oh, right.

2019-06-19: In technology, users often have to sacrifice product quality & usability for privacy.

2019-06-19: Currently reading: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo 📚

2019-06-18: Goodbye, Google Nest account is gone, No more Google in my house. Privacy. Freedom!

2019-06-18: Finished reading: Boys Should Be Boys: 7 Secrets to Raising Healthy Sons by Meg Meeker, MD 📚

2019-06-18: Episode 84: Constellations Another day, another trip to the Planetarium. The kids share what we learned about today.

2019-06-18: One More Light by Linkin Park is a remarkable song in its defense of the dignity of the human person. We lost a great artist in Chester. 🎵

2019-06-17: Fast and Furious Go, go, go, go, go! On the move cleaning all day. House looks really nice!

2019-06-17: The people of Hong Kong are an inspiration to us all. 🇭🇰

2019-06-17: With the addition of MarsEdit and PDFPen, Setapp’s value proposition is getting very strong.

2019-06-17: Currently reading: Boys Should Be Boys: 7 Secrets to Raising Healthy Sons by Meg Meeker, MD 📚

2019-06-17: Crazy busy cleaning day. Amazing at how much I can get done when constantly in motion.

2019-06-17: Book Review: Digital Minimalism 📚 This book caught me at the perfect time. Cal Newport’s latest offering is the antidote to the quick glance, mindless scrolling, and trying to fill every down second of our life with something digital. In a way, Newport met me right where I’m at. I’m more skeptical than ever of …

2019-06-16: Father’s Day Kids in a bad mood, Quiet time for all. I read. Good use of my time!

2019-06-16: Finished reading: Digital Minimalism: Choosing a Focused Life in a Noisy World by Cal Newport 📚

2019-06-16: The perfect way to start a Sunday morning.

2019-06-16: I prefer writing to the sound of rain to any music.

2019-06-16: I’m a repeat past-tense offender.

2019-06-15: Site Launch Day Lots of lead up work, Finally got to “publish.” Nice to see it live.

2019-06-15: I’m so grateful to the thousands of talented photographers who donate their art to Unsplash. It makes the Internet a more beautiful place.

2019-06-15: Nice day for a swim.

2019-06-15: It’s a wonderful day to be at the zoo. Warm with a nice breeze. 🦒🦓🐘🦏🐅

2019-06-15: The sky is a magnificent canvas.

2019-06-14: MacOS Dark Mode Turned on for first time, I have been missing out! Whoa! How long till 13?

2019-06-14: Logitech plans to support HomeKit Secure Video with Circle 2 Wired later this year - 9to5Mac Circle 2 Wired Cameras will support HomeKit Secure Video with a free firmware update later this year – stay tuned for more details. Sweet.

2019-06-14: Launching a new website tomorrow. That brings my personal total to four. Launched a client one last week and just got a request for two more. Whew!

2019-06-14: Dark mode: why was I so skeptical?

2019-06-14: Happy Flag Day 🇺🇸

2019-06-14: Episode 83: Dinosaur Invasion While working on a morning project, I was unnerved by a development in the playroom.

2019-06-14: I’m two days into my digital minimalism detox and my thoughts have much to say. Not sure if I should be excited or anxious for my three hours of outdoor chores this evening. (During the detox I’m not going to listen to music or podcasts while working outside, as I usually do).

2019-06-14: Sky at first light.

2019-06-13: Pony Tail Girl has long hair now. I did my first pony tail. I would say, decent.

2019-06-13: The afternoon snack menu for the kids: cucumber slices and lemonade. Tastes like summer! 🥒🍋

2019-06-13: Speculators who park domains in hope of a payday make the Internet so much worse.

2019-06-13: Pixelmator is an excellent application.

2019-06-13: A wet/dry electric razor. I had no idea!

2019-06-12: Digital Clean Slate iOS restore, Both devices. A fresh start. This feels like it should.

2019-06-12: It would be nice if iCloud Drive put all of the application data folders into an “Apps” folder like Dropbox. Makes it look very cluttered.

2019-06-12: PBS CEO warns App Store crackdown on content for kids forcing it to pull apps these changes will prevent PBS from tracking what features are working in its apps, as well as to know what features to change and improve for the end-user. I’m dubious.

2019-06-12: I just finished decimating my installed iPhone/iPad apps. I always forget how much work is involved restoring an iOS device.

2019-06-12: Digital Detox My quest for digital minimalism has been ongoing for a number of years; Cal Newport just gave it a name. I’ve gone through several rounds of app removal, website blocking, and social media curtailing. In fact, it’s been over a year since I left all social media. Yet, as Newport …

2019-06-11: Let’s Go Outside 75, sun. A beautiful day at park. Let’s do it again!

2019-06-11: Getting ready to sit down and outline my digital detox a la Cal Newport.

2019-06-11: Having your own website is so liberating. I can change the design or any feature whenever I want. So much fun.

2019-06-11: Kids at the park: 🌳🏃🏻‍♂️🧗🏻‍♂️🤸🏻‍♂️🌳 Parents at the park: 📱

2019-06-11: In the pantheon of great song titles, Okay, I Believe You, But My Tommy Gun Don’t is certainly up there. 🎵

2019-06-11: Writing is difficult, but I find it easier to accomplish early in the morning, right after my walk, and while the house is still silent.

2019-06-10: Cleaning Crew Play, then work. Sound fair? Good helpers, many hands, clean. Thanks to my small crew!

2019-06-10: Episode 82: Creative Play The kids had a lot of creative play time today… and I’ve got some serious parenting to do.

2019-06-09: Sprinkler Maintenance Lawn watering time. Check sprinklers. Adjustments. I am very wet.

2019-06-09: Time to check the sprinklers.

2019-06-08: Keto Pizza It’s not quite pizza, More like cheesy bread. Oh well. Fat is delicious.

2019-06-08: Civilization V is so great. Hard to understand how they went so wrong on VI.

2019-06-07: Outdoor Chores In the summer heat, Lawn; cars washed on Friday evening. Exhausting!

2019-06-07: One lonely Google device remains in my house. It’s scheduled to be removed next month. I’m so close!

2019-06-06: Big News Six years in making, We got some wonderful news! New adventure starts.

2019-06-06: I hope that Sign in with Apple will let you forward emails to an address other than your Apple ID.

2019-06-06: Episode 81: Space Roller Coaster We went to the planetarium this morning and there was a small surprise after the movie.

2019-06-06: 75 years since the Allied amphibious invasion at Normandy. So many young men who gave their lives for the sake of a peace that they would never enjoy. A testament to the shared values and ideals of our nations. 🇺🇸🇬🇧🇨🇦🇫🇷🇵🇱🇳🇱🇧🇪🇩🇰🇳🇴🇦🇺🇳🇿🇱🇺🇨🇿

2019-06-05: HomeKit Garage Openers Home App: No Response. Ignored, then new batteries. Now they work! Ah, bliss!

2019-06-05: Got my HomeKit garage door openers working again after they were out of service for two months. Should’ve thought to replace the sensor batteries sooner.

2019-06-05: The omelette is the canvas upon which I create my morning art.

2019-06-05: The Apple Support app is excellent.

2019-06-04: Dealer Service Hell Recall appointment. Thirty minutes of work; nope. Took them three hours.

2019-06-04: Hard to believe that people go to dealership service departments voluntarily.

2019-06-03: Keynote with Kids Hard to listen to, Kids had plenty of comments. Not quite ideal.

2019-06-03: Good things come to those who wait! The .COM TLD for my six year running blog just came available, and I got it!

2019-06-03: Can iTunes do even more? What a great bit!

2019-06-03: A 32” display without a stand? That’s called a TV.

2019-06-03: Book Review: The Theft of a Decade 📚 I’ve followed the work and writing of Joseph Sternberg on the Wall Street Journal Editorial Board for several years now. I find his insights to be helpful, particularly in understanding political movements in Europe, where he’s based. When I heard that he was writing a book, the …

2019-06-03: I’m ready to open all of my new WWDC keynote goodies. 🎁📱⌚️🖥

2019-06-02: Behind the Power Curve Set big reading goal, A bit behind. June, oh no!! Time to play catch-up.

2019-06-02: Episode 80: Volcanoes Are Coming In what may be our final episode, Felicity reports the impending attack of volcanoes on our house. Also, Felicity draws you a picture!

2019-06-02: Currently reading: Digital Minimalism: Choosing a Focused Life in a Noisy World by Cal Newport 📚

2019-06-01: Foggy Morning Walk Early start to day, Fog rolled in thick. Heavy air. Neighborhood looked cool!

2019-06-01: Finished reading: The Theft of a Decade: How the Baby Boomers Stole the Millennials’ Economic Future by Joseph C. Sternberg 📚

2019-06-01: If you’re concerned about your iOS apps spying on you, a good first step is to delete all of the ones you never use. It can’t steal your data if it isn’t installed. I had more of those unused apps than I realized.

2019-06-01: Italian sausage, garlic, and tomato base to my quiche. Smells as good as it looks. 👨🏻‍🍳

2019-06-01: Ex-Wall Street Lawyer Is Behind Plan to Have Post Office Compete With Banks - WSJ She contends that private banks have failed to address the needs of millions of households and that a government-backed option can close the gap. USPS Bank, lol. Have they heard of Credit Unions?

2019-06-01: iPhone Privacy Is Broken…and Apps Are to Blame - WSJ Most are littered with secret trackers, slurping up your personal data and sending it to more places than you can count. Apple losing consumer trust may be a bigger problem than losing their 30% cut.

2019-06-01: Fog rolls in.

2019-05-31: The Baking Secret I’m new to baking. All you need is: recipe, Dash of confidence.

2019-05-31: At this point, I’m the baker version of an experienced actor going behind the camera. 🧁

2019-05-31: I made a torte for the first time this week.

2019-05-31: Apple should add previous versions of their icons to their iOS apps as alternate icons.

2019-05-30: SXM Spa Channel Soft, melodic sounds, Soothe a pounding head. Relief. Kids don’t like it, tho.

2019-05-30: It’s nice to see all of our nature friends, back in our yard after a winter away. 🐾

2019-05-30: The Spa Channel on SiriusXM is the perfect soundtrack for a migraine.

2019-05-29: Mommy’s Party Repair men at house, But Daddy, we must prepare! Mom’s party tonight!

2019-05-28: Four Day Week What day is it now? I’m so confused. Wife at work, Chores done. What to do?

2019-05-28: WWDC peak leak season is upon us. My kids won’t let me watch the keynote, so I resent them less this year.

2019-05-27: Memorial Day To all families, Who gave in the name Freedom, Our eternal thanks. 🇺🇸

2019-05-27: This water looks cool and very inviting.

2019-05-27: Apart from the neighbor’s HVAC unit, it’s a lovely morning.

2019-05-26: Science Museum Sunday afternoon, No school groups, just families. Perfect visit. Fun!

2019-05-26: Episode 79: Family Work Day I catch up with Felicity to chat about how she participated in our family work day yesterday.

2019-05-26: Quintessential 2019 Problem: I’ve lost the USB cable to charge my soap dispenser.

2019-05-26: Hamburger Hill Veterans Find Peace on Battlefield - WSJ Veterans of both armies shook hands and smiled for photos together. These stories, old enemies now friends, are a tribute to the humanity of us all.

2019-05-26: Huawei’s Yearslong Rise Is Littered With Accusations of Theft and Dubious Ethics - WSJ Along the way, Huawei has been dogged by allegations that its gains came on the back of copying and theft. A review of 10 cases in U.S. federal courts, and dozens of interviews with U.S. …

2019-05-26: I watched an owl swoop around my neighborhood on a pre-dawn hunt. Majestic bird. 🦉

2019-05-25: Work Day Garden weeds cleared out, Cars washed, kids played. Hours of fun! Successful work day!

2019-05-25: Busy day filled with accomplishments. Time to light the grill. ⏲

2019-05-25: Stunning start to summer. Great morning with the whole family working and playing outside.

2019-05-25: My omelette game is strong.

2019-05-24: A Whirlwind Day Errands in morning. Chores in the whole afternoon. Awards in the evening.

2019-05-24: So proud of my son tonight. He earned his first belt promotion in taekwando. He’s over the moon. 🥋

2019-05-24: Bike shops have excellent employees. 🚲

2019-05-24: I love the look of a fresh cut lawn.

2019-05-24: We’re living in a golden age of cheese. 🧀

2019-05-23: Big Outdoor Plans Lawn mowed, yard ready. Big outdoor weekend plans. Fun! Nice to be family.

2019-05-23: Military Chain of Command Under New Scrutiny in Assault Cases - WSJ “Ultimately commanders need to own it. They need to be more prepared, more accountable, more equipped, but they still need to own it,” Ms. McSally told reporters earlier this month. “Stripping that away from …

2019-05-23: If shipping takes more than 2 days, then it isn’t Prime. So stop calling those items Prime, Amazon!

2019-05-23: I just emailed a local government representative about an issue covered in our newspaper. It’s important (and easy!) to let your leaders know your thoughts, at all levels of government!

2019-05-23: There was a considerable fight over who would get to hold these while shopping at Walmart. Many requests to use them upon our return home.

2019-05-22: Garbage Disposal Phoenix Removed sink cover, A jammed spoon. Removed, turned on. It works! I am saved!

2019-05-22: Lunch with Mommy at work. Always a hit.

2019-05-22: My teaspoon measuring spoon made its way into the garbage disposal and got jammed. Didn’t know the disposal has an automatic shutoff. Great feature!

2019-05-21: Garbage Disposal Death A small convenience, Stops working. Oh no! Now what? Hope they fix it soon!

2019-05-21: Coconut milk isn’t an ingredient that I normally cook with, but I do enjoy the rich, deep flavor. 🥥

2019-05-21: A bit wet out there.

2019-05-21: The flower from today’s podcast that drives the Hummingbirds wild. It’s known as a Black and Blue.

2019-05-21: Storm Season is Here. Prepare Now. Storm season is upon us, and many communities across the United States have been inundated with severe weather in this Spring. My local news stations have done a great job keeping us informed about developments, but in a recent outbreak of storms, I found myself unaware of a …

2019-05-21: Episode 78: Birds Our morning broadcast, featuring a rare appearance by Lucy, was interrupted by our first sighting of a hummingbird of the season!

2019-05-21: I find the iOS Bedtime feature to be most useful when it makes an audible chime while going off. iOS 12.3 has not been kind to alarms on my phone.

2019-05-20: Storm Prep A few new items, To keep my kiddos storm safe. Radio a hit!

2019-05-20: American Airlines Sues Mechanics Unions - WSJ The world’s largest airline by traffic said in a court filing that the unions are coordinating action to slow repair work on its fleet of 950 planes in an effort to gain leverage in talks over a new contract that have dragged into …

2019-05-20: Judge Rejects Trump Request to Block Subpoena for Accounting Records - WSJ “It is not unreasonable to think that the Mazars records might assist Congress in determining whether ethics statutes or regulations need updating to strengthen Executive Branch accountability, promote …

2019-05-20: Parents of dead West Point cadet can use his sperm, judge rules Supreme Court Justice John Colangelo says in a decision dated Thursday the parents of Peter Zhu haven’t decided whether to attempt conception with a surrogate mother. But he ruled it’s their decision to …

2019-05-20: I don’t trust ground meat packaged in a roll.

2019-05-20: A delightful comic by my son (& Mo Willems)

2019-05-20: The beginning of something beautiful.

2019-05-20: When you fail to put $30 worth of products into your Walmart Grocery Pickup cart, you must go inside the store and do your own shopping. Oh the humanity!

2019-05-19: Tremendous Weekend Play, travel, weather, It was a great weekend! So, Let’s do it again!

2019-05-19: Currently reading: The Theft of a Decade: How the Baby Boomers Stole the Millennials’ Economic Future by Joseph C. Sternberg 📚

2019-05-19: Book Review: Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters As the father to two little girls, this book made it on my reading list a few months back. Now that my eldest is moving beyond her toddler years, I thought it was a good time to read it. The book is a challenging read. Every chapter is full of dozens of pieces of practical advice …

2019-05-18: Saturday Adventure Planetarium, A Saturday family trip. We should do more things!

2019-05-17: Migrating Hosts Time to move web hosts, Not for me, for a client. Hope I don’t break it!

2019-05-16: Crowded with Kids A trip to the zoo, Overrun with school kids. Yikes! Kept all of mine, tho.

2019-05-15: Siblings Play The end of nap time, Oh no! I must have a break! Oh, they’re playing. Nice!

2019-05-14: Building Together Girl destroys his things, He doesn’t let her play now. Let’s build together!

2019-05-13: Laundry is Done The day is now done. Oh, look, I finished my work! What to do this week?

2019-05-12: Mother’s Day So many mothers, Thank you to them all. You’re great! One day not enough.

2019-05-11: Sleeping In Should be up at five, I got up at nine. Oh well. Nice while it lasted.

2019-05-10: Dermatology Nice waiting room, staff. Got a shot, not kid approved. We got over it.

2019-05-09: The Mess Can Wait Not feeling too great, The house is a mess. But wait, Monday’s laundry done!

2019-05-08: Botox Day Three months goes too fast, Glad the girls are so patient. See you in August.

2019-05-07: Selfie Smiles Toddler loves selfies, Races over to see self. It’s elemental.

2019-05-06: The Sound of Play No greater delight, My kids playing together. May it last decades!

2019-05-05: Not Great at Church Kids not great at Church, I’ll keep bringing them. It’s good, Planting the seeds now.

2019-05-04: Brunch How great is brunch? Yum! I could eat breakfast all day. Nothing stopping me.

2019-05-03: Son Comes Home Two day delays. Sad! He landed, he’s really here. Welcome home, my son!

2019-05-02: Waiting for Son Woke up, checked phone. Bad! Son’s flight cancelled. Tomorrow? This cannot last, right?

2019-05-01: Where Is He? Son’s flight home cancelled. They said weather, it was fine. Never trust forecasts.

2019-04-30: Errands with Two Errands with two kids, So easy, don’t have to try. I’m a pro, people

2019-04-30: Wrapped Around Her Finger The job of being a father is under appreciated today. Our society spends too much time attacking people that we’re envious of. A by-product has been the sidelining of men writ large. We’ve chipped away so much at the essence of masculinity that men find little direction in their …

2019-04-29: Transformation Complete Son on vacation, Project time: reorganize. Mission accomplished.

2019-04-28: Sick Kids, Redux Kids sick all month. What? This is madness, it must end! Not today, I guess.

2019-04-27: Lakeside Afternoon Work party by lake, Daughter really wanted in. Full lifeguard duty.

2019-04-26: Goodbye, Son Boy is off on trip, See you next week. Now, to work! So much to get done.

2019-04-25: Can You Help? I work alone. But, Kids can be great helpers. Huh. Never would have guessed.

2019-04-24: Sorry, Buddy Grampi’s flight cancelled. Sorry, buddy. Tomorrow? He got over it.

2019-04-23: Packing Error Five year old packs things, Not good at planning. LEGOs, Friends, toys. No clothes. Oops.

2019-04-22: Menu Planning Hard to plan meals, shop. Takes time. Better use service. eMeals and Walmart!

2019-04-22: Purple Heart Dotted across our nation are monuments, trails, and highways dedicated to recipients of the Purple Heart. The United States Postal Service has a Purple Heart forever stamp in regular production. The Purple Heart is a military decoration awarded to service members who sustain …

2019-04-21: Easter Late Easter, now here. Steak for dinner and party. Nice celebration.

2019-04-20: New Lawnmower My first time buying, A new lawnmower. It starts! Stores upright, too. Cool.

2019-04-19: Dominos Opens New delivery, Dominos opens nearby. Third customer. Hello!

2019-04-19: Episode 75: Playdough It’s the one year anniversary of ChetCast! I caught up with all three kids at the breakfast table to talk about a year of podcasting and their playdough creations.

2019-04-18: Panera Not sure how happens, Panera is not cheap. Kids, Here, have my baguette.

2019-04-17: Toddler Explores Inflatable pool, It’s a makeshift ball pit. Fun. Toddler likes climbing.

2019-04-17: North Korea Says It Test-Fired New Tactical Guided Weapon - WSJ Mr. Kim visited an air force unit where he instructed pilots to “take off and perform difficult and complicated air combat actions,” state media said. This makes Kim look cartoonish. He’s anything but.

2019-04-17: Drafts app is the perfect cross-platform app. Fast enough to catch an idea before it slips away.

2019-04-17: Seriously, what is wrong with the Toyota design team?

2019-04-16: Sickness Continues Is sick new normal? Run circles through home. Not great. Someone cure us, please!

2019-04-16: Flowers in bloom at Monticello

2019-04-15: Tylenol Kids now ask by name, They think it’s delicious. Cherry. Powerful branding.

2019-04-15: Another beautiful evening.

2019-04-15: We want news fast, but for some stories, fast answers aren’t possible. Aviation accident investigation is a complex process that examines multiple causes and factors. There’s so much reckless journalism surrounding the 737 MAX story. It’s a disservice to the flying …

2019-04-15: I love the alternate app icon feature in iOS.

2019-04-14: Clean Cars Two weeks since last wash, So much pollen to remove. Now they really shine!

2019-04-14: I love Spring evenings.

2019-04-14: On my iPad, I just downloaded a zipped beta build of software to my iMac desktop using iCloud Drive. Now that’s the future.

2019-04-14: Beautiful day, clean cars. Feels good.

2019-04-13: Heavy Rains Darkness relaxes, Especially in the day. No nap, though. Just watched.

2019-04-13: Feedbin really is excellent. Can’t wait for Reeder 4.

2019-04-13: Episode 74: Weather Station Future meteorologist Benedict sits down to talk to me about his new weather station.

2019-04-13: The Human Limits of Autonomous Cars My recent road trip to Chicago was my first in a vehicle that had the complete current suite of driver assistance technologies, namely adaptive cruise control with autonomous braking, lane departure warning with lane keep assist, and blind spot monitoring. To be honest, it make …

2019-04-13: Playing Flight Simulator with my son is fun.

2019-04-12: Early Bedtime Off to bed early, Three hours of quiet. Great! Now what do I do?

2019-04-12: The Netflix auto-play preview while browsing is a crime against humanity.

2019-04-12: Watching Jack Ryan. Haven’t heard much about this show since the release last year.

2019-04-11: Library Parking Visit new library, On busy street, small spots. Thats a bad job, guys!

2019-04-11: Running shoe inserts are a joke.

2019-04-10: Dentist with Kids Getting my teeth cleaned, Makes it hard to control kids. Thanks, dental helpers!

2019-04-10: Apparently teachers don’t want to work during the months of April and May. All of my normal hangouts are overrun with field trips!

2019-04-10: I 100% agree with the new WSJ policy of comments only on a few select articles. To be honest, I’d like for them to kill comments entirely. This is a good start.

2019-04-09: Site Work Starts Diggers right next door, Pulling entire trees down. Construction begins.

2019-04-09: I’m in favor of ordinances that restrict builders from clear-cutting raw land during site development. A percentage of trees (50%?) should be incorporated into the lot design. So much waste for little gain.

2019-04-09: It looks like The Wall Street Journal has turned off almost all commenting on articles. Good for them!

2019-04-08: Clean Nest Late start, messy house. Cleaned, dusted, rearranged rooms. Can’t believe it’s done!

2019-04-08: Episode 73: Train Ride It’s cleaning day. I took a break from my chores to go on a train ride with three very chatty little ones.

2019-04-07: Weekend Off “No, I want Mommy!” I can see I’m not needed. Be back on Monday.

2019-04-07: Brave Browser on iOS finally supports bookmark syncing. I visited 3 websites and it blocked 239 ads and trackers. Brave is my new default web browser.

2019-04-07: The sound of thunder is incredible.

2019-04-06: Small Hands Help Three tiny humans, Toys covered the land. Too much. Major pick-up. Clean!

2019-04-06: This Meg Meeker book is all that it’s cracked up to be.

2019-04-06: Podcast Ads My normal routine is to get up early in the morning and walk while my family sleeps. I spend my walking time listening to various podcasts. I didn’t do very much walking in the past six weeks, and my backlog of podcasts is longer than it’s ever been. At times, I was tempted to …

2019-04-05: Google’s Advisory Board Crash and Burn - WSJ Chairman of the Joint Chiefs General Joseph Dunford, who is usually circumspect in public, last month said Google’s work “indirectly benefits” the Chinese military. AI in China, he said, will “help an authoritarian government assert …

2019-04-05: Slept In, By Choice Alarm goes off, up. Out of bed, should I go back? I did. Major fail.

2019-04-05: Book Review: Killing the SS 📚 I’m no stranger to the Killing series. Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard have written eight books detailing the final days and events surrounding the deaths of famous characters in history. So far, I’ve read about Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, Jesus and George Patton. In the …

2019-04-05: Currently reading: Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters: 10 Secrets Every Father Should Know by Meg Meeker, MD 📚

2019-04-05: The Human Limits of Autonomous Cars My recent road trip to Chicago was my first in a vehicle that had the complete current suite of driver assistance technologies, namely adaptive cruise control with autonomous braking, lane departure warning with lane keep assist, and blind spot monitoring. To be honest, it make …

2019-04-04: New Routine Tomorrow Something needs to change, New schedule and new watch face. Thanks, Reminders app!

2019-04-04: I’ve been so busy this year that I haven’t had the time to make my March Madness bracket. I think I’ll have to sit down on Sunday afternoon and knock it out. 🏀

2019-04-03: Pope Francis sure took his time, but Archbishop Gregory is a great pick to lead Washington.

2019-04-03: Back to Karate One month, no practice. I don’t recognize people. All new. Right place? Huh.

2019-04-03: People Behind the News My family has been close to Dr. Heather Wilson since she and my dad attended college together. They served together in the Air Force and have remained close friends since. I have met her and her husband several times throughout my life. You may have heard her name recently or …

2019-04-03: The HOA had some trimmers out today cutting down dead trees. These guys were old school, climbing up the tree with a chainsaw and cutting it down in pieces. Very intense.

2019-04-03: A delicious afternoon treat.

2019-04-03: Episode 72: Dinosaur on My Head The kids are both chipper and downcast as we discuss dinosaurs.

2019-04-02: New Construction Empty lot next door, Now filled with markers and men. Lousy summer soon.

2019-04-02: Just going through my olds posts and realized I’ve been off Facebook for over a year. Can’t say I’ve missed it one bit. But, geez, that was like 82 Facebook scandals ago.

2019-04-02: Report Reveals Jesus Christ May Have Benefited From Father’s Influential Position To Gain High-Powered Role As Lord And Savior “God likes to claim He moves in mysterious ways, but there doesn’t seem to be too much mystery here at all,” Baxter continued. “This looks like blatant …

2019-04-02: I’m still waiting for Pixelmator to add type on a curve. This is, from my perspective, the only major feature missing when compared to Photoshop. Seems like a major oversight at this point, unless its technically very difficult to implement.

2019-04-01: April Fools A few corporate jokes, I preferred the real tech news. Cloudflare is at it!

2019-04-01: Finished reading: Killing the SS: The Hunt for the Worst War Criminals in History by Bill O’Reilly & Martin Dugard 📚

2019-04-01: My son just asked me if he could watch Jingle All the Way. I’m so proud!

2019-04-01: I’m all for bank security to protect against losses from fraud. However, if we can’t trust that the actual customer has control of their online account, maybe we should increase security or just not offer that service.

2019-04-01: Episode 71: Joke Day We’re back at home, the kids are with me, and in honor of April Fools, we have some jokes for the folks!

2019-03-31: Apple Music Albums New experience, Listening to whole albums. Thanks, Apple Music!

2019-03-31: That moment when you’re reading a bedtime story to your five year old, and he interrupts you to explain the paschal mystery.

2019-03-31: Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program Stats from Student Loan Hero: PSLF borrowers: 890,516* (Total number of borrowers who have one or more approved PSLF Employment Certification Forms) Borrowers who attempted to certify for PSLF: 1,173,420 Borrowers who submitted forgiveness applications: 19,321 Borrowers who were …

2019-03-31: I don’t think that Apple News is all that great.

2019-03-30: Correcting Paint Scratches on the hood, A big annoyance. Polish, And it’s all gone! Sweet.

2019-03-30: Apple Maps in the City Apple Maps continues to suffer from its false start. iOS users download alternatives like Google Maps and Waze to fulfill their navigation needs. Yet, if you look at the three products, they each have a competitive advantage. Nothing can touch Waze when it comes to beating …

2019-03-30: It is easy to correct auto paint.

2019-03-29: Account Consolidation Too many accounts. Too much to manage, closed most. Ah! Instant relief.

2019-03-29: Spring evening.

2019-03-29: The Mighty by O.A.R 🎵

2019-03-29: Website Diet Alison went to a lecture recently on fad diets. She showed me the slides, and they were pretty much what you expected. What was incredible is just how many fad diets are out there. It’s easy to get busy, lose track of your health, and not focus on eating the right foods. Plus, …

2019-03-29: Just discovered that WSJ didn’t stop using RSS, just moved the feeds. Looking forward to Reeder 4

2019-03-29: The AirPower announcement would’ve been nice immediately before the AirPods 2 release. My guess is a good chunk of orders for the wireless case were customers who planned to use it with AirPower.

2019-03-28: More Yard Work Pollen everywhere, Clearing weeds and yard debris. Allergies pending.

2019-03-28: Currently reading: Killing the SS: The Hunt for the Worst War Criminals in History by Bill O’Reilly & Martin Dugard 📚

2019-03-28: News I'll Never Read Following up on my blog post on paying for news, I checked out a few major news sites to grab some headlines that I will never see from The Wall Street Journal. All of these articles were on the main page, some prominently so. Meghan Markle's rumored new nickname will reportedly …

2019-03-28: This guy is always having a good time.

2019-03-28: I want to do a fresh start in YNAB, but I want to do it on the first day of the month. April 1st seems like a poor choice.

2019-03-28: Book Review: The One Thing 📚 I received this book as a gift from a speaker at my parish. He distributed them after giving a talk on the importance of praying as a family. This is not the first book that I’ve read by Matthew Kelly, and, like his other work, it did not disappoint. It’s a short book that tells …

2019-03-28: The Angel 🍿

2019-03-28: Finished reading: The One Thing: Passing Faith Onto Children by Matthew Kelly 📚

2019-03-28: Is it just me, or is the layout off in Safari and Mail in 12.2?

2019-03-28: So much delicious food in my pantry, so little time.

2019-03-28: Chicago, Illinois I did a pretty good job of documenting my adventures on my trip to Chicago. Lots of pictures, a few short updates, and five podcast episodes covered my movements though-out the city. I wanted to sit down and reflect on my overall experience. My time was mostly my own, and the …

2019-03-28: Paying rent is very different when you physically write a check as opposed to letting Bill Pay handle it.

2019-03-27: Opening the Yard Spring is here, and weeds. Worked to clean the garden beds. Hello lawn season!

2019-03-27: Currently reading: The One Thing: Passing Faith Onto Children by Matthew Kelly 📚

2019-03-27: Lord of War 🍿

2019-03-27: The FAA & the 737 As a pilot, and a lover of Boeing jets, I’ve been following the 737 MAX stories very closely. Aviation can be a difficult beat for any reporter to cover, but in times like these, it’s important that the flying public is given an accurate view of the situation. The Department of …

2019-03-27: Wahooo!!! Cardhop for iOS is out! Just a few minutes ago I went upstairs to my iMac to use Cardhop to look up a few addresses instead of using contacts on my phone. This is really great news.

2019-03-26: Recovery A week of travel, Kids are tired. Also, me. Let’s just chill today.

2019-03-26: I love steam in bag vegetables.

2019-03-25: Clean Cars Clean Easily Caught lots of road bugs, On my bumper. Came home, washed. Easiest car wash!

2019-03-25: I spent all day traveling, unpacking, and cleaning the car, so I haven’t seen any of the Apple updates. So I’m going to read about them on the Apple website, which is a first for me.

2019-03-25: The only time we ran into traffic on our entire road trip was in the last 4 miles before our house.

2019-03-24: Cracker Barrel Menu The CB menu, Has more than just breakfast. Huh? It’s all I order.

2019-03-24: These kids working on this Sunday morning coffee shop team are hustling!

2019-03-23: Hello, Aunt Jill She started haiku. Now she’s sitting next to me, As I write this. Hey!

2019-03-23: When it’s quieter in the Narthex before Mass than the Sanctuary, it’s time to leave.

2019-03-23: Paying for News in 2019 Apple is primed and ready to announce their new paid news and television subscription(s?) next week at a media event. There have been a flurry of reports on publishers joining the service, including The Wall Street Journal and Vox. The big question surrounding the offering is the …

2019-03-23: A last view of 875 N Michigan Avenue

2019-03-23: NBC Tower

2019-03-23: Wrigley in sun

2019-03-23: Park outside of NBC Tower

2019-03-23: Finished reading: You Need a Budget: The Proven System for Breaking the Paycheck-to-Paycheck Cycle, Getting Out of Debt, and Living the Life You Want by Jesse Mecham 📚

2019-03-23: Current iPad Pro Status: Giant battery pack.

2019-03-23: The Chicago Tribune building, by request.

2019-03-23: Book Review: Democracy, Inc. 📚 I saw this book on sale on the iBooks Store and was immediately drawn into the content. We’ve heard stories over the years of Members of Congress increasing their personal net worths over their terms in office, and so my expectation was that this book would explore that topic. …

2019-03-22: A Quick Vacation Trip is now over. A break from my little ones. I will hug them soon!

2019-03-22: Columns are awesome.

2019-03-22: Cancer Survivor Park section of Millenium Park.

2019-03-22: Episode 70: Grant Park is Closed I headed down to check out Grant Park, but it was closed for event preparations. So I took a stroll in Millennium Park seeing the parts that I missed this morning.

2019-03-22: Brexit. Oof.

2019-03-22: Finished reading: Democracy Inc.: How Members Of Congress Have Cashed In On Their Jobs by The Washington Post 📚

2019-03-22: Sun soaked.

2019-03-22: Extreme Content on Social Media Last week’s attack in New Zealand was repugnant. Even worse, the terrorist’s use of social media was representative of a new breed of horror. We’ve lived with two decades of jihadists beheading hostages and posting the video on the Internet, but this new era of live-streamed …

2019-03-22: Nice view for coffee and a dash of writing.

2019-03-22: Can’t get over the blue sky.

2019-03-22: Made it to the end of the pier!

2019-03-22: Shoreline view.

2019-03-22: Very walkable.

2019-03-22: Complex interchange.

2019-03-22: Navy Pier.

2019-03-22: Episode 69: Lakefront Trail I’m exploring the Chicago city public parks this morning.

2019-03-22: I made it to the Lake!

2019-03-22: Brilliant sunlight.

2019-03-22: Fewer tourists at 8am.

2019-03-22: City parks are so fun.

2019-03-22: Beautiful sunrise in the city this morning. I love that blue sky!

2019-03-21: Pigeons Take A Bath Water by the curb, Pigeons fluffed taking a bath. Best sight of the day!

2019-03-21: Episode 68: Catching Up on Reading I spent the afternoon in the hotel reading. It was nice, but not as satisfying as when I read to relax.

2019-03-21: Clouds have moved out of the area. Nice to be able to see Lake Michigan.

2019-03-21: Currently reading: Democracy Inc.: How Members Of Congress Have Cashed In On Their Jobs by The Washington Post 📚

2019-03-21: Made it back to the hotel for an afternoon of reading.

2019-03-21: Obligatory visit to the Bean. These tourists totally photobombed my shot, tho.

2019-03-21: Big city amenities: tokenized bathroom doors.

2019-03-21: Failure of Leadership The much trumpeted Vatican summit on sexual abuse came and went without a single step in the right direction. The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops were prepared to bring accountability standards for bishops in line with the clerical reforms from the early 2000s, …

2019-03-21: You can forget what I just said less than an hour ago on the podcast. So much coffee, so little time!

2019-03-21: Episode 67: Apple Store Recording from inside the Michigan Avenue Apple Store, I recap my morning so far and reflect on the differences of recording a solo podcast versus one with the kids.

2019-03-21: There’s never a movie that I want to see in theatres when I have the time to go.

2019-03-21: The clock tower: a public service from a bygone era.

2019-03-21: Spring in Chicago. I love when the high rises disappear into the clouds.

2019-03-20: Enjoying the City A leisurely stroll, Seldom appreciated, By those behind me.

2019-03-20: Excited to hear The Wall Street Journal signed on to Apple News. If that gets subscribers full digital access, that could make the deal work for me.

2019-03-20: The Apple Support app is brilliant.

2019-03-20: Based on the color options, I’m guessing Apple’s research says very few men buy their phone cases. The color cases for men are still basically blue and black. Disappointing.

2019-03-20: Time to try out this UberEats.

2019-03-20: A view from the workspace at the Michigan Avenue Apple Store.

2019-03-20: I’ve drained my battery tethering my iPad today. Guess its time to head back to base.

2019-03-20: After Mass Detentions, China Razes Muslim Communities to Build a Loyal City - WSJ In this old Silk Road city… a state security campaign involving the detention of vast numbers of people has moved to its next stage: demolishing their neighborhoods and purging their …

2019-03-20: Inside U.S. Airlines’ Decisions to Keep Flying the 737 MAX - WSJ Southwest’s Mr. Kelly says his internal, independent safety team was telling him that data collected from the MAX, which Southwest has been flying since 2017, showed no problem. Good reporting by Scott, per usual.

2019-03-20: Hotfix in production while eating a cupcake.

2019-03-20: The gig economy is alive and well.

2019-03-20: This place really gets me.

2019-03-20: I’m really enjoying the ability to post links, text, photos, and podcasts while moving through the city. is excellent.

2019-03-20: Episode 66: Morning Review Broadcasting from the plaza outside of the Michigan Avenue Apple Store, I recap my morning adventures.

2019-03-20: My first visit to an iconic Apple Store. Not super impressive.

2019-03-20: I love all of these monuments dotting the city. Small spaces to tell big stories.

2019-03-20: City Hall

2019-03-20: I really thought Apple Maps would be better for walking directions in the city. GPS is having a heck of a time keeping up.

2019-03-20: Swung by the Chicago Fed and checked out their museum. Pretty wonky, but fun!

2019-03-20: Historic financial district. I love the ornate lobbies in all of these buildings.

2019-03-20: Great visit to St. Peter’s. So cool to have a parish in the middle of the cityscape.

2019-03-20: Cold, wet start to the day.

2019-03-20: Trump Administration Proposes Borrowing Limits for Some Student Loans - WSJ “The White House’s proposal is a feeble attempt to claim the Trump Administration is helping students by identifying one symptom of rising student debt, while completely ignoring the root cause—that …

2019-03-20: Chicago My life as a stay-at-home dad is not particularly strenuous. I have three little ones under five in my charge, and while they do require significant maintenance and attention, I’m not subjected to the regular stresses of office life. That being said, my life is more of a constant …

2019-03-20: Starting my day with some work at a Cupitol. Nice space, impatient staff.

2019-03-19: Episode 65: Hello, Chicago The kids are on vacation and I’m in Chicago with Alison. I talk about what we did this afternoon and preview the next couple of days.

2019-03-19: The Windy City City afternoon, Some walking, some Uber rides. Nice to take a break!

2019-03-19: Nice treat!

2019-03-19: Dessert at Molly’s Cupcakes.

2019-03-19: Tapas time. I may be in the big city, but I still prefer to not have a bunch of people around me.

2019-03-19: Obviously had to make a stop at Amazon Go. Very promising, needs more grocery items.

2019-03-19: Chicago Flagship McDonald’s Review: Same food, better packaging.

2019-03-19: Hello, Chicago.

2019-03-19: I downloaded Tropico on my iPad Pro yesterday. It’s as good as the macOS version. The speed on that iPad makes all the difference.

2019-03-18: Local Car Wash Five years of washes, Same faces, same great car care. I appreciate!

2019-03-18: Checking out the butterflies.

2019-03-18: Episode 64: Pianos We’re on the road today from Michigan. The kids want to show off their new piano playing skills. Enjoy Benedict and Felicity in concert!

2019-03-18: I’m in an empty waiting room sitting on a three seat bench on an outboard seat. Lady walks up, sets her stuff on the other outboard seat and sits down next to me. Um, what? I guess I have a friendly face.

2019-03-17: Sports All Day Not a quiet day, Basketball win, NASCAR loss. I learned some new things.

2019-03-17: Go my favorite sports team!

2019-03-17: Sunday flurries

2019-03-16: Road Trip Fun America’s roads, The perfect way to travel. Safe, quick, and easy!

2019-03-16: Drivers in Illinois drive at two speeds: 50mph or 90mph.

2019-03-16: I really appreciate it when businesses/restaurants/gas stations offer hand sanitizer in addition to hand soap.

2019-03-16: In-car WiFi is okay by me!

2019-03-16: It’s very difficult for a family of five to sleep in the same room at a hotel.

2019-03-15: Clean the House House is nice and clean, Will it stay before the trip? Nice to come home to.

2019-03-15: I love road trips.

2019-03-14: Men’s Hair Care Every last bottle, Shampoo plus conditioner. Two products, not one!

2019-03-14: Just renewed my YNAB subscription. A great product from some great people.

2019-03-13: Rain Ruins Stuff I love rain showers, But they ruin my clean car. Wash, rain, and repeat.

2019-03-13: It’s been five months since Cardinal Wuerl resigned and was immediately appointed as administrator of the Archdiocese of Washington. Still no replacement. Guys, come on!

2019-03-12: Bond Character Confusion Joe Baker is killed, Then returns as CIA. What’s up with that, guys?

2019-03-12: Played around with the Reeder 4 macOS beta. Very nice improvements! Now to find more feeds…

2019-03-12: Second Wave of U.S. Shale Revolution Is Coming, Says IEA - WSJ The U.S. is on track to become a net petroleum exporter by 2021 and will soon after surpass Russia and rival Saudi Arabia, currently the world’s largest oil exporter Whoa.

2019-03-12: Hard to believe people still do business with Wells Fargo.

2019-03-12: I’ve almost finished listening to every episode of Timetable. It’s been kind of fun learning the oral history of in this format.

2019-03-12: Book Review: 8 Minute Meditation 📚 One of my goals for this year was to expand my meditation practice. I picked this book up on special in early January and dove right it. I didn’t find it particularly helpful, and most of the text seemed to be there solely for the purpose of filling pages. Others may appreciate …

2019-03-12: Episode 63: Ball Pit On a gloomy morning, I check in with the kids who are gleefully playing together in the playroom.

2019-03-11: Scheduling Error Doctor appointment, Had to wake kids up early. Terrible timing!

2019-03-11: Rural Sheriffs Defy New Gun Measures - WSJ …in New Mexico, 30 of 33 county sheriffs have signed a letter pledging to not help enforce several gun-control measures supported by Democrats in Santa Fe… This is just as wrong as sanctuary cities. We need to stick to …

2019-03-10: Daylight Savings, Redux I’ve said it before, And I’ll say it now again: This is so stupid.

2019-03-10: Fox Books Files For Bankruptcy “This place was all about giving our customers the Fox Books experience,” the shrewd yet thoroughly likable and charming Fox continued. “You could sit and read for hours and no one would bother you. We had 150,000 titles. It was a place where …

2019-03-10: You’ve Got Mail got a 68% on Rotten Tomatoes, and that is about all you need to know about Rotten Tomatoes.

2019-03-10: A little treat also sprang forward last night.

2019-03-10: Finished reading: 8 Minute Meditation Expanded: Quiet Your Mind. Change Your Life. by Victor Davich 📚

2019-03-10: Hard to wake up this morning, but at least the view was nice!

2019-03-10: May George Hudson, the man who first proposed daylight saving, suffer for his crimes against humanity.

2019-03-09: Car Care Day To make our cars last, I hand wax three times per year. Took me five hours.

2019-03-09: Gorgeous evening to grill outside while the kids play in the yard.

2019-03-09: There’s nothing quite as good as a nice hand wax.

2019-03-08: One Year Past Amazing how fast, A little one’s year goes by. Enjoy the moments!

2019-03-08: It’s nice when Netflix has some classic James Bond movies available. I’ve been catching up on a few that I’ve missed.

2019-03-07: Tire Stores A volume business, Little customer service. I won’t be back here.

2019-03-07: The RSS feeds I was using to follow The Wall Street Journal have gone dormant. This is really frustrating.

2019-03-06: Fasting I’m never hungry, Except on fasting days. Well, I think that’s the point.

2019-03-06: Driving Like A Jerk There was a bit of culture shock when we first moved. We left an aggressive driving culture and found ourselves in an area where people drive, well, maybe meander is a better word. It’s not uncommon to be stuck behind drivers going five or ten miles under the speed limit. For …

2019-03-05: New Teeth Once every hour, The baby cried. Up since four, Today was not fun.

2019-03-05: Taco Tuesday 🌮!

2019-03-05: My baby alarm went off at 4:40am. Today will not be a very good day.

2019-03-04: Not So Sweet No sugar since Christmas, Had a milkshake at dinner. Not really worth it.

2019-03-04: PSA: You can still buy CD cases from Case Logic.

2019-03-04: Got around to cleaning out my garage. Filled up the trash can and things are looking really good!

2019-03-04: About to publish updates to 70 blog posts back in 2016. Enhanced the metadata. It feels great to control my own site and manage how people experience it, even three years after the initial publishing.

2019-03-04: Episode 62: Morning Activities Cleaning day is in full swing. I take a break and catch up with the kids who are working on various morning activities.

2019-03-03: Wanted to Nap Sunday naps are nice, But I didn’t get one. Shoot. Maybe next Sunday.

2019-03-03: Chompers is an incredible podcast.

2019-03-02: Not According to Plan So many big plans, All cast aside. It happens. Will catch up Sunday.

2019-03-02: I’d like to try a real King Cake.

2019-03-01: Meteorological Spring First day of Spring, yes? Weatherman said, but not quite. Welcome, anyway!

2019-03-01: Children: they’re always listening.

2019-02-28: Too Much YouTube Downloaded the app, Watching way too much. Boring. Delete, goodbye app.

2019-02-28: If you’re going to put yourself out there as a product reviewer, please be real enough to render an opinion.

2019-02-28: Time for some end of month YNAB-ing.

2019-02-27: Master is Absent No Master tonight, Students led son’s karate. Impressive kids. Wow!

2019-02-27: This massive flock of black birds gives me the creeps.

2019-02-27: Book Review: Hunting El Chapo 📚 I came across this book a few weeks ago, as the trial of El Chapo wound down in a New York Federal Courthouse. Having read about the hunt for Russ Ulbricht, the founder of Silk Road, I was up for another modern crime story written by the federal agent who lead the chase. Andrew …

2019-02-27: I don’t like the garden variety of news sources shown by default in Apple News. I’d prefer being offered a menu and selecting the sources that I’d like to see in my feed.

2019-02-26: Two Night Meetings Two nights in a row, At a meeting, kids in bed, When I get home. Nice.

2019-02-26: Finished reading: Hunting El Chapo: The Inside Story of the American Lawman Who Captured the World’s Most Wanted Drug-Lord by Andrew Hogan 📚

2019-02-26: Cameras in the in-flight entertainment? No thanks. I guess I need to bring some webcam covers when I fly now.

2019-02-25: Back to Reading Four books a month goal. I am far behind. Lazy. Time to get to work.

2019-02-25: Pie style, jack!

2019-02-25: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Asks: Is It Still OK to Have Kids in Face of Climate Change? “There’s scientific consensus that the lives of children are going to be very difficult. And it does lead young people to have a legitimate question: Is it OK to still have children?” Yes. And …

2019-02-25: Supreme Court Voids Deceased Judge’s Vote - WSJ The Ninth Circuit’s action “effectively allowed a deceased judge to exercise the judicial power of the United States after his death. But federal judges are appointed for life, not for eternity.” I do love SCOTUS wit.

2019-02-24: Quiet Start Walk, shower, read news. A quiet house, great morning. Perfect way to start!

2019-02-24: Buds.

2019-02-24: I really hope the Apple News subscription bundle includes The Wall Street Journal.

2019-02-23: Bed by Six Tired little ones, Grouches all day. Dinner, baths, Story, off to bed!

2019-02-23: Saudi Crown Prince Courts China as Counterweight to Critical West - WSJ President Xi Jinping told Prince Mohammed that Beijing opposes any effort to interfere in Saudi Arabia’s internal affairs, while the crown prince said his government supports Beijing’s efforts to fight …

2019-02-23: I have easy to find RSS links on all of my blogs. Too few people take advantage, but I think it makes a strong statement.

2019-02-23: Benedict passed his first belt test! Our first Saturday kids activity. Many, many more to come over the next two decades.

2019-02-22: Walking at Night On days I sleep in, I must walk at night. Bad plan, Quite inefficient.

2019-02-22: That moment when you get home and realize that Chick-fil-a only gave you half of your order.

2019-02-22: Nap time, classical music on, and my favorite kind of weather. So peaceful.

2019-02-22: Apple Plans to Close Stores in Eastern District of Texas in Fight Against Patent Trolls To continue to serve the region, Apple plans to open a new store at the Galleria Dallas shopping mall in Dallas, just south of the Eastern District of Texas border. This is pretty …

2019-02-22: Episode 61: Gloomy Friday Foggy, overcast, and storms on the way set the stage for a relaxing day inside.

2019-02-21: Jokes Galore Five year old has jokes, Not sure where he picked them up. A full stand-up set.

2019-02-21: Kids clothes fit. Nailed it!

2019-02-20: Belt Test Practice Two days to son’s test, Watched him work hard at practice. He’s ready. Proud dad!

2019-02-20: I love Orange Vanilla Coke.

2019-02-20: I love the dual-monitor wallpaper that Twelve South puts out.

2019-02-20: When all three kids need new clothes at the same time, and the order is delivered, I call it Clothesmageddon.

2019-02-20: Episode 60: Storm Alert During morning playtime, the kids warned me of a coming storm. While they took shelter, I recorded a microcast.

2019-02-20: It’s incredible how different car culture is in different regions of the country.

2019-02-19: Ungrouped They put loans in groups, Confusing, no sense. Ungroup. Now that’s a snowball!

2019-02-19: 5 AMBER Alerts That Were Sent Out That Were Clearly More Focused On How Sweet The Car Was - Clickhole This AMBER Alert manages to convey some identifying details about the car, but for most people, a license plate would have helped a lot more than conjectures about the car’s …

2019-02-19: Applying parental controls on iOS 12 is not all that straightforward. More work to be done to make it easier for parents to keep their kids safe.

2019-02-19: Apparently you have to give your date of birth to buy bathroom mold killer. Kids these days!

2019-02-19: There’s a big difference between the total of your tax bill and the relative size of your refund/payment.

2019-02-18: Spring Upgrade Many boxes come, Filled with new car care supplies. My big spring project.

2019-02-18: I love days when I’m always on the move, finishing one job and moving on to the next. The collective result st the end of the day is deeply satisfying.

2019-02-18: Monday morning, cleaning day. Game on, baby!

2019-02-17: The Secret to Balance Wanted to take rest, But now I’m behind again! Catch up, then maintain.

2019-02-17: A Year of Walmart Grocery Late last summer, I was watching a video on YouTube about how to save money on your monthly grocery bill. I was new to town and hadn’t yet settled on a grocery store to use. The one closest to my house is small, with over a third of shelf-space dedicated to non-grocery items. …

2019-02-16: Pizza Dinner Went out for pizza, Kids were fun to hang out with. Sleep does some wonders!

2019-02-16: Currently reading: You Need a Budget: The Proven System for Breaking the Paycheck-to-Paycheck Cycle, Getting Out of Debt, and Living the Life You Want by Jesse Mecham 📚

2019-02-15: Better Driver Lighter on the gas, A more comfortable ride. Much more fun to drive.

2019-02-15: There’s a special bond between a man and his barber.

2019-02-15: I don’t like the word “infotainment.”

2019-02-15: Bought a gas blower and trimmer today. I’m big time!

2019-02-14: Moonlight A slight glow below, As I walk the neighborhood. Moonlight is special.

2019-02-14: Cauliflower is life.

2019-02-14: Airbus to Retire the A380, the Superjumbo That Never Quite Took Off After billions of dollars of investment, Airbus is retiring a plane it had hoped would supplant Boeing’s 747. If the design had been more beautiful, would things have been different? It’s so ugly.

2019-02-14: Episode 59: Windy Day at the Sandbox While playing in the sandbox out back, both Benedict and Felicity requested that we record a podcast. It was a bit windy, so I hope the wind guard on the microphone preserved the audio for you.

2019-02-14: The Pope and a Trusted U.S. Cardinal Clash Over Sex-Abuse Crisis - WSJ The dominant view in the Vatican was that the Americans were going too far in tackling sex abuse. When Cardinal O’Malley called for the world-wide adoption of the U.S. practice of publishing accused priests’ …

2019-02-14: Happy Valentine’s Day!

2019-02-14: YNAB I used to have a very large number of apps on my phone, constantly downloading and trying out new ones. Those were in the golden early days of the App Store. Nowadays, it’s rare if I add a new one every month. As a part of this change, many developers have moved over to …

2019-02-14: How great is it that makes a separate RSS feed for microcasts? I just started listening to @nathanrhale’s new microcast, and I subscribed to the feed in Castro. No other services needed. The best!

2019-02-14: Episode 58: Valentine’s Day We’re enjoying a wonderful Valentine’s Day! The kids take a break from playtime to chat about their valentines.

2019-02-13: Podcast Ads I get it, I do, But they still mostly annoy. I should skip ahead.

2019-02-13: It’s nice when the kiddos help out with the chores.

2019-02-13: Episode 57: Car Seats I sat down with all three kids to discuss their new car seat configuration in the van.

2019-02-13: I’ll never get over that blue.

2019-02-12: Car Seat Buddies Two kids in the back, Side-by-side, all smiles for now! No way this can last.

2019-02-12: Medium rare ground beef tastes so good.

2019-02-11: Laundry Overload Got the laundry done, Now its folded on table. Won’t make it to drawers.

2019-02-11: Working into the evening with rain providing the soundtrack.

2019-02-10: Did it All Up since four-thirty, Did everything on my list. A good week ahead!

2019-02-10: Spent about an hour out in the garage reconfiguring the van. Moved seats around for better loading and unloading, purged napkins and old materials, refreshed kids books, and reorganized technology. I ordered in a wireless charging pad to install later this week. A nice refresh!

2019-02-10: Car seats are complicated.

2019-02-09: So Many Errands On the go all day. Here, there, everywhere in town. Felt good, productive.

2019-02-09: I love the soft sound of rain.

2019-02-09: My children will regularly pick up random objects and begin podcasting. Felicity is currently podcasting from a night light and complimenting Lucy’s smile.

2019-02-09: At the Home Depot paint desk on a Saturday. Rookie move.

2019-02-08: Fort Collins Used some old boxes, To build a nice little fort. Too bad I can’t play.

2019-02-08: Episode 56: Fort Collins Benedict and I built a box fort during nap time. The kids are over the moon!

2019-02-08: This afternoon’s construction project.

2019-02-08: Busy weekend ahead and lots to get caught up on. Will be feeling pretty great this evening when the work is done.

2019-02-07: That Went Well Botox without pain, Unpleasant, but doable. That went rather well!

2019-02-07: I love when school districts post announcements with typos.

2019-02-07: Rainy Thursday morning. At the breakfast table with the kids, listening to slow music on the HomePod. This is a very relaxing start to the day.

2019-02-06: Missed Opportunity Nice warm up this week, But I’m inside with migraine. Oh well, I’ll just freeze.

2019-02-06: Virginia. Whoa.

2019-02-06: Episode 55: Felicity in Concert Felicity joins this episode to sing some of her favorite songs for the folks.

2019-02-05: Slowing Down Losing my powers, Two days until Botox shots. Can’t wait, but I can.

2019-02-05: We underestimate the value of nutritional labels. They can be a very powerful tool for making wise choices.

2019-02-05: The kids are really enjoying breakfast while watching the squirrels in the backyard digging for acorns.

2019-02-04: All Fixed A lot of car stress, Turned out to be nothing big. Fifty bucks. All set!

2019-02-04: Authors, for the love of all that is good, please have a personal website!

2019-02-03: Jump at Church Load up after Church, Push to start, nothing. Well, shoot. Do you have cables?

2019-02-03: Book Review: Spies in the Family 📚 Cold War espionage continues to be among my favorite topics to read. Spies in the Family is a terrific book written by the daughter of a CIA case officer whose postings included Berlin, Mexico City, Rome, and New Delhi. This book revolves around the case of Dmitri Polyakov, a …

2019-02-02: Battery Do-it-Yourself Can we install that? Nah, I’ll do it myself, thanks. It works. Not too bad.

2019-02-02: Currently reading: Hunting El Chapo: The Inside Story of the American Lawman Who Captured the World’s Most Wanted Drug-Lord by Andrew Hogan 📚

2019-02-02: Got that Jury Duty.

2019-02-01: Dead Battery Went to start the van, Nothing. Roadside assist, please! Got a new battery

2019-02-01: Coke Zero: why?

2019-02-01: Chick-fil-A: always busy.

2019-02-01: Student loan “groups” make almost zero sense.

2019-02-01: Roadside assistance is never fast.

2019-01-31: Finished reading: Spies in the Family: An American Spymaster, His Russian Crown Jewel, and the Friendship That Helped End the Cold War by Eva Dillon 📚

2019-01-31: Accepted An email arrived, My son’s education starts. He will miss Thomas.

2019-01-31: Episode 54: End of Month I’m very busy this morning with all of my end of month administrative tasks, but I’m not the only busy one under this roof. The three kids take a break to share what they’re building and playing with today.

2019-01-31: I love being able to save documents on my iPhone/iPad to my computer desktop through the Files App and iCloud Drive. Really great technology.

2019-01-30: Walking under the stars at night is something incredible to experience.

2019-01-30: Twelve Weeks Almost time for shots, New round of Botox next week. Still feeling great. Win!

2019-01-30: I’m not sure why we don’t always just report the “Feels like” temperature. It’s the only measurement that matters.

2019-01-30: Google Also Exploiting Enterprise Certificates to Bypass iOS App Store for Data Collection - MacRumors Oh, look, another company that I don’t do business with.

2019-01-30: Customer Service Rep: “Sir, there’s no sensitive information on this account.” Me: “You mean like my full name, address, and date of birth?”

2019-01-30: When it’s cold outside, I bake cookies.

2019-01-29: Sick Infant Now baby is sick. Hard to help her feel better. Cuddles do the trick.

2019-01-29: I love it when a plan comes together.

2019-01-29: Facebook Paying Teens to Install Data Harvesting VPN App Facebook has been secretly offering people… $20 per month… to sideload the Facebook Research app using an enterprise certificate. Enterprise certificates… give full root access to a device. Let’s be …

2019-01-28: Clean Couch, Again One week since cleaning, Stanley Steemer was back here. Kids, what can I say?

2019-01-28: Stanley Steemer is excellent.

2019-01-28: Today is a very good day for a YNAB fresh start.

2019-01-28: I still don’t understand why multiple brands of American auto makers build the same car. Chevy Traverse/Buick Enclave, Chevy Tahoe/GMC Yukon, etc.

2019-01-28: I hate when you set up Bill Pay to send payment on the 1st and they cut a check a few days before (good!), but then immediately debit your account. What other check is processed like that? None!

2019-01-28: Pope Tries to Dial Down Expectations for Sex-Abuse Summit The pope said the meeting would aim to raise awareness of sex abuse and educate bishops in the procedures for preventing and punishing it. Unacceptable. Honestly, this is not hard.

2019-01-28: I love to watch planes fly overhead and seeing on FlightRadar where they’re heading. It’s amazing to think about the hundreds of people miles above me, sitting in their seats, oblivious to their passage through my neighborhood.

2019-01-27: All Done Twenty-five to-dos, All done before bedtime. Yay! Things check mark, all done!

2019-01-27: YouTube to Curb Its Referrals to Conspiracy Theories and Other False Claims YouTube said it will stop recommending as many videos that feature conspiracy theories and other false claims So you’re saying some are still recommended?

2019-01-27: Nice day to play at the neighborhood park with my son.

2019-01-27: Really interesting and exciting news coming out of Venezuela. Following the news closely and hope to see success for the Guaido government.

2019-01-27: Episode 53: Odd Squad The kids join me at the end of lunch to talk about their latest favorite show on PBS Kids. Plus, a special visit from Lucy!

2019-01-26: Sick Kids, Again Second time this month, The family is sick. Ugh. I’m not sick, for now.

2019-01-26: Currently reading: Spies in the Family: An American Spymaster, His Russian Crown Jewel, and the Friendship That Helped End the Cold War by Eva Dillon 📚

2019-01-25: Good Tenant Lots of cooking grease, I pour in bucket, not drain. Tenant of the year?

2019-01-24: Warby New glasses arrived. From Warby Parker. Look great! Am I a hipster?

2019-01-24: Google Chrome changes could ‘destroy’ ad-blockers Others said the update would make it far harder for users to stop firms tracking them online and make it easier for them to be bombarded with ads. Google says the change is for security and privacy. lol

2019-01-24: It’s great that Office is coming to the Mac App Store, but honestly, I’m all in on iWork. There was a learning curve, but now I like it more than I ever liked Office.

2019-01-24: Cleaning a high chair is a lot like washing your car. No matter how clean you get it, within a few hours, there will be a thunderstorm that makes it dirty again.

2019-01-23: One Month Clean Doc: “No stimulants.” No coffee in a whole month. Compliant patient.

2019-01-23: Benedict is at karate practice and I’m on the sidelines ordering groceries for pickup tomorrow. 2019 is nice.

2019-01-23: Currently reading: 8 Minute Meditation Expanded: Quiet Your Mind. Change Your Life. by Victor Davich 📚

2019-01-23: I love when minor iOS updates fix super annoying bugs.

2019-01-22: Empty Zoo Just us at the zoo. I prefer it that way, though. People ruin things.

2019-01-22: On track to have all of my tax docs in hand by the 31st. This is so uncommon. Perhaps this will be an easy filing season.

2019-01-22: Book Review: Smart Money, Smart Kids 📚 This book has been in my reading queue for some time. Now that my kids are getting old enough to start absorbing some of the lesson around money, I thought it was a good time to dive in. If you’re a Dave Ramsey fan, or have followed his work to any degree, there are huge chunks …

2019-01-22: I love when we’re the only ones here.

2019-01-22: Episode 52: Another Zoo Adventure We’re wrapping up breakfast and getting ready to enjoy the nice weather at the zoo.

2019-01-22: I wish that all credit bureaus were as easy to interact with as Innovis.

2019-01-21: Instapot Fail “Must have Instapot,” They all said. Well, I got one. Not good slow cooker.

2019-01-21: Finished reading: Smart Money Smart Kids: Raising the Next Generation to Win with Money by Dave Ramsey & Rachel Cruze 📚

2019-01-21: Ribs and homemade BBQ sauce on the menu for dinner. Not a good idea to try to pull this off on cleaning day!

2019-01-20: Eclipse The moon rises large, The kids love it! “Hi Luna!” Enjoy the view, folks!

2019-01-20: Grilling burgers for dinner. Reminds me of winter camping with the Scouts growing up.

2019-01-20: Baking muffins from scratch in the kitchen on a cold winter’s Sunday morning. Love watching the sun coming up through the kitchen windows, listening to Olafur Arnalds, all while the family sleeps.

2019-01-19: Reading by the Fire Kids in bed, work done. Arctic wind outside, fire on. A nice place to read.

2019-01-19: I’m really pleased with Lose it!

2019-01-19: The start to any great meal.

2019-01-18: Clean Couches Called Stanley Steemer, They came right over and cleaned. Pretty impressive.

2019-01-18: BuzzFeed News has a long way to go.

2019-01-18: I’m not sure why you’d go to print on a story that’s sourced through anonymous sources with no one on the record.

2019-01-17: Find Me at Me Look me up on (blank), Sorry, I’m not there. I quit. Find me on my site.

2019-01-17: Find me on: Google Facebook Twitter Instagram LinkedIn

2019-01-17: Apple has really slacked off when it comes to special events activity badges.

2019-01-17: That’s the last time I whip eggs whites by hand.

2019-01-17: Goodbye, Google.

2019-01-17: The majesty of the Christmas tree is dramatically reduced when it’s cut in half, waiting at the curb for disposal. 🎄

2019-01-17: Today is the day that I quit Google.

2019-01-16: Annual Eye Exam Went to get eyes checked, Better one or two? Or three? Didn’t matter. Same.

2019-01-16: FedEx Home Delivery really is terrible. Two packages, from the same shipper, sent at the same time, using the same level of service, arrive at my house on two different days.

2019-01-15: Less Laundry Small laundry this week. Helped that I washed everything, Four short days ago.

2019-01-15: Episode 51: January Concert We were sick last week, but we’re feeling better now! Felicity has a little treat for our listeners in today’s episode.

2019-01-15: Three years of my life, journaled, printed, and preserved for posterity.

2019-01-15: Having a garage and not having to scrape the windshield before driving is just the best.

2019-01-14: Kids Play Together Nice morning playtime, All three building together. Proof is in the pics!

2019-01-14: I can’t think of a positive experience buying glasses. Amazing that the process is so bad considering the number of people who need glasses.

2019-01-14: Crispy 🥓 > Chewy 🥓

2019-01-13: Burn Notice is an excellent show.

2019-01-13: Bad Goals Week Not a good goals week. Being sick will slow things down. Kept the rings closed, tho!

2019-01-13: I predict dark storm clouds and a visit from the insurance adjuster for the driver next to me playing with tarot cards while driving.

2019-01-13: Babies make very cute noises, even when I’m trying to fall asleep.

2019-01-12: Fonts Looking for new fonts, Expensive ones are perfect! Accounting said no.

2019-01-12: Currently reading: Smart Money Smart Kids: Raising the Next Generation to Win with Money by Dave Ramsey & Rachel Cruze 📚

2019-01-12: Best Buy is terrible.

2019-01-12: 15 years ago today.

2019-01-12: Walmart Grocery was out of macadamia nuts, so they substituted corn nuts. Um, what?

2019-01-12: Breakfast is ready.

2019-01-11: Order Restored The sickness is passed, The house is clean once again. Perfect mood at home.

2019-01-10: Big Grocery Order More in the order, Bigger grocery pick-ups. Things are forgotten.

2019-01-10: My first purchase from Amazon was on November 10, 1999. It was a paperback copy of From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E Frankweiler.

2019-01-09: Major Clean-up Everyone better. Laundry machine hard at work. This will take two days.

2019-01-09: Gorgeous afternoon for a walk in the neighborhood.

2019-01-09: Everyone is feeling better, and I have a laundry room overflowing with clothes, towels, and blankets that need to be washed.

2019-01-08: Sick Daddy First the kids, now me. Laundry piles up, no food. It’s a bad scene, here.

2019-01-08: Before last week, I’d never used Apple’s TV app. I’m actually impressed with how easy it makes it to watch my content.

2019-01-07: Sick Kids Kids and mom are sick. Work cancelled, time to take care. Glad to have the help.

2019-01-07: Book Review: Bad Blood 📚 Disgusting. Outrageous. Criminal. Bad Blood is the result of the high-caliber reporting by John Carreyrou of The Wall Street Journal. Carreyrou is an investigative reporter with the paper who has an extensive background in healthcare fraud investigations. Bad Blood tells the …

2019-01-06: Bike Ride to the Park Come on son, let’s go! A bike ride to the park. Wait, Scared of the hill. No.

2019-01-06: Borrowing money today is negotiating a pay cut with your future self.

2019-01-06: Finished reading: Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup by John Carreyrou 📚

2019-01-05: Sunny Day Sixty-six degrees, Full sun, no clouds in the sky. Nice January.

2019-01-05: 66 and clear skies for this evening’s grill time.

2019-01-05: The tree is down and outside. Most of the mess is cleaned up. Got out and cleaned both cars. Beautiful day!

2019-01-04: A New Routine Now settling in, A new routine. Two weeks down, A lifetime to go.

2019-01-04: USCCB’s For Your Marriage project review of my book: The Transition: A Practical Guide to Engagement for the Catholic Man reads like getting advice from a good friend who passes on insights and suggestions gleaned from his own recent experience of being engaged and …

2019-01-04: All bacon is not created equal.

2019-01-03: Lunch with Mommy A rainy day treat, Lunch at the office with Mom. Good time had by all.

2019-01-03: Judy Greer is tearing it up on the kids programming voiceover circuit.

2019-01-02: Sick Boy “Dad, my tummy hurts.” Bad start to the day. Then said, “Watch TV all day?”

2019-01-02: Few things are more pleasant than reading a good book in a quiet house with the sound of rain coming in through the windows.

2019-01-02: The Partisan Problem For these members of his Cabinet who remain and try to defend him, they’re not going to be able to go to a restaurant, they’re not going to be able to stop at a gas station, they’re not going to be able to shop at a department store. The people are going to turn …

2019-01-02: When it’s pouring rain at 5am, and I go for a 4 mile walk anyway, that’s how I know I’m going to win.

2019-01-01: A Solid Start A wonderful day. Mass, play outside, some errands. Here’s to many more!

2019-01-01: Nation’s Fathers Engage In Time-Honored Ritual Of Telling Their Kids They Haven’t Seen Them Since Last Year - The Babylon Bee Millions of other fathers all over America partook in the tradition as well, dutifully reciting the joke, which relies on the conflation of …

2019-01-01: Book Review: Your Best Year Ever 📚 I’ve been following Michael Hyatt for over seven years now, and this book is based on a five-part video course that he had put out a few years ago. The book came out in early 2018 and, while I had pre-ordered it, I cancelled that order before it shipped. For some reason, I …

2019-01-01: Episode 50: Happy New Year, Folks From our breakfast table to yours, welcome 2019!

2019-01-01: House Democrats Lay Out Plan to Reopen Government by Carving Out Wall Fight - WSJ For example, the most recent bill funding DHS, which oversees the border, included money for fencing, bollard fencing, levees and technology, but not a concrete wall. Republicans have said those …

2019-01-01: Finished reading: [Your Best Year Ever: A 5-Step Plan for Achieving Your Most Important Goals]( by Michael Hyatt 📚

2019-01-01: New Year, new shoes.

2018-12-31: Twenty-Eighteen The end of a year. Time is always passing us. Pause, reflect, go forth!

2018-12-31: Currently reading: [Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup]( by John Carreyrou 📚

2018-12-31: Stunning sunset to end 2018.

2018-12-31: I guess every season is election season now.

2018-12-31: 2019 Goals In years past, I’ve set a variety of goals across different categories. I’ve decided to cast that method aside and focus on one area of my life: better compliance with my migraine management. There are certain things that I can do every day to reduce the incidence and severity of …

2018-12-30: Planning Day Lots of thinking done, Twenty-Nineteen activity. Fun to think quite big!

2018-12-30: Maybe I shouldn’t get on the scale at all. If I close my Activity Rings every day and keep a food journal, is it even necessary?

2018-12-29: Slow Saturday Not much to report, A little of this and that. And now it’s over.

2018-12-29: This is America There’s a lot of talk about how our nation is more divided than ever. As Americans, we face a problem that many nations do not have to confront. We’re a non-homogenous people, with only our patriotism, freedom, and Constitution binding us together. Many people have a perturbingly …

2018-12-28: The perfect background music while reading on a Friday evening. 🎵

2018-12-28: Water Back to just water. Two-hundred ounces today. Might be a long night.

2018-12-28: Picked up the new Mission Impossible and all of the Bourne movies on sale today on iTunes. Glad that I waited!

2018-12-28: Episode 49: Daddy’s Robot The kids join me for a recap of Christmas and we introduce a new regular on the show.

2018-12-27: Night Sky Brilliance Stars in the night sky, Wish I could take a picture. Save the memory.

2018-12-27: I love the woody aroma of fresh lavender.

2018-12-27: Advent calendar that my Mom made for us.

2018-12-27: Barely made it to recycling day. Now I have to hold on for two more days with a very full trash bin.

2018-12-26: Christmas Clean-Up New things put away, Many needed a new home. All I do is clean!

2018-12-26: Finally getting the house put back together.

2018-12-26: Coming up to the finish line of three years of daily journaling in Day One. Looking forward to getting them all printed in the New Year!

2018-12-25: My First Robot Waiting under tree, A robot vacuum for me! Get to work, robot!

2018-12-25: Currently reading: Your Best Year Ever: A 5-Step Plan for Achieving Your Most Important Goals by Michael Hyatt 📚

2018-12-25: There’s a robot vacuuming my floor. This is the best.

2018-12-25: Remarkably calm in the neighborhood this morning.

2018-12-24: Christmas Eve Stress So much secrecy, Putting presents out at night. Glad I wasn’t caught!

2018-12-24: China Applies Xinjiang’s Policing Lessons to Other Muslim Areas - WSJ China’s aggressive policing of Muslims in its western region of Xinjiang is being replicated in other parts of the country, particularly in areas with other Muslim communities. The camps aren’t far behind.

2018-12-24: My wife is either legitimately at work, or she is frantically driving all over town trying to find a Turboman.

2018-12-24: Episode 48: Christmas Eve The kids are very excited about Christmas tomorrow.

2018-12-23: Sunday Nap Sunday naps were forced, When I was a lad. Now a Very special treat!

2018-12-23: I love this time of evening.

2018-12-22: Date night.

2018-12-22: HomeKit Garage Doors Merry Christmas, Chet! Now your garage is HomeKit. “Hey Siri, open.”

2018-12-22: Just put my garage on HomeKit with the Insignia WiFi plug. Product reviews were inconclusive, so I’m hoping things work out with my mesh network and HomePod home hub.

2018-12-22: Apple’s Dan Riccio - MacRumors Relative to the issue you referenced regarding the new iPad Pro, its unibody design meets or exceeds all of Apple’s high quality standards of design and precision manufacturing. Thanks for all of the cash, enjoy your bent iPad!

2018-12-21: Chinese Robocall Strange area code. I answer. “Ni hao," they say. Not a call for me.

2018-12-21: Christmas lights at the civic gardens.

2018-12-21: First time getting a Chinese robocall.

2018-12-20: She Got Cricut Wife got a cricut, Started working right away. Well, she will be missed.

2018-12-20: Crazy reporting in the Journal over the past few days about review scams on Amazon. Now I don’t know what to believe.

2018-12-20: Airpower.

2018-12-20: What is the design process for a minivan that results in 3 LATCH positions instead of a more reasonable 4?

2018-12-19: Karate Master Boy was good tonight, Great form, good effort. It’s clear, he’s learning quickly!

2018-12-19: NYT: Facebook allowed Microsoft’s Bing search engine to see the names of virtually all Facebook users’ friends without consent, the records show, and gave Netflix and Spotify the ability to read Facebook users’ private messages. Another day, another scandal!

2018-12-19: Episode 47: Rainy Day Visitors We have some very special visitors on their way to our house. I sat down with Felicity to get her thoughts.

2018-12-19: Just found the website of Freedom from Facebook, which wants the FTC to break up the company. I don’t think we need government intervention, we need user intervention. Delete your account, and if you hold the company’s stock, sell.

2018-12-18: WSJ: The free service, called Experian Boost, will be used by consumers who opt in and link the bank accounts they use to pay their phone and utility providers to Experian, allowing the company to track their monthly payments. Never.

2018-12-18: America: after dark, Sonic etiquette requires that you turn off your headlights while parked in the stall.

2018-12-18: Cleaning for Visitors A fun little trick, Cleaning up for visitors. Yes, always this clean!

2018-12-18: The Verge on Facebook’s data download strategy: In the meantime, Facebook’s data protection tools mostly serve to distract users from the more aggressive data collection happening behind the scenes.

2018-12-18: It’s so refreshing to encounter the work of quality journalists.

2018-12-18: It’s a bit foggy out there.

2018-12-17: A 180 I used to be tech, Now I’m skeptic. Keep the good, Dump ALL of the rest.

2018-12-17: How slammed is UPS? I just saw a driver in a golf cart with a trailer making deliveries.

2018-12-17: Fresh dill smells amazing. One of my favorite kitchen aromas.

2018-12-17: A few of the books that I read this year. I also managed to post a full review of each title. 📚

2018-12-16: Sunday Nap Tired as of late, One hour late to bed, fail. Naps can be great, though.

2018-12-16: Stunning sunrise. Happy Sunday!

2018-12-15: Messy Saturday A new trend emerged, Big projects on Saturday, Sunday spend cleaning.

2018-12-15: Benedict’s cookie game is strong.

2018-12-15: Episode 46: Christmas Cookies I just got home from running errands to find the kids at the kitchen table decorating Christmas cookies. We talk about their designs and our ride last night on The Polar Express.

2018-12-14: All aboard, The Polar Express!

2018-12-14: Emergency Call Accident with kids. Call EMS? No, call Mom, Doctor direct line.

2018-12-14: Book Review: Grant Us Peace 📚 Grant Us Peace was the second book that I wrote in 2014. I was in the groove and, at the time, feeling a bit spiritually dry. I wrote an entire first draft, and immediately trashed it and started from scratch. I’m very proud of the work that I was able to ship. The goal of the …

2018-12-14: iMac is semi-operational. Restored from Time Machine backup, but most preferences weren’t saved. Oh well.

2018-12-14: My 2014 iMac on the lastest release of Mojave keeps freezing and restarting. Disk Utility can’t repair the corruption. Looks like I’ll be spending the day reformatting my hard drive and restoring from backup.

2018-12-13: Candlelit dinner to celebrate the Feast of St. Lucy.

2018-12-13: iMac Crash Four year old iMac, Crashes randomly. No fix. Guess I’ll do fresh start.

2018-12-13: Mail carrier leaves a postage due notice in the mailbox. He came to my door to do a pickup and didn’t even ring the doorbell (I was home). I wish I could say this degraded service is a result of the holidays.

2018-12-12: Nice little celebration for the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Street tacos for dinner!

2018-12-12: Cancelled Plans A trip to city, Cancelled by sick little boy. Well, nevermind then!

2018-12-12: WSJ reporting: The Boy Scouts of America is considering filing for bankruptcy protection as it faces dwindling membership and escalating legal costs related to lawsuits over how it handled allegations of sex abuse. Hard to stay relevant when every move alienates more people.

2018-12-12: On my list of services to shut down today: Google Domains Google Maps API Google Wifi

2018-12-12: It was a good year for books. Maybe my best yet.

2018-12-12: Finished reading: Grant Us Peace by Chet Collins 📚

2018-12-11: It’s so nice to walk around the neighborhood in the evening and enjoy all of the Christmas lights.

2018-12-11: Planetarium Planetarium, A fun trip for the kids, too! Will have to go back.

2018-12-11: Changing the 529 rules to allow for accounts for expected children seems like an odd hill to die on. I’d much rather see a discussion around merging HSA, 529, and other tax-favored accounts into a universal savings account.

2018-12-11: Episode 45: Ready for Adventure We’re finishing up breakfast and getting ready to head to the local planetarium for a kids show.

2018-12-10: Things Kids Say My little girl says, She has a tarantula. Thanks, PBS Kids!

2018-12-10: The state of iOS is really sad. There’s almost no more need for sites like The Sweet Setup. I guess this is what happens when customers aren’t willing to pay and indie devs can’t afford to create amazing apps.

2018-12-10: Ordered new routers today. Replacing Google WiFi very soon. 🎉

2018-12-10: Book Review: Command and Control 📚 As I mentioned in my previous review, my first encounter with the reality of nuclear weapons happened in high school. My AP World History teacher assigned the book, Hiroshima, for our summer reading. I bought this book on a whim. While on the Apple Books store, I was drawn in by …

2018-12-09: iMessage image search is terrible.

2018-12-09: Kids Clothes Shopping Sizes always change, Trying to fit in the store. Someone disrupt this.

2018-12-09: Finished reading: Command and Control: Nuclear Weapons, the Damascus Accident, and the Illusion of Safety by Eric Schlosser 📚

2018-12-08: Dogs Running Together What day is today? Sunday? Friday? Saturday? Never figured out.

2018-12-08: I went to the Apple Store to look at the new Watches and iPads. That was a poor decision.

2018-12-07: Math is Hard Start next year tax work, Trouble somewhere in numbers. Fixed it, took too long.

2018-12-07: Did anyone bother to watch House of Cards season 6?

2018-12-07: Walmart is doing an excellent job earning my business. The best prices, free grocery shopping/pickup, automatic refunds for recalled items, free upgrades for out of stock items. The best!

2018-12-07: Google's Great Quibble We use data to make Google products like Search and Maps as useful as possible. We also use data to serve more relevant ads. While these ads help fund our services and make them free for everyone, it’s important to clarify that our users’ personal information is simply not for …

2018-12-06: Call of Duty 2 Surprised that it works, on Mojave. Way to go, game developer!

2018-12-06: Microsoft Edge coming to Mac next year: We also expect this work to enable us to bring Microsoft Edge to other platforms like macOS. Don’t waste your time.

2018-12-06: I wrote this back in March as I deleted my social media accounts: There’s something very powerful about the concept of a social network… The problem comes when these networks have revenue targets to hit and shareholders to please.

2018-12-06: I don’t go on BuzzFeed often, but when I do, I fail their quiz about “important” events that happened this year and I’m validated in my life choices.

2018-12-06: Emoji + Things App = 👨🏻‍💻

2018-12-06: Episode 44: St. Nicholas and Batman The kids found some treats in their shoes this morning and have found the perfect song to enjoy while dancing.

2018-12-06: Happy Feast of St. Nicholas!

2018-12-05: Up Late Should have been in bed, Instead, up much too late now. Will pay tomorrow.

2018-12-05: I hate when big box hardware stores close entire aisles during business hours.

2018-12-05: Got all of the leaves mulched before the heavy rains. Feels good to get the lawn back into shape.

2018-12-05: One of the things that I miss about Twitter/Instagram are the digital friends that I made. I wish there was an easier way to keep in touch with them, but I’m not sure that I’m willing to recreate those accounts just to stay in touch.

2018-12-05: Merry muggin’

2018-12-05: Owning My Content Manton likes to talk about how owning your domain means that you own your own content. In fact, that’s the major selling point behind I completely agree with him. When I post to a blog at a domain that I own, I control the content, and how it’s presented, from here …

2018-12-04: RapidWeaver Heartbreak An elusive bug, Breaks my version 8 workflow. Time to roll it back.

2018-12-04: Episode 43: Christmas Tree Benedict and Felicity had much to say as I struggled to keep the conversation on topic. The Christmas decorations are up and ready for us to enjoy!

2018-12-04: Hulu/AT&T plans for ads in 2019: Streaming TV services offered by companies like Hulu and AT&T are testing the waters for a new type of advertising called “pause ads” The idea… ads that play when they choose to pause a show… Nope.

2018-12-03: Fall Yard Work Mower back from shop, Mulching leaves with simple ease. Nice tool to work with.

2018-12-03: I did three different 2018 tax calculators (Turbotax, eFile, H&R Block). The same numbers gave me three answers with a huge swing. I guess we’ll just wait and see what happens!

2018-12-03: It’s that wonderful time of year again when the soft glow of the Christmas tree fills my home with light early in the morning.

2018-12-02: Sunday Catch Up Yesterday was tree, Way behind on to do list. Got my girl to help!

2018-12-02: Sky clear.

2018-12-01: Christmas Cards Today is the First. Christmas cards put in the mail, Way too much winning.

2018-12-01: To the scientists who gave us contact lenses: I salute you!

2018-12-01: My spot in line to move domain registrations to Cloudflare opened up this morning. $8/year for .com with free WHOIS privacy. Easy decision.

2018-12-01: Hello, December! 🎄

2018-11-30: 2018 Draws to a Close End of the month tasks, Next time will be end of year. Admin work is fun!

2018-11-30: “Free shipping” that delivers in 7-10 business days is just as off-putting to customers as paid 3-5 business day shipping.

2018-11-30: Lots of stuff in the pantry and refrigerator. Going to work over the next few days to eat all of these extras and get a fresh start.

2018-11-30: I love the last day of the month and all of the financial reconciliation that I get to do.

2018-11-29: Complaint Machine Complaints here today, Nothing in particular, Just a few pet peeves.

2018-11-29: There’s nothing smart about FedEx SmartPost.

2018-11-29: Parental controls on iOS12 are way too complicated to set up.

2018-11-28: Apple Watch Setup Crazy slow process, Hard to back up, long load time. A bad job, Apple.

2018-11-28: The Apple Watch has the worst onboarding experience of any products in their lineup.

2018-11-28: How bad is Siri? She can’t figure out that when I ask for “PBS Kids Songs for the Holidays,” I am talking about the album “PBS Kids Music for the Holidays.” Sad!

2018-11-28: The way that the free market punishes companies for misbehavior is by starving them of business. So if you don’t like what Google or Facebook or Twitter are doing, punish them by deleting your account.

2018-11-27: Hacking Web Fonts Leaving Google fonts, Created my own font kit. Love to learn new things!

2018-11-27: The Google Alternatives At every turn, I find another Google product or service that I’m using, which really shows how deep they are in the market. I used Google’s Product page to make sure that I had remember all of the services that I used at one point or another. I must say, every passing day, Google …

2018-11-27: I used to pass Lordstown all the time driving the Ohio Turnpike. I’m pretty sure that plant is all that’s there.

2018-11-27: How does Pixelmator still not have type on a curve?

2018-11-27: I finally took some time to set up shortcuts and sync in Transmit 5. Can’t believe it took me this long to make my life easy.

2018-11-26: Biceps Tendonitis Hurt from all my play, Limited range of motion. I’m now an old man.

2018-11-26: It’s been a month since Pope Francis accepted Cardinal Wuerl’s reisgnation. Perhaps he should ask Xi Jinping whom to appoint as the next archbishop of the Archdiocese of Washington

2018-11-26: Episode 42: BenedictBot 3000 Benedict has a robot that he would like for you to meet.

2018-11-26: Do I have to say a blessing before eating leftovers?

2018-11-26: UPS is absolutely slammed right now. Lots of packages delayed due to “operating conditions.”

2018-11-26: Google’s privacy quibble: We do not sell your personal information to anyone. We use data to serve you relevant ads in Google products, on partner websites, and in mobile apps. While these ads help fund our services… your personal information is not for sale.

2018-11-26: Every year I think that our taxes are going to be uncomplicated, but it never turns out that way. There’s always something that requires special treatment.

2018-11-25: Fresh Balsam Candle Burning Into the attic, Pulling out Christmas decor, Candle until tree.

2018-11-25: Many thanks to the folks in retail distribution for their hard work in getting my orders out the door!

2018-11-25: Enjoying my coffee this morning and reminiscing about our time on Lake Michigan.

2018-11-24: Clean Kitchen, Again Thanksgiving wrecked it, Several full loads of dishes, Finally all clean.

2018-11-24: Perfect way to end a great day.

2018-11-24: Gorgeous Saturday to enjoy the great outdoors

2018-11-24: The thing about games like Reigns is that while it shows you how much a particular choice will influence a group, it doesn’t say if it’s positive or negative. Frustrating.

2018-11-23: Full Moon Pure white brilliant glow, Casts mystical soft blue light, A monthly delight!

2018-11-23: Beautiful evening for a walk in the neighborhood under the light of a full moon.

2018-11-23: This iPad Pro abuse video was one of the most difficult things I’ve watched in years.

2018-11-23: It’s in the mid-50s and this lady is walking her dog bundled up like she just got off the Moscow Metro in February.

2018-11-23: Accepted Apple’s Give Back offer four days ago. They process it as a refund to the card used to make the purchase. Still no refund. Unbelievable. Seriously, do no use Apple Give Back.

2018-11-23: Not ashamed to admit that Christmas music is now playing on the HomePod. Love this year’s Matt Maher release.

2018-11-23: Made some more CSS changes to my hosted blog. I love the simplicity with pops of bright orange.

2018-11-23: This is a good time of year to have the Deliveries app.

2018-11-22: Thankful Thankful for my wife, my kids, and my life. A pause, to count my blessings.

2018-11-22: Wasn’t pardoned.

2018-11-22: Walmart Grocery is automatically refunding me for all of the salad that I’ve bought recently. This is a huge advantage: auto-refunds for recalled items.

2018-11-22: Watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade reminds me why I don’t watch TV. More ads than content and ad naseum promotion of NBC programs.

2018-11-22: Episode 41: Thanksgiving It’s a slow start on Thanksgiving morning. I catch up with the family as we start our celebrations.

2018-11-22: A Grateful Nation I love that the United States has a national holiday dedicated to gratitude. As a nation, today’s celebrations go back to a singular event that would come to define who we are as a people. To be an American is to be generous. To be generous, one has to have a profound sense of …

2018-11-21: Dad the Builder I’m not that handy. I did cut wood for shelves, tho. Legend in my mind.

2018-11-21: Geeze, when will these government workers get the message that they need to stop using personal email at work?!

2018-11-21: Made some closet shelves today. Not bad.

2018-11-20: Brisk Zoo Adventure Brisk late Fall morning, Animals were out playing. Result: happy kids!

2018-11-20: Gorgeous Fall day at the zoo

2018-11-20: Apple 2FA is really weird. Why on earth would it offer the 2nd factor authentication code on the device that’s trying to log in?!

2018-11-20: Episode 40: Inventions I catch up with Benedict in the play room before the girls wake up to talk about all of his latest LEGO inventions.

2018-11-19: Dead Microwave Loud noise, burning smell, Microwave quits on bad week. Time to call landlord.

2018-11-19: The iPad Pro should be my next computer? Ha, okay. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

2018-11-19: Apple Give Back: very slow process, zero communication, and final offer 17% below estimate with no explanation. Will not do that again.

2018-11-19: Changing my iCloud password today. Send some thoughts my way.

2018-11-18: Poetic Justice Tailgater behind, Passed in a big hurry. Then, busted by a cop.

2018-11-17: Fall Cleanup Hedges trimmed, leaves swept, Cars washed, sticks picked up. Great day For a Fall clean-up!

2018-11-17: Out grilling for an early dinner so that I don’t have to work in the dark!

2018-11-17: It’s a beautiful Saturday, so I got outside with my son and took care of our fall yard clean-up. Hedges trimmed, plants cut back, both cars washed, and a lovely four mile walk in the sun. Burgers on the grill for dinner.

2018-11-16: Seasonal Allergies I’ve never had them, Before last year. Allergies, Ruin great Fall fun!

2018-11-16: Apple’s Give Back program is ridiculously slow.

2018-11-16: Deleting Google This is a time of great upheaval in American technological culture. For the past twenty years, technology companies have taken up an ever increasing presence in our lives through hardware and software. These technologies, like so many before them, changed the way we do business …

2018-11-15: Greg Ip for The Wall Street Journal, The Unintended Consequences of the ‘Free’ Internet: The zero-price business model is a source of many of the problems plaguing the Internet. It’s no coincidence that Google, Facebook and Twitter Inc. —which garner more than 80% of their …

2018-11-15: Technology Changes Changes to home tech, Take quite a bit of my time. Feels good when all done.

2018-11-15: Medal of Honor: Allied Assault was a great game.

2018-11-15: Realizing how deep my relationship with Google goes. Waze, YouTube, Google Voice. A twelve month transition away feels like the right amount of time to wrap things up.

2018-11-15: Hierarchy of domestic shipping: UPS FedEx Express United States Postal Service UPS SurePost FedEx Home Delivery DHL

2018-11-14: Karate Joy So much fun to watch, Five year old do karate. He is full of joy!

2018-11-14: I love when the sunset paints the upper branches with that warm gold.

2018-11-14: I wish that Apple had a really good iOS/macOS way to clean up “Recent Contacts.” So annoying.

2018-11-14: Currently reading: Command and Control: Nuclear Weapons, the Damascus Accident, and the Illusion of Safety by Eric Schlosser 📚

2018-11-13: Road Construction Crews outside my house, Tearing up the neighborhood. Hope they leave nice roads!

2018-11-13: Book Review: American Kingpin 📚 American Kingpin is the true story of the infamous Silk Road, its founder Ross Ulbricht, and the law enforcement agents of the United States and their hunt to bring down Ulbricht. In many respects, Silk Road was a revolutionary website and the epitome of the logical ends of …

2018-11-13: Oh, Amazon. DC and NYC for HQ2? How original! How brilliant! How imaginative! What a colossal waste of everyone’s time.

2018-11-12: iMac Upgrade Woes Hard drive not replaced, Tech said not possible now. Here comes external!

2018-11-12: Finished reading: American Kingpin: The Epic Hunt for the Criminal Mastermind Behind the Silk Road by Nick Bilton 📚

2018-11-12: Episode 39: Monday Morning Breakfast Benedict requested a podcast this morning, so we sat down at the breakfast table and hit record. He shared a random fact and Felicity is now a puppy. This episode can best be summed up by Felicity’s off-mic review once we wrapped, “That a great ChetCast!”

2018-11-11: I’m so disappointed in this season of Last Man Standing. They really lost their juice between networks.

2018-11-11: Ready to Go Busy week ahead, House is neat and tidy, tho. New a new topic.

2018-11-11: Date night.

2018-11-11: I’m so close to app and preferences parity between my iMac and MacBook.

2018-11-11: It’s cold, overcast, and quiet outside. It feels like snow.

2018-11-11: Special thanks to all of our American warriors who have served our common defense and for the families who have stood behind them, sacrificing time and memories for our freedom.

2018-11-11: I love a soft, fresh doughnut from Dunkin’.

2018-11-10: Twenty Nine Degrees Woke up to go walk, CARROT said it was quite cold. Read the news instead.

2018-11-10: Made some new friends today.

2018-11-09: This is still a delight.

2018-11-09: French president Emanuel Macron in comments leading up to the centennial of Armistice Day: We have to protect ourselves with respect to China, Russia and even the United States of America.

2018-11-09: A Messy House Thirty minutes flat, Is all that it takes to make, A messy house, clean.

2018-11-09: I need to upgrade my iMac internal hard drive, but I think I need to hire someone to do it.

2018-11-09: Mixed content is my worst nightmare.

2018-11-09: I’m starting to get my Botox super powers back.

2018-11-09: I could eat the same thing for each meal for weeks on end. I’m trying to work harder on adding more variety to my childrens’ diet. This morning we’re going to enjoy some fresh cut strawberries.

2018-11-09: Say what you will about Tom Cruise, he is very serious about his craft.

2018-11-08: Botox Botox sure sounds great. Except for the thirty shots, To the head, face, neck.

2018-11-08: I think that explicit lyrics are a net negative to the art of music. It limits the scope of audience and offers no tangible benefits. If the intent is to emphasize strong emotions, use the scoring or develop a deeper, more personal lyrical narrative.

2018-11-08: George knows how to play. So relaxing on a rainy autumn afternoon. 🎵

2018-11-08: It’s been over a month since I’ve worn my Fitbit. I haven’t missed it for a moment.

2018-11-08: It’s a bit wet out there.

2018-11-08: I woke up with a sense of dread. Oh, yeah, Botox day.

2018-11-08: Episode 38: Birthday LEGOs I catch up with Benedict early this morning to chat about his birthday and plans for the day.

2018-11-07: Midterm Elections The most important Election is over now. 2020 next.

2018-11-07: I love a good grapefruit.

2018-11-07: We now return to our regularly scheduled broadcast.

2018-11-06: Sunset 530 sunset, It must be a grave error. Who will end this game?

2018-11-06: I love watching election results.

2018-11-06: I miss Timetable.

2018-11-06: I’ve decided to migrate my business away from Alphabet/Google. Already switched search engines and will move domains over the next 12. Switching out my hardware will take longer.

2018-11-06: Episode 37: Halloween and the Lizard Felicity joins me on the mic to talk about her Halloween experience and a new critter friend. She’s quite chatty.

2018-11-05: Cleaning Day Hack Never clean bathrooms, On laundry day. Too much work. Do the day before!

2018-11-05: I’m so looking forward to Wednesday morning. No more talk about 2018 and these midterms; only wall-to-wall coverage of 2020.

2018-11-05: Oh wow! I just got a text message. Did you guys know that there’s an election tomorrow?

2018-11-05: I’ve become that maniac that listens to Christmas music right after Halloween.

2018-11-04: App devs: please write better release notes.

2018-11-04: Daylight Savings Time What a stupid joke, Changing my clocks twice a year. Complete waste of time.

2018-11-04: No, sun, please don’t go away! It’s too early!

2018-11-04: Netflix should have done the right thing and cancelled House of Cards last year.

2018-11-04: Good Morning!

2018-11-03: Currently reading: American Kingpin: The Epic Hunt for the Criminal Mastermind Behind the Silk Road by Nick Bilton 📚

2018-11-03: Thirty Eight To Dos Been a bit behind, Thirty eight things on my list. Managed to get done!

2018-11-03: When are we going to turn off Internet comments?

2018-11-02: Annual Physical Had my physical, A mostly pleasant affair. See ya next year, doc!

2018-11-02: Just participated in a national poll. I’m a bit surprised at the middle of the road views I actually hold. Seems to me that the only people who are full throttle one way or the other make their living off of politics.

2018-11-01: Jazz Revival Listening to Jazz, Saw Kenny G in concert, Nineteen years ago.

2018-11-01: What’s up, Kenny G?

2018-10-31: Rainy Halloween Not the best weather, A rainy Halloween day. Got the kids out, tho.

2018-10-31: At least this Halloween evening actually feels like October.

2018-10-31: Halloween is going to be a bust with all of this rain


2018-10-30: Dusting Got out the duster, Really has been way too long. Sure does a nice job.

2018-10-30: No iPad Pro in my near future. Maybe in the next 12 months I’ll replace my Air 2.

2018-10-29: End of Treatment Twelve weeks between shots, Botox wears off at week ten. Migraines incoming.

2018-10-29: The Babylon Bee: ‘I signed up to occupy Afghanistan, not defend the country,’ said one soldier. ‘When I said I’d defend Americans’ freedoms, I meant I’d defend them abroad, not defend them at home.’ They really knocked this one out of the park. It may be their …

2018-10-28: Family Fun Day A beautiful day, For family fun in the sun. A great day, well spent.

2018-10-28: Visited this old neighborhood treehouse on a Fall afternoon. That brilliant blue sky never gets old.

2018-10-28: Book Review: Getting Things Done 📚 This is a book that needs no introduction. It was my first time reading it all the way through, having scavenged it before. It was as good as people said. I did have a hard time getting through the book. The system works just fine for me as a stay-at-home dad, and clearly the …

2018-10-28: Michael C. Bender for The Wall Street Journal: In Indiana and Illinois appearances, Mr. Trump said he was inspired to keep his schedule in part because he remembered the New York Stock Exchange reopened the day after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. The NYSE and Nasdaq …

2018-10-27: Finished reading: Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity by David Allen 📚

2018-10-27: Bike Benedict’s new bike, Training in the parking lot. He did really great!

2018-10-27: 55 degrees is my ideal temperature.

2018-10-26: Credit Bureaus They take my data, Without my consent. Quite rude. They are terrible.

2018-10-26: I sent three identical requests to the three credit bureaus to freeze my three children’s credit a month ago. 8/9 requests came back just fine, but Equifax lost or didn’t process one. In order to find out if they did, I have to send another request, with all of the …

2018-10-26: It’s remarkable just how much light the moon can cast on the ground

2018-10-25: A Huge Milestone Sixty-four percent, Of pay to our student loans. A big, huge, success!

2018-10-25: I love currency.

2018-10-25: My kids fight over vitamins and Zyrtec.

2018-10-24: Big Day A cold, rainy day. A new bike, karate practice, Turned out to be fun!

2018-10-24: Cold, rainy October days are the best.

2018-10-23: iCloud Outage iCloud out is strange, So many things left undone. Hope it gets fixed soon!

2018-10-23: The new UPS Follow My Delivery feature is nice, but completely meaningless. They show the truck’s location, but not the route. They need to add your delivery’s location on the driver’s route. Example: 35 more deliveries until yours.

2018-10-23: Apple’s one year warranty for accessories is actually pretty good. In the cases where I’ve had a problem, they next day air me a replacement product. It’s great that they stand behind their warranty with such great service.

2018-10-22: Home Construction A leaking shower, Door twice replaced since last week. Hope this new one works.

2018-10-22: Mac App Store games do a terrible job updating to the new OS. Most of my past purchases crash on load. No updates in sight.

2018-10-22: Can we all agree that unsolicited text messages from political campaigns are gross?

2018-10-21: Having trouble making it through Getting Things Done. Keep stopping to add to-dos to Things.

2018-10-21: Blue Skies Ahead After all the rain, A clear, blue sky afternoon. Took a walk. Very nice!

2018-10-21: I will never get over my love for a deep blue sky

2018-10-21: I am the danger.

2018-10-21: Happy Sunday!

2018-10-21: Just had an entire conversation with my 4 year old. He woke up and apparently believes it’s still last night.

2018-10-20: Ride at Sunset A cool, Fall evening, Riding my bike at sunset. I’ll sleep well tonight!

2018-10-20: Nice night to ride.

2018-10-19: Life without my Fitbit is way better than I could’ve imagined.

2018-10-19: Chick-fil-a At Dinner Drive thru, full of cars, Wrapped around the building, twice. Totally worth it.

2018-10-19: Accepting Cardinal Weurl’s resignation and then appointing him apostolic administrator, in an archdiocese with three auxiliary bishops, shows the complete lack of seriousness with which the Vatican approaches this moment of paramount importance. I’m not leaving the Church, …

2018-10-19: Rainy morning commute

2018-10-19: Episode 36: Science Museum We’re starting our day, getting ready to go to the Science Museum. Benedict and Felicity catch us up.

2018-10-19: Children’s activity venues should open at 9am, at the latest!

2018-10-18: School Tour Went on a tour, Checking out school for my boy. My, time sure does fly.

2018-10-18: Why has Pixelmator still not learned how to type on a curve?

2018-10-17: The amount of typos in news articles published online by major news organizations is embarrassing.

2018-10-17: Men at Work Repairmen are here, Fixing a leaky shower. Will be nice when done!

2018-10-17: Writing down a record of my life each day with a picture in Day One is one of my most beneficial habits. I love looking at On This Day entries.

2018-10-16: Nest Heat Cool A great mode on Nest, Perfect for in between times. Heat/Cool, just perfect!

2018-10-16: Have my leeks cooking in a base of pasture butter. Going to be making a delicious broccoli and spinach soup for this cold October night.

2018-10-16: I think I’m going to do NaNoWriMo. It’s been four years since I’ve published a book, and I really enjoy the process. It’s not a novel, but my concept is a book about my experiences as a stay-at-home dad.

2018-10-16: Currently reading: Grant Us Peace by Chet Collins 📚

2018-10-16: I’m thankful for a two car garage on a very wet morning. So nice to load/unload the kids under shelter.

2018-10-16: It’s pretty unprofessional for a news website to not have an RSS feed.

2018-10-15: Relaxing on the couch, reading a good book, while enjoying a symphony in the background of rainwater and Ólafur Arnalds.

2018-10-15: Done By Lunch Got started early, First load of laundry at 5. Done by lunch, not bad!

2018-10-15: Driving is a joy and a pleasure, a skill to be honed and practiced. Maybe it’s just the pilot in me, but autonomous vehicles aren’t appealing. I prefer safety systems to augment my driving and to serve as a redundancy.

2018-10-15: Currently reading: Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity by David Allen 📚

2018-10-15: Microcasting is one of the best parts of

2018-10-15: Episode 35: Hello, Fall! A very chatty Benedict brings special guest Baby Black Nose to the podcast this morning. We talk about the arrival of Fall, his very first LEGO set, some strong storms, and his plans for his Halloween pumpkin carving design.

2018-10-15: Book Review: The Spy and the Traitor 📚 Earlier this year, I read A Spy Among Friends, the story of KGB mole Kim Philby and his espionage against his native Britain and the MI6. As a Westerner, I approached Philby’s betrayal with a great sense of indignation. Reading Macintyre’s latest book, I met the man Oleg …

2018-10-14: Give Me Wisdom The Book of Wisdom was written in a confusing time for the people of Israel. They had come into contact with the Greek culture for the first time, which brought a groundswell of new ideas. Among them, was a dependence on the human intellect and language. Why need god when we can …

2018-10-14: LEGO Kit His first LEGO kit, “My dream came true,” he exclaimed. So much Dad winning.

2018-10-14: Autocorrect gets more wrong than right.

2018-10-14: Finished reading: The Spy and the Traitor: The Greatest Espionage Story of the Cold War by Ben Macintyre 📚

2018-10-14: About to build Benedict’s first LEGO set with him. He’s very excited!

2018-10-13: I’m not okay with the new Mandy. She’s trying way too hard. Wish she’d make the role her own.

2018-10-13: Having the Home app on macOS is so nice.

2018-10-13: Hand Wax Hand wax twice a year, To keep your car in top shape. Nothing can beat it!

2018-10-13: What crime against humanity was not committed under the banner of progress? What great human achievement was not brought to completion under the same banner? Progress is a poor moral guide. Believing itself to be supreme, it seeks to enslave the human person to whatever ends it …

2018-10-12: Too Sleepy Too hard to stay up, Spent most the day asleep. Now time to repeat.

2018-10-12: The essential ingredient to the formation of a human person is answering the question: who is man? Too few of us even bother to spend a moment pondering.

2018-10-11: Baby Crawls A sudden lurch fore, Mechanical-like movements. Never be the same.

2018-10-11: I bought Nicomachean Ethics on Apple Books today. That great work of Aristotle commands a list price of $.99. You know that ain’t right.

2018-10-10: I’m very concerned about the Google+ data breach now that all of this personal information may now be compromised.

2018-10-10: Building A Tent Built a lovely tent, For the boy and I to hide. We surprised Mommy.

2018-10-10: Nice park.

2018-10-10: Hello, my favorite pair of jeans.

2018-10-09: Rainy Walk I went for a walk, Leisurely stroll in the road. Glad I was not struck.

2018-10-09: I love rainy days.

2018-10-08: Grocery Pickup I order online, I pull up, out comes my food. Thank you, Walmart friends!

2018-10-08: Google on Google+: The consumer version of Google+ currently has low usage and engagement: 90 percent of Google+ user sessions are less than five seconds. lol.

2018-10-08: Few things are as satisfying as pressing “Publish” in RapidWeaver.

2018-10-07: America A tremendous gift, Life in this free Republic, The Greatest Nation.

2018-10-07: Christ, Everywhere Last week we celebrated the Feast of St. Francis, and today’s First Reading brings to us the story of creation of woman and a short discourse on marriage. We are all created in God’s image and likeness, and we are all His children. It’s easy to see God in my seven month daughter, …

2018-10-07: I find iOS 12’s Screen Time to be completely useless.

2018-10-07: For a society that claims to deny the existence of a right to another person, we sure do espouse a lot of ideas that are based exclusively on that right.

2018-10-06: Grill Time Get excited, kids! Dad is outside at the grill. Filet mignon, yum!

2018-10-06: Washed, waxed, and ready for winter.

2018-10-06: In the early morning hours, I contemplate the depths of Your love.

2018-10-05: A Day Concluded The day is now done, Mostly spent on shopping trip. Hello, Fall weekend!

2018-10-05: I refuse to buy International Delight Coffee Creamer until they bring back Wayne Brady.

2018-10-04: Went to a local brewery with Alison for date night. I had a root beer and street tacos, which were delicious.

2018-10-04: Breakthrough: I’ve discovered how to not display dates on blog posts in RapidWeaver.

2018-10-04: Day One An entry per day, A printed record of days. A simple delight.

2018-10-04: Fitbit Last night, I took off my Fitbit. I’m not planning on putting it back on. I’ve worn a Fitbit almost every day since 2011. I started with the Ultra, moved over to the One, and for a very short time, wore the Charge HR. I ended up having that nasty rash everyone was talking about. …

2018-10-04: Walmart is killing Amazon on pricing.

2018-10-04: I just played around with Shortcuts, and it’s as disappointing as Workflow. This is not an OS feature that will be easily adopted by normal iPhone users because it’s so unintuitive.

2018-10-03: Currently reading: The Spy and the Traitor: The Greatest Espionage Story of the Cold War by Ben Macintyre 📚

2018-10-03: Karate First activity, Martial arts with other boys. He played joyfully!

2018-10-03: Book Review: Hiroshima 📚 I first read this book as a sophomore in high school for my World History class. When it came up in Apple Books as suggested reading, I thought it was a good time for me to revisit this text. Hiroshima was originally published as a long form article in a periodical in 1946. …

2018-10-03: Day One Journal I’ve written about my activities and included a photo in Day One Journal every day since January 1, 2016. Today I received my first printed version, which was entries from the first six months of 2018. I’m delighted at the product and the historical record I’ve left for myself. …

2018-10-03: Dental cleanings are usually uncomfortable. Although there was a lot of descaling to do, I really enjoyed watching my children play and read books in the mirror above the dental chair.

2018-10-02: Finished reading: Hiroshima by John Hersey 📚

2018-10-02: A Sick Toddler All is well at lunch, Then comes a sudden illness. I’m sorry, sweetheart!

2018-10-02: Alexis de Tocqueville: (The United States) is the product… of two perfectly distinct elements that elsewhere have often made war with each other, but which, in America, they have succeeded in incorporating somehow into one another and combining marvelously. I mean to …

2018-10-02: Episode 34: Solar System The kids demanded a podcast, and then refused to participate. So, I bring you up to speed on our latest projects and adventures.

2018-10-01: Hiroshima Reading book again, Story of Hiroshima. Unbelievable.

2018-10-01: Currently reading: Hiroshima by John Hersey 📚

2018-10-01: Postal Service Problems I’m fascinated by logistics. More specifically, with the operations of services like UPS, FedEx, and the United States Postal Service. It’s amazing to me how letters and packages make it from their origin to their destination, and in such short order. Many people are frustrated …

2018-09-30: Book Review: The Screwtape Letters 📚 What can I say about my 24th book of the year? A classic, Lewis’ insight proves to be a timeless treasure. The same temptations that Screwtape and his nephew Wormwood were working with still stand today. Lewis showed a particularly keen understanding on a wide range of elements …

2018-09-30: Twenty-Four A lofty book goal, Twenty four in a whole year. Finished in nine months.

2018-09-30: Finished reading: The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis 📚

2018-09-30: The Blind Faithful During today’s homily, our priest supposed that were we to follow this Gospel literally, we would all be blind. Sin touches each of us, and each of us face our own set of temptations. This truth dovetails nicely as I read the plotters correspondence in The Screwtape Letters. I’m …

2018-09-29: Bike Ride Bike back from the shop, Took it out for a quick spin. Now I’m exhausted.

2018-09-29: C.S. Lewis’ Screwtape on not relying on feelings of hatred: In his anguish, the patient can, of course, be encouraged to revenge himself by some vindictive feelings directed towards the German leaders, and that is good so far as it goes. But it is usually a sort of melodramatic …

2018-09-28: Beautiful Fall evening for a walk.

2018-09-28: Book Review: Spectre Origins 📚 I’ve read almost exclusively nonfiction books this year. That’s normal for me, but I’m finally starting to feel the wear. I did read Rainbow Six, which, though long, I found to be a nice break. I came across the author CW Lemoine on YouTube. I’m not sure what I wanted to surface …

2018-09-28: Finished reading: Spectre: Origins by C.W. Lemoine 📚

2018-09-28: Attention, Drivers Two words to help all, Zipper merge. Each takes their turn, Much better for all.

2018-09-28: Currently reading: The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis 📚

2018-09-27: Morning Walk No rain in forecast, Radar clear, cool fall morning. It poured, I am soaked.

2018-09-26: Book Review: The Enthusiast 📚 After completing the previous book on the life of St. Francis, I decided to pick up this story. Alison also gifted this book to me last Christmas, and since I was fresh on the life and characters of St. Francis, I thought it was a good opportunity to read about this next chapter …

2018-09-26: A Special Treat Lunch at work with Mom, Always special for the kids. Great for Daddy, too.

2018-09-26: Episode 33: Errands, Folks We’re getting ready to head out on a few errands, but first Benedict wanted us to record a podcast.

2018-09-26: Finished reading: The Enthusiast: How the Best Friend of Francis of Assisi Almost Destroyed What He Started by Jon Sweeney 📚

2018-09-26: I’ve been reading a lot about the life of St. Francis. I’m convinced, now more than ever, that if we truly want to live in the society that we all claim to want, it’s going to require a radical, top-to-bottom conversion that few of us have the courage to …

2018-09-25: I went through self-checkout this morning at Walmart to buy three items. It took me so much time to go through the steps to use Walmart Pay that the associate came over and asked if I needed help with something. lol

2018-09-25: Activity Season A brand new school year, So many things for a boy. Let’s try something new!

2018-09-24: David Wallace was a fantastic character.

2018-09-24: Trip to the Zoo So many creatures, Animals from far off lands. Totally awesome.

2018-09-24: Analysts are reporting that Apple’s cost for storage is $.25/GB on this year’s iPhones, while they mark it up to $.78/GB. This is my main objection to the horrible pricing this year: a 212% mark-up on storage. But don’t worry, that 5GB of iCloud storage is still free!

2018-09-24: QR payments vs NFC payments… they’re not even close. QR is sooooo bad.

2018-09-24: Large red sign on refrigerator in snake exhibit at zoo: “ANTIVENOM INSIDE”

2018-09-23: Intelligence Lost Many young people, Cannot be bothered to think. A loss for us all.

2018-09-23: Thanksgiving preparations have begun.

2018-09-23: The Children We’ve been members of our current parish for over a year now. One of the biggest differences that I’ve noticed is just how warm and welcoming the people are. There are a few young families that go to our regular Mass, and the children are all loved and appreciated. This stands in …

2018-09-22: Hello, Autumn Welcome back, old friend. Your cool presence has been missed. Let’s open windows.

2018-09-22: It’s early on a Saturday morning. Benedict is cheerfully building train tracks upstairs, I have my coffee, and it’s pouring rain outside. Welcome, Fall!

2018-09-21: Currently reading: The Enthusiast: How the Best Friend of Francis of Assisi Almost Destroyed What He Started by Jon Sweeney 📚

2018-09-21: Last Day of Summer Goodbye hot summer, Days of 100 plus temps. I prefer the cold.

2018-09-21: A really great tool for finding lighter/darker shades of a color for web design.

2018-09-21: Book Review: When Francis Saved the Church 📚 I love when I approach a book with preconceived notions about the subject matter and end up walking away pleasantly surprised. Alison got me this book for Christmas and, based on its title, I figured it was a biographical account of the life of St. Francis. I’m familiar with some …

2018-09-21: I love ordering new stamps.

2018-09-21: My children call the song Mrs. Hippopotamuses’ by Relient K the “Cat in the Hat song.” I can’t help but think this is high praise for Matt Thiessen and company. 🎵

2018-09-21: My favorite season is fall and my favorite type of weather is rain. Forecast says I’m in for a very good weekend!

2018-09-20: Finished reading: When Saint Francis Saved the Church: How a Converted Medieval Troubadour Created a Spiritual Vision for the Ages by Jon Sweeney 📚

2018-09-20: One Month One month of haiku, A delightful way to share. Shall I continue?

2018-09-20: Oh, Google. You still don’t get it.

2018-09-20: Completing online surveys for restaurants, businesses, and even doctor’s offices can be an inconvenience. But, they’re also a great act of mercy and just might earn someone a much needed promotion and raise.

2018-09-19: The Worst Kind of Day Head is volcano, Migraine ruined my whole day. Sorry I can’t play, kids!

2018-09-19: My family gathers for a week at Thanksgiving each year at a rented beach house in New Jersey. We can only go every other year, and this is an off year. 😔

2018-09-18: Best Year Ever Ready to make change, Why wait for January? I’ll start right here, now.

2018-09-18: My dream home has no doorbell.

2018-09-18: Tim Cook on iPhone pricing: The way most people pay for these…they pay so much per month, so if you look at even the phone that’s priced over $1,000, most people pay $30 a month for it, so that’s about $1 a day. I hate the way that he minimizes the issue.

2018-09-17: Self Control Public release day, Updates galore: apps, OS. I updated none.

2018-09-17: Four hours after the public release and my resolve to stay on iOS 11 is flagging.

2018-09-16: I’m going to hold off on the iOS 12/macOS Mojave updates. Not any particular reason, just self-control.

2018-09-16: Episode 32: Dinner Plans The weekend is winding down and this children aren’t too interested in podcasting. So I welcome a special guest!

2018-09-16: America Runs On I went to Dunkin’. Just a dozen; confusion. “Are you sure that’s all?”

2018-09-16: A Bit Too Comfortable One of the themes that I’ve been reflecting on in recent weeks is that of comfort. Jesus said many times that we would be persecuted, and that our hope should be in the life that is to come. We all have a desire to be comfortable, but as Catholics, that isn’t meant to be. In the …

2018-09-15: Caffeine Headache Quit coffee Friday. Caffeine headache really hurts. Should be over soon.

2018-09-15: is great in that your blog can be anything that you want it to be. I’m on version 2.0 of my blog, deleting everything and restarting after eight months of use. In version 1.0, I made it my Twitter. In version 2.0, I made it my own.

2018-09-14: Flu Shots Surprise shots for kids, Hoped they wouldn’t be anxious. Betrayed by their dad.

2018-09-14: Book Review: Marriage: Love and Life in the Divine Plan 📚 I first read this book/pastoral letter when it came out back in 2009. I was taking a college class on marriage and family life, and we used it as a tool for gaining a better understanding of the vocation of marriage. Since then, I’ve read it every so often, usually around my …

2018-09-14: Getting kids up, putting phone away.

2018-09-14: iPhone Excess I watched the Apple Media Event earlier this week with a critical eye. To be sure, we’re at a point where there are few surprises. It’s troubling to think that after years of leaks in the supply chain, Apple still hasn’t figured out to prevent its own team from doing the leaks …

2018-09-13: Currently reading: When Saint Francis Saved the Church: How a Converted Medieval Troubadour Created a Spiritual Vision for the Ages by Jon Sweeney 📚

2018-09-13: A Bad Medical Appointment Went to appointment, Weeks delay, schedule missing. Am not going back.

2018-09-13: Honestly, enough with the mobile websites already.

2018-09-13: Maybe I’ll do a clean install of iOS 11 before hopping over 12. Just strip out a lot of barnacles.

2018-09-13: At a doctor appointment in the office suite next to US Rep’s district office. The office is locked down with a video doorbell. Honestly dude, no one cares about you that much.

2018-09-12: Also, Apple, will you please be courageous and add watch band and case colors for men? Black and navy are trite.

2018-09-12: Finished reading: Marriage: Love and Life in the Divine Plan by US Conference if Catholic Bishops 📚

2018-09-12: Apple Media Event New iPhone excess, Features few will ever use. Please stop the madness.

2018-09-12: 🎾 tagmoji, so hot right now.

2018-09-12: iPhone X S is the worst possible name. Except maybe for Pixel.

2018-09-11: PEOPLE OF THE INTERNET: If we all stop clicking ads, maybe they will go away.

2018-09-11: Patriot Day Clear September day, A nation’s innocence lost, A new world order.

2018-09-11: I love Brie.

2018-09-10: Sonic Just a rainy day. Large iced coffee at Sonic, Maybe not done yet.

2018-09-09: Currently reading: Marriage: Love and Life in the Divine Plan by US Conference of Catholic Bishops 📚

2018-09-09: It’s Good to be Home The weather was cool this morning after several days of rain, the first few hints of Fall that’s at least six weeks away. It was also our first time back at our Parish after several weeks on the road. Sitting in the pew, meditating before Mass began, I was overwhelmed with a …

2018-09-09: Goodbye, Coffee The creamer is gone, My only reason to drink, Last mug of coffee.

2018-09-09: Book Review: Strangers in a Strange Land 📚 Archbishop Chaput is back with a timely and painfully honest critique of American society and the Church. It’s clear from the manuscript that he has spent decades thinking deeply about the relationship between the Catholic Church and society writ large. Chaput’s insights invite …

2018-09-08: Finished reading: Strangers in a Strange Land: Living the Catholic Faith in a Post-Christian World by Charles J. Chaput 📚

2018-09-08: The 5% Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but underneath are ravenous wolves. These words of the Gospel of Matthew ring in my heart in light of recent reports on sexual abuse within the Catholic Church. We’ve been dealing with this publicly for over 16 …

2018-09-08: I Love Rain Rainy Saturday, My favorite kind of day. Relaxing and calm.

2018-09-08: I do love an iced coffee on a rainy day.

2018-09-07: An Unnecessary Delivery Phone book on my porch, No delivery needed: I’ve heard of Google.

2018-09-07: I will not lie, cheat, or steal, nor tolerate anyone among me who does.

2018-09-07: Episode 31: Special Visitors and Outer Space Benedict and Felicity had some very important visitors over the Labor Day weekend. They share a few of their adventures and drop some knowledge about outer space.

2018-09-07: Carter’s “fun cash” is fake news.

2018-09-06: A Renter’s Mistake A small home repair, Went totally wrong. Big mess. Not ready to own.

2018-09-06: Old Navy clothes just don’t last.

2018-09-06: Devices Down, Please When iOS 12 comes out later this month, there will be a new feature that will tell me how long I’ve used my iPhone and how much time I’ve spent in each app. The data itself isn’t scary; the scary part is the fact that it will quantify something I minimize. I’ve spent a …

2018-09-06: The first morning back on the walking trail is always the hardest

2018-09-05: See You Next Time, Gramma Gramma is leaving, On a plane back to her house. Thank you for playing!

2018-09-05: Just catching up on the word about Evernote. I’ve been a customer for 7+ years now. Hope I don’t have to find a new system!

2018-09-04: I texted my sister-in-law a haiku at midnight the other day and have no recollection of typing it. I was off by one syllable, but I think I may have a gift.

2018-09-04: Card Game Rules Games with family, New rules every single round. May I make a few?

2018-09-03: A bit wet out there today.

2018-09-03: Standing on an Airplane Plane parks, people stand. Door isn’t even open. Chill for a bit, folks.

2018-09-03: Airport sunrise for the long journey home.

2018-09-02: Be Doers, Not Hearers There’s a lot to the Christian life. We have a law that’s designed to guide us, to keep us truly free. The struggle, as with all change, is where the rubber meets the road. James tells me today to, “Be doers of the word and not hearers only.” I can’t pick and choose which parts …

2018-09-02: Awake Baby Very tired now. Lucy will not let me sleep. Try the snooze button?

2018-09-01: Happy Anniversary Anniversary, Celebrate time past, to come. Thank you, Alison!

2018-08-31: Finally listening to Ólafur Arnalds’ latest release, re:member. He’s my favorite modern classical composer and I found him thanks to Apple Music! 🎵

2018-08-31: Pumpkin Spice Season Pumpkin spice everywhere. It’s August and 100. Get a calendar.

2018-08-30: I remember a time when flight attendants were responsible for the safety and comfort of passengers. Now they’re butlers who push credit cards, responsible for mediating petty disputes between people.

2018-08-30: Reclining Airline Seats People who recline, Less room for the one behind. Disable feature!

2018-08-30: There’s something romantic and whimsical about airport terminals.

2018-08-30: What a great start to the day!

2018-08-30: Good morning!

2018-08-30: What would the Internet be like if we didn’t immediately assume the worst in everyone else?

2018-08-29: How does an airline set a 50 minute delay on a 6am flight the night before at 9pm? Crew? Maintenance?

2018-08-29: Travel Prep Tired before trip. Much to do, so little time. I’ll sleep on the plane.

2018-08-29: Clothes for little girls are so much fun.

2018-08-28: MAS Mac App Store is lame. So few apps, no real value. I’ll buy direct, thanks.

2018-08-28: Episode 30: Busy Afternoon Benedict and Felicity were very excited to record this milestone episode! Benedict brings us up to speed on his robots and trains while Felicity checks out a cookbook.

2018-08-28: After listening to the Micro Monday microcast, I’ve updated my bio. I really love the way this whole platform feels. Bonus: now you can be sure that I’m not a bot.

2018-08-28: In these dark times, it’s important to focus on small wins.

2018-08-27: Lawn Mowing Mowing is kinda fun. Great time to hear new podcasts. Lots of hard work, tho.

2018-08-27: Safari bookmarks are so bad at favicons. I hope that improves in Mojave.

2018-08-26: As for My House This weekend’s readings were a non-stop blockbuster of well know biblical passages. Just in time for my wedding anniversary, there was Paul’s exhortation for married couples. What really struck me came from Joshua, “As for me and my household, we shall serve the Lord.” (Jos …

2018-08-26: McCain John is a hero. So much sacrifice for us. Always remember.

2018-08-26: Few apps are as indispensable as Ulysses.

2018-08-25: Nukes Watched movie on nukes It’s a bad situation. I like fresh tacos.

2018-08-24: Slow Day No haiku today. Not really much going on. And yet, here we are.

2018-08-24: It’s moony out here. (Photo doesn’t do justice.)

2018-08-23: Melatonin Time to go to bed. Melatonin kicking in. Can’t finish this hai

2018-08-23: For the first time in my life, I just Shaked and Baked.

2018-08-23: Living in a House I love journaling in Day One. It’s an incredible app that really starts to shine the more that you use it. I’ve journaled every day since December 31, 2015. Each evening, I sit down at my desk and write about what’s going on in my life and attach an image from the day to the …

2018-08-22: Goodreads is awesome tool and is a positive impact on my reading this year. I wish more of my friends used it.

2018-08-22: LEGO Stepped on a LEGO. First time doing so at home. A new era dawns.

2018-08-22: Currently reading: Strangers in a Strange Land: Living the Catholic Faith in a Post-Christian World by Charles J. Chaput 📚

2018-08-22: Episode 29: On the Water As we finish our vacation recap, I talk to the kids about the fun we had on Lake Michigan. Felicity sends a shoutout to a special listener.

2018-08-22: I love the sound of the Keurig warming up early in the morning.

2018-08-21: Book Review: Retired Inspired 📚 I love reading financial books, so I was excited to finally pull this one off the shelf. I believe I bought it right when it came out, about two years ago. I have to say, I was pretty disappointed. Chris does a fine job explaining everything, but having listened to The Dave …

2018-08-21: Episode 28: Going to the Dentist Benedict and Felicity had their dental check-ups this morning. They both did a great job! This was our first time at this particular dental practice, so I took a few minutes to chat with them about the unique experience.

2018-08-21: Sugar Cookies Tried to bake cookies. Sugar cookies hard to make. Total disaster.

2018-08-21: Finished reading: Retire Inspired: It’s Not an Age, It’s a Financial Number by Chris Hogan 📚

2018-08-21: Baking sugar cookies with the kids.

2018-08-21: It’s so much fun watching Benedict build with LEGOs.

2018-08-20: Evening Haiku The day is now done. Everything is put away. Time to read a book.

2018-08-20: Clouds I love when the clouds do this.

2018-08-20: Morning Haiku Toys, toys, everywhere. A home teeming with toddlers. Time to get to work.

2018-08-19: New friend at the Zoo

2018-08-19: The Choice I can choose way of the just or the way of the wicked. I pray for the wisdom of God to make the right choice and it’s up to me to make that choice, daily. I won’t get it right every day, but life isn’t about the last play. It’s about the next play. First Reading: Proverbs 9:1-6 …

2018-08-18: Gorgeous day to be outdoors!

2018-08-17: Apparently political campaigns can text you now. It’s quite gouache. I’m going to stop giving out my phone number, period.

2018-08-17: Using emoji in my Things projects is quite useful.

2018-08-17: Episode 27: Blueberries We just got back from the grocery store where we picked up some Michigan blueberries for our Sunday breakfast. I thought it was the perfect opportunity to talk to the kids about when we went blueberry picking last week on our trip.

2018-08-16: It’s nice to not be on Twitter. Or Facebook. Or Instagram.

2018-08-16: Cleaning car seats is such a chore.

2018-08-16: Goal for the day: put house back in order

2018-08-15: Be Attentive My personal spiritual philosophy is based around the concept of attunement. I want to be grounded enough in my prayer life to venture out into the world. I make decisions based on an educated guess and remain alert to clues that I have chosen correctly or incorrectly. This suits …

2018-08-15: That moment when you look at the recipe for dinner and realize it should’ve got into the slow cooker 6 hours ago

2018-08-14: I was reminded this evening about the importance of our eyes. The most delicate and wonderful organ, they are the windows to the soul. The eyes and heart work together. So much good is possible if I choose to protect them both.

2018-08-14: Home As I drove the final mile to our house on Sunday, I started to wonder why I was so excited to be home. It’s just a structure with all of our stuff inside. I had a fabulous time at the lake, so what would make me enthusiastic to go home? Home is the place where I’m most …

2018-08-14: Currently reading: Retire Inspired: It’s Not an Age; It’s a Financial Number by Chris Hogan 📚

2018-08-14: Book Review: Parish Priest 📚 This was my second time reading Parish Priest, the story of Fr. Michael McGivney. While his legacy is the founding of the Knights of Columbus, the book mainly focuses on his life and ministry, with a small portion of the overall book covering his work with the Knights. McGivney …

2018-08-14: Really enjoying listening to Ben Rector’s catalog. Pleasant songs to unpack to and listening on the HomePod is a real treat.

2018-08-14: Episode 26: Beach Folks There were lots of folks at the beach for the kids to play with. I talk to Benedict and Felicity about some of the fun things they did together.

2018-08-13: Finished reading: Parish Priest: Father Michael McGivney and American Catholicism by Douglas Brinkley & Julie M. Fenster 📚

2018-08-13: Episode 25: Mea Culpa We’re back from our trip to Lake Michigan! I apologize for forgetting to bring my microphone and then join Benedict and Felicity at the breakfast table to talk about our experiences on the open road.

2018-08-12: Let Them Speak I knew that Mass this evening was going to be a struggle. We arrived home after lunch, and given the week worth of strange sleep schedule and arrangements on the road, the kids were bound to be tired. Felicity was the one I was really worried about. Sure enough, she was just …

2018-08-12: Even Elmo is happy to be home in his bed.

2018-08-12: Food Network Star is total garbage. Never again! Manny is king!

2018-08-12: It’s good to be home.

2018-08-11: There’s nothing quite like a road trip on brand new tires.

2018-08-11: What a great find on the road!

2018-08-10: Pure Michigan Our week at Lake Michigan is coming to a close. Even though I used to live here, this is actually only the second time that I can remember coming to the lake. The first time was at a big state park and, this time, a private residence with a quiet beach. Growing up, whenever we …

2018-08-10: Van is on the road again. Just in time!

2018-08-10: Nice day to read on the deck and enjoy the breeze.

2018-08-10: Currently reading: Parish Priest: Father Michael McGivney and American Catholicism by Douglas Brinkley & Julie M. Fenster 📚

2018-08-10: Great fun on the lake this morning. Slight breeze and calm water.

2018-08-10: Book Review: A Spy Among Friends 📚 Ben Macintyre is quickly becoming one of my favorite writers of the modern era. His style is so engaging and his topics are wildly interesting. Ben does a great job walking his readers through the intricacies of British culture and mannerisms. I appreciate him not taking the …

2018-08-10: I’m so excited for the RapidWeaver 8 launch next week. Lots of good features to look forward to! Indie software is such a pleasure to work with.

2018-08-09: Finished reading: A Spy Among Friends: Kim Philby and the Great Betrayal by Ben Macintyre 📚

2018-08-09: Good night, Lake Michigan.

2018-08-09: On the road today for an expedition and had to turn around due to car trouble. Grateful to be near a shop I trusted who could help me out!

2018-08-08: Kicking myself for forgetting to pack my microphone for microcasting on the road. I resolve to make it as essential as chargers on packing for all future trips.

2018-08-08: Michigan Blueberries We got the kids out the door after breakfast to go and pick some blueberries! They were pretty ripe and fell off of the bushes, which was really nice. The children preferred eating them to putting them in the bucket.

2018-08-08: I’ve never been an Apple News user. Now that it’s coming to the Mac, with all of that cross-platform syncing goodness, I’m diving in.

2018-08-07: Private beach, cool water, good times!

2018-08-07: This is America I grew up in an Air Force family. Moving across our country, I’ve had the opportunity to live in or visit almost every region. I’m disappointed at how we portray ourselves to the World. There’s the America that’s shown on television and the real America. America is a beautiful …

2018-08-06: Almond Breeze: Cartons of almond milk are being recalled for containing milk — an allergen not listed on the label. I still don’t know what almondmilk is.

2018-08-05: Five Minutes Creating a good habit is a ton of work. Even just the thought of that work is enough to get me to not even try. I have a great relationship with my children. They’re young, and for the most part, developing that relationship is easy. I’m quick to forgive them and …

2018-08-05: Hello, Lake Michigan!

2018-08-04: Hours on the road and Elmo’s still smiling!

2018-08-04: Another beautiful day in America!

2018-08-04: Arkansas: the Ohio of middle America!

2018-08-03: Had a slowdown on the way to the doctor’s office this morning. Loose cattle on the roadway.

2018-08-03: It’s Botox day again. Still at a loss at why anyone would use it electively.

2018-08-02: Few chores are as satisfying as washing the family cars.

2018-08-01: You’ve Got Mail 🍿 A phenomenal movie.

2018-08-01: Don't Be Outraged Dr. Daniel Siegel, a Harvard Medical School graduate and board certified psychiatrist has sought through his clinical research to define mental health. We’ve done an excellent job defining mental illness, but not nearly enough effort is put into talking about mental health. Dr. …

2018-08-01: I’ve never had a Big Mac.

2018-07-31: A great picture from Alison and I’s trip across America. The kids weren’t with us, so I’d send them pictures of Elmo so they could see where we were and what we were doing.

2018-07-31: It’s stunning how many varieties of bugs there are. Each plays its own small role in the ecosystem, despite how revolting I find all of them.

2018-07-31: Alison called me at lunch for a quick chat. We rarely talk on the phone during the day, usually just exchanging texts. I enjoyed the mid-day connection. I hope this trend continues.

2018-07-31: Never cancel on a forecast.

2018-07-30: I hate that Food Network Star brought Jess back at the very end and then gave her a pilot. She basically got a short cut to the finale. That’s messed up.

2018-07-30: Justice Ginsberg: I’m now 85. My senior colleague Justice John Paul Stevens, he stepped down when he was 90. So think I have about at least five more years. The lifetime of Federal judges is important in protecting their independent. While retirement age is subjective an …

2018-07-30: The Babylon Bee: In response to an increase in angry mobs combing the platform for old tweets to try to cause someone to lose their job, Twitter has introduced a timed auto-delete option for your tweets so a bad joke you make now won’t come back and haunt you, getting you fired …

2018-07-30: Currently reading: A Spy Among Friends: Kim Philby and the Great Betrayal by Ben Macintyre 📚

2018-07-30: Book Review: Resisting Happiness 📚 This book really came to me at the right point in my life. I had noticed several months ago that something was off in my life. I was looking for happiness, but not really sure where to find it. Matthew hit the nail on the head with the book. The idea of searching for happiness is …

2018-07-29: I’m grateful for writers who have the courage to assemble their thoughts and ideas together into a manuscript.

2018-07-29: Book Review: Keep Your Kids Catholic 📚 It’s been said by many people that I respect that you should never read a book that you’re not enjoying. There’s something particularly unpleasant about reading feeling like a chore. You trudge through a book, unhappy and unsatisfied. In times when I want to quit, I persist. I …

2018-07-29: Bring What You Have Today’s Gospel tells the familiar story of feeding the five thousand. Jesus calls upon a young boy to offer his five loaves and two fish to feed a massive crowd. Not only is everyone fed, but there was more than they could eat. Twelve baskets of fragments were collected. I’m a …

2018-07-28: After a week of reading blitz, I’m back on track to reaching my goal of reading 24 books in 2018. I have a few more reviews to publish and I look forward to having my blog be about more than just what I’m reading!

2018-07-28: Book Review: Confessions of a Mega Church Pastor 📚 I heard Dr. Allen Hunt speak in person at a conference two summers ago at Franciscan University of Steubenville. It was my first interaction with him and he’s an excellent speaker. It’s apparent how he was able to be so effective as a pastor in a church community that lives or …

2018-07-28: Finished reading: Resisting Happiness by Matthew Kelly 📚

2018-07-27: Book Review: Dignitas Personae and Donum Vitae 📚 The Church is often painted with the brush of “no.” Indeed, in our culture today, there are plenty of behaviors, attitudes, and practices that rightly deserve rejection and admonishment. In these two documents, produced in the last thirty years and with the intention of helping …

2018-07-27: Finished reading: Keep Your Kids Catholic: Sharing Your Faith and Making It Stick by Marc Cardaronella 📚

2018-07-27: Spent some time yesterday updating my site’s footer. Took quite a bit of play, but finally have it just the way I want it. Also had to adjust some padding in two wrappers, which was a bigger task than expected!

2018-07-27: Episode 24: Packing Lists With our trip to the beach around the corner, the kids and I spend a few minutes chatting about what we should pack.

2018-07-27: Reading There’s no doubt that reading has an outsized impact on brain development and intellectual growth. My parents are both educated, and they made a point to try to cultivate this love of reading in my life growing up. I’m not sure when they instituted “reading time,” but it was …

2018-07-26: Book Review: The Whole-Brain Child 📚 Now that Benedict is nearing his fifth birthday, Alison thought that it would be a good idea for us to read some parenting books. She wanted us to learn some strategies for helping our kids, as the authors of this book put it, survive and thrive. Generally speaking, I don’t have …

2018-07-26: Finished reading: Confessions of a Mega Church Pastor: How I Discovered the Hidden Treasures of the Catholic Church by Allen Hunt, PhD 📚

2018-07-26: Road Trips My preferred mode of transportation used to be commercial aviation. I’m a pilot myself, and the joy of getting on an airplane and hours later arriving at my destination was thrilling. I loved every bit of it. I’m not sure what changed, perhaps simply getting older, but traveling …

2018-07-25: Finished reading: Instruction on Respect for Human Life by Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith 📚

2018-07-25: I started a Books page the other day to track the list of books that I’ve read. I do this already in Goodreads, but I wanted a place on my website to store this data, too. After reading a book, I’m also going to write up a quick review and link to those reviews on the …

2018-07-25: Book Review: Building the Kingdom 📚 It’s hard to find a succinct book that covers the history of the Catholic Church. There’s a lot of ground to cover, but clearly there are high points that everyone should be familiar with. In that spirit, I picked up a copy of Building the Kingdom: A History of the Catholic …

2018-07-25: Finished reading: The Dignity of A Person by The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith 📚

2018-07-25: Checking Out I left Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram a few months ago. My retreat from the digital world to exclusively using my own domain was the result of many things. The availability, ease of use, development, and robustness of made this transition easier than I thought. The …

2018-07-24: Finished reading: The Whole Brain Child: 12 Revolutionary Strategies to Nurture Your Child’s Developing Mind by Daniel J. Siegel, MD and Tina Payne Bryson, PhD 📚

2018-07-24: Alison suggested that we read some parenting books to help us as our kids begin to come into their own. It was a brilliant suggestion. Everything that they’re doing is coming into focus and now I have more constructive ways to respond.

2018-07-24: Finished reading: Building the Kingdom: A History of the Catholic Church by Robbie Peñate 📚

2018-07-24: Off to the Zoo Another great adventure at our outstanding zoo. We’re so lucky to have a great variety of species in such a small market

2018-07-24: Book Review: Operation Mincemeat 📚 I first came across the writing of Ben Macintyre when I picked up his book Double Cross: The True Story of the D-Day Spies in a used bookstore. I’ve always enjoyed reading war and espionage nonfiction, and I particularly enjoyed Ben’s writing. His research and writing focuses on …

2018-07-23: Currently reading: Building the Kingdom: A History of the Catholic Church by Robbie Peñate 📚

2018-07-23: Episode 23: Nature Walk The heatwave is coming to an end, but still persists this morning. I took the kids out for a walk to the playground before the temperature got too crazy.

2018-07-23: Stay-at-Home Dad In a culture that celebrates being “busy,” it can be hard to quit. I’m now in my third year as a stay-at-home dad. When I first started, Benedict was just six months old. He slept most of the day, and so I had to find things to occupy my time. I did some freelance web design work …

2018-07-22: Episode 22: Airplanes and Dinosaurs Happy Sunday, folks! After a bit of a break, we’re back. Just home from Mass, Benedict and Felicity join me to discuss recent events while our breakfast bakes in the oven.

2018-07-22: Thinking about my niece this morning. St. Maddux, pray for us!🌹

2018-07-21: Finished reading: Operation Mincement: How a Dead Man and a Bizarre Plan Fooled the Nazis and Assured an Allied Victory by Ben Macintyre 📚

2018-07-20: Nothing feels quite as good as a clean slate.

2018-07-09: Episode 21: Visitors Our very special visitors have just left and we’re working on cleaning our house. We took a quick break to let Benedict bring you up to speed on his life.

2018-07-05: Episode 20: Sick After our time in San Antonio, we all got sick! Now, weeks later, we’re all feeling better. Although, my co-host Felicity didn’t feel like podcasting today.

2018-07-03: Reusing baby clothes really only works if you hit the gender and seasons jussssssst right.

2018-06-29: You’ve Got Mail is a fantastic movie. Still great all these years later

2018-06-16: Episode 19: San Antonio We’re visiting San Antonio, Texas and bringing you updates from our trip. The kids are not in a great mood.

2018-06-14: The Alamo We got into town late last night, and thankfully the dark shades in our room kept the kids asleep until 8:15am. Just a quick trip around the corner to see The Alamo! The grounds were even more beautiful than I remember.

2018-06-14: Good Morning, San Antonio

2018-06-13: Quid est veritas?

2018-06-10: Book Review: The Year of Less 📚 I saw this book just before its publication around the first of the year. I loved the description: a millennial’s shopping fast and how it lead to independence and a detachment from materialism. I should’ve looked closer, because as it turned out, it was a memoir with detachment …

2018-06-09: Episode 18: Groovy Joe Ice Cream and Dinosaurs Benedict joins me to read one of his favorite stories.

2018-06-08: Microsoft Flight Simulator may be the single greatest game of all time.

2018-06-06: Episode 17: Brown Bear, Brown Bear In the first installment of what will be a long-running series, Felicity sits down with me to read Eric Carle’s classic work, “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?”

2018-06-06: Wife on Fantastical, “It doesn’t look any different than the Apple calendar app.” lol ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

2018-06-03: We moved Felicity into a big kid bed two weeks ago. My favorite part of the move is that when she wakes up in the morning, she doesn’t immediately go and empty her dresser. Instead, she grabs a book, climbs back into bed, and looks at it quietly.

2018-06-02: I don’t like the word “bespoke.”

2018-06-01: It's incredible how few sites have "Delete Your Account" options.

2018-05-31: Episode 16: Felicity's Birthday We’re celebrating today, and Benedict asked if we could do a podcast to tell all of the folks about Felicity’s birthday. So here you go!

2018-05-29: Toughen up, America.

2018-05-28: The purge is complete. Feels so good to let go. We’re down about 70% of the toys that we moved here with. Much more space to build and explore!

2018-05-27: The great purge of 2018 is well underway. Always feels good to let go of the clutter

2018-05-25: Episode 15: Picnic Lunch We traveled to the hospital to have a picnic lunch in Mommy’s office.

2018-05-24: Enough with these privacy policy emails!

2018-05-24: I put a whole avocado in my blueberry smoothie this morning. Holy cow, this thing is delicious!

2018-05-23: Book Review: On Conscience 📚 This book was given to me as a gift by my parents. I’m developing an interest in bioethics, seeing as its the perfect marriage of healthcare and classical philosophy. I didn’t find much in the way of discussion on conscience in this book, which is ironic given the title. The book …

2018-05-23: Episode 14: Robot Costume Benedict updates us on his big craft project for the day, and talks about the animals that he saw at the Zoo yesterday.

2018-05-20: As a Nation, we have not yet solved the curbside to go problem. Restaurants, send your people out to cars as soon as they pull up!

2018-05-20: Naps are nice

2018-05-20: Episode 13: Happy Sunday, Folks I sit down at the breakfast table with Benedict and Felicity before getting ready for Mass. Felicity has a lot to say, as well as a few jokes to share.

2018-05-19: I love the feeling of looking out on a fresh cut lawn at sunset on a Saturday night

2018-05-18: No matter how much dev work I do on a test site, the transition to live is always really, really hard.

2018-05-16: Episode 12: A Beautiful Afternoon We’ve upgraded! Our new microphone arrived today, so we took a few minutes to try it out. The kids were mostly interested in watching a movie.

2018-05-15: Time for annual enrollment. Trying to sort through all of this. Hard to predict the future, even with an educated guess!

2018-05-14: Social Security With the privacy stuff at Facebook and Twitter's recent clash with 3rd party apps, I'm feeling so good about being a part of Even if one day in the very far future this service ends, I know I'll still have all of my content. All I will have to do is set up shop …

2018-05-13: I closed my Facebook/Twitter/Instagram accounts 53 days ago. Very little disruption in my life. All positive!

2018-05-12: Beautiful day in the American Southwest

2018-05-11: I love listening to lawn irrigation systems on my pre-dawn walks. Pleasant sound breaking the silence.

2018-05-09: Episode 11: Trains Felicity requested that we record a podcast this morning and was enthusiastically joined by Benedict. So, we decided to talk about trains. Sorta.

2018-05-08: Episode 10: Morning Play We’re enjoying a slow start to our day with some playtime. The kids asked to record a podcast, so we did! Felicity is quite chatty and Benedict updates us on his life.

2018-05-05: Fresh cut grass. Cool breeze, grilling out back. Beautiful evening!

2018-05-05: Saturday morning and the house is awake. Sun streaming in through the kitchen windows, kids in their pjs eating breakfast, big band music on HomePod. Great start to the weekend!

2018-05-04: Episode 9: Three Alison is back to work. We catch up with Benedict to get his review of his trip, try to keep Felicity off of her computer, and listen to Lucy’s delightful noises.

2018-05-04: I’m grateful for Walmart Grocery Pickup.

2018-05-03: Picked up a HomePod today. I’m delighted!

2018-04-30: On the road again

2018-04-29: Hanging out with Thomas

2018-04-29: Episode 8: A Day out with Thomas Today is a very special day! We made the trip to the train museum to meet Thomas. We took pictures with Sir Topham Hatt, played trains, watched a movie, and ended our adventure with a 3 mile ride on Thomas the Tank Engine!

2018-04-28: I do love Spring

2018-04-28: Episode 7: Casting We’re out a fishing derby this morning! Benedict reports on seeing a dancing cow and shares his best fishing advice.

2018-04-27: The pictures from Panmunjom are charming, historic, and humanizing. Try not to forget that Kim assassinated his brother with VX nerve agent in an international airport 14 months ago, and murdered a US citizen 10 months ago.

2018-04-26: Episode 6: Bubbles We made it safely to Gramma and Grandpi’s. After some quiet time in the house, I came outside to find Benedict playing with bubbles.

2018-04-26: Nice vacation

2018-04-25: At the Airport Benedict was very excited when our airplane arrived at the gate yesterday. Southwest is a great airline that treats its customers like people.

2018-04-24: Saw a motorcyclist driving 80 on the Interstate with no helmet or pads. Not much room for margin, eh?

2018-04-24: Episode 5: At the Airport Benedict and I made it to the airport! Our flight is delayed, so we found a quiet corner to chat about our travel today.

2018-04-23: Episode 4: Travel Folks We’re getting all packed for our big trip tomorrow. We took a break from cleaning and packing to record Felicity saying funny things.

2018-04-20: Episode 3: Popsicles After a busy morning of cleaning, we headed outside to enjoy a well deserved treat!

2018-04-20: Book Review: Rainbow Six 📚 This was my first Tom Clancy book. I had played the computer game when it first came out, so I was roughly familiar with the characters and premise. I also picked this book up in Apple Books for $1.99, so I dove in. I was not a huge fan of the cutscenes approach to this story. …

2018-04-20: Episode 2: Sandbox It’s a beautiful morning and the children and I decided to go outside and play in our sandbox. Felicity makes her first appearance on the podcast, but she’s a little bit shy when it comes to the microphone.

2018-04-19: New Version I’m excited to celebrate my birthday by releasing ChetCast, a microcast about my life as a stay-at-home dad! I first started podcasting 11 years ago in my college dorm room. It was just me back then, but now I’m lucky to have three children to join me on the show. I’m hosting my …

2018-04-19: Episode 1: Welcome to ChetCast I started my first podcast back in 2007 as a single college student. I’m excited to be podcasting again, this time, with the help of my three children. ChetCast will follow my life as stay-at-home dad and the adventures that I share with my kids. In the inaugural episode, I …

2018-04-18: Releasing the first episode of my new microcast tomorrow. My Benedict is a guest, but he calls it a “bobcast.”

2018-04-18: Six months into using single stream recycling in our household, and we’re diverting about 50% of our solid waste. Wish our facility would expand to accept more things.

2018-04-17: Thomas Merton on Conversion After a conversion experience, one is tempted to set aside, downplay, or reject one’s past. In Thomas Merton’s biography The Seven Storey Mountain, the former dissolute student turned Trappist monk largely characterizes his former life as bad, and his life in the monastery as …

2018-04-16: The tiny one fell asleep in my arms. These are the days.

2018-04-14: Marfa I was really excited to see Maton release a new theme on last night. I was even more excited when I saw the name, Marfa. For those of you who don’t know, Marfa is a very small town in West Texas. It’s situated in rugged and mostly untouched terrain. For whatever …

2018-04-13: Several times a week, I turn to my wife, dumbfounded at the words that have come out of my children’s mouths. Incredible just how much they pick up on by listening. There’s a lesson in there.

2018-04-10: Another beautiful day in this great Nation!

2018-04-08: Time for the semi-annual deep cleaning and waxing of the cars. I love this day, and how smooth the cars feel afterward!

2018-04-08: My bad boy approach to hijacking my own footer is costing me a lot of time in troubleshooting.

2018-04-06: Unified Design in Currency When I look at the current specimens of our national currency, I’m disappointed. The United States Dollar is a global reserve currency, and its design is disjointed. Looking at the difference between the various notes, there’s a hodgepodge of design features and colors. It …

2018-04-05: How did I go so long without using emoji in Things? It gives such clarity to my projects!

2018-04-04: Fresh starts in YNAB are excellent. Very well thought-out feature.

2018-04-02: My backyard is lovely

2018-04-02: The greatest temptation in design is to add too much. Add just enough, and not a single object more.

2018-03-29: Honestly, what the hell is the Toyota design team thinking?

2018-03-25: First Mass with three kids. Two sets of grandparents helped. No backup on Thursday, though!

2018-03-22: No, sorry, I'm not on Facebook.

2018-03-19: Happy to be celebrating the 5th anniversary of the Catholic Husband blog!

2018-03-17: I regret that my hearing is so good that I can hear extremely high pitched noises.

2018-03-14: Nothing quite turns your day around like 45 minutes at the gym

2018-03-13: I still think it’s weird that I need an appointment at my barber shop.

2018-03-08: Just saw a Cadillac delivering Dominos. Tough times.

2018-03-07: Last day before it changes all over again.

2018-03-04: Panera stops serving breakfast at 11am on Sundays. You know that ain’t right!

2018-03-03: While washing the wheels of our car, my 4yo offered to give me a “car wash.” I turned around to find him pointing the hose at me and attempting to turn on the nozzle.

2018-02-23: Watching my Apple TV with my AirPods after the kids are in bed just might be the single greatest technological advance in a generation.

2018-02-23: I can think of very few scenarios where a blank page with “Coming Soon!” is the appropriate design choice. Good rule of thumb: if there’s no content on a page, don’t publish.

2018-02-23: When it comes to cheddar, the sharper, the better!

2018-02-22: Ethan Hunt is a poor man’s James Bond.

2018-02-20: Well, it's February 20th. Suppose it's time to turn on the A/C.

2018-02-16: Taxes were pretty fun this year. Not nearly as fun as they'll be next year, though!

2018-02-15: I wish that more iOS devs would include alternate icons. An awesome, but underrated and underutilized feature.

2018-02-13: Felicity’s favorite thing to say to me, “What doing, Daddy?”

2018-02-11: Go Team USA! 🥇

2018-02-10: It’s February 10th. If you’re still going to the gym, good for you! 🥇

2018-02-08: The average Facebook comment thread: Comment 1: You’re an idiot! Comment 2: You’re a chimp for the (corporation/political party)! Comment 3: Anyone know where I can get good window tint?

2018-02-07: Great minds think alike, except in the Patent Office

2018-02-05: I just watched the Super Bowl halftime show. The only good thing about it was that Pepsi spent their money on sponsorship and advertising instead of producing their disgusting beverages.

2018-01-30: Botox injections, like all medically necessary injections, are terrible.

2018-01-29: I believe that the time is right for Catholic parishes everywhere to come together and finally agree on the requirements for parents and sponsors of children at Baptism. Honestly, it's our third parish and our third set of rules! We can do this!

2018-01-28: If you don’t pull over for emergency vehicles, you’re just a jerk.

2018-01-27: Book Review: Messy & Foolish 📚 This was a short little book, expounding on the early message of the pontificate of Francis. I picked up my copy through the great folks at Dynamic Catholic. I found the material to be interesting and thought provoking. We have a great number of tools at our disposal for sharing …

2018-01-26: Book Review: The Total Money Makeover 📚 I’ve been a listener of Dave’s radio program for seven years now. I was first introduced to him and his plan by Alison when we were dating. This wasn’t my first reading of The Total Money Makeover, I tend to pick it up any time I start to lose momentum. This is the plan that we …

2018-01-20: Book Review: The Pope Who Quit 📚 Before the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI, there had only been one man in the history of the papacy to abdicate the office. That man was Pope Celestine V in the Middle Ages. This book is his story, and one that is not well known. Celestine, before he was pope, was a popular …

2018-01-19: Forecast in the mid-60s for the next 7 days. I guess I survived winter.

2018-01-14: Eight years ago, I sent a late-night random email with virtual flowers as a joke to the woman who would become my wife. 💐

2018-01-13: After almost a year of procrastination, I’m finally wrangling my Evernote library

2018-01-09: When autocorrect keeps changing “tall” to “y’all,” you’ve assimilated.

2018-01-02: In memoriam fidelium defunctorum Maddux Rose May her soul, and the souls of all of the faithful departed, rest in peace. “Let the children come to me, and do not prevent them; for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” Matthew 19:14

2018-01-01: Book Review: You Need A Budget 📚 I’ve been using You Need A Budget (YNAB) exclusively for several years. They’re a quirky company with a great culture and an even better product. There’s been a trend towards moving to the subscription model in software, and YNAB is a prime example of how that can lead to …

2017-12-31: Mission Accomplished My biggest goal for 2017 didn’t start out that way at all. It started with a few days in a row of closing all of my activity rings on my Apple Watch. Two weeks ago, I wrote about how I had closed all three rings for 365 consecutive days. Somewhere along the way, I made it my goal …

2017-12-31: Sunday morning before the kids wake up

2017-12-24: If it’s not Prime, what is it doing on Amazon?

2017-12-23: Wife reaches into MY stocking and pulls out a piece of candy for herself. You know that ain’t right!

2017-12-22: A Year with Apple Watch Last December, I was a mess. My migraines were worsening, almost becoming a constant cycle of pre-migraine, migraine, post-migraine. I decided to focus in on my lifestyle factors in an attempt to get myself back on track. For 365 days, I closed all three of my rings on my Apple …

2017-12-22: BREAKING: Son terrifyingly adds "spider" to list for Santa without further explanation.

2017-12-21: First Day of Winter! Aaaaaand it’s 74 degrees

2017-12-19: Maddux Rose My niece, Maddux Rose, was born on December 9th. Maddux is my brother and sister-in-law’s third daughter. The next day, Maddux displayed trouble breathing. Hours later, she was transferred to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at the area children’s hospital. We learned last …

2017-12-09: There’s something really special about the light of a Christmas tree

2017-11-26: It’s nice to be home.

2017-11-24: Good night, New Jersey

2017-11-23: I love this town at night

2017-11-21: Sandy Shores

2017-11-20: Beautiful night

2017-11-20: Beach.

2017-11-16: Colorado is spectacular.

2017-11-16: Stainless steel is a lie.

2017-11-15: Giraffe

2017-11-07: The Magic School Bus Rides Again is a crime against humanity

2017-11-06: Gosh, remember when the internet used to be fun?

2017-10-29: I love Fall

2017-10-17: Y’all, someone needs to get their act together and figure out how to standardize children’s clothes sizing.

2017-10-16: Every time Alison tells me to rework a project, the second version is considerably better than the first.

2017-10-14: Remember when Chipotle used to be fun?

2017-10-04: I don’t buy apps like I used to. Rare to find quality apps these days.

2017-10-02: Blame Why are we so obsessed with blame? It seems to be our culture’s default response to any given crisis. In the immediate aftermath all that we’re focused on is who’s at fault. We should be focused on how to help. Las Vegas is no different. Instead of getting off of the Internet and …

2017-09-28: Contentment is a beautiful thing.

2017-09-27: Now, more than ever, I’m convinced that Apple Engineers created Safari reader mode for the Vatican website. That background... have mercy!

2017-09-25: Relativism. lol

2017-09-21: I’m not one to praise Walmart, but man, Walmart Grocery is keeping it 💯

2017-09-21: There are few things as satisfying as sitting in the dark, coffee in hand, praying and watching the sun come up.

2017-09-15: The new coffee at McDonalds is not bad.